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What is your role in the team? Please!

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“I’m responsible for it!” = the team leader

Do great things, when the leadership, to play, to have the courage, as at the helm of the whole team, even if this play are missing, expect the team invincible courage? Experienced medical device suppliers China Manufacturer

“I’m doing it!” = team Ding Liangzhu

The compression ability and patient person; do not care about personal gains and losses, the overall situation of the people; broad mind, a realm of dedicated people; to the end can enjoy the fruits of victory.

“I’m going to do it!” = lead the left and right hands

It is responsible for doing things, having ideas, organized, knowing that the company is doing well, benefiting from himself, and the person who is really concerned about the company. Experienced medical device suppliers China Manufacturer

“I won’t do it!” = the most grass-roots employees

Arrange to do what they do, we will resolutely do not arrange, is only paid do not love, has nothing to do with their work arrangements to do, is mediocre out; do not have the ability to learn, the nonstriving person.

“Does it blame me?” = the drag of the team

To avoid failing to shirk responsibility, also full of complaints, complain and complain about the team’s slap herself, said his incompetence, is giving up the chance! This will only drag the team. Experienced medical device suppliers China Manufacturer

“Who is it for?” = the idiot of the team

“Don’t blame me for this?” = team garbage

“Why do I do this?” = a team parasite

“This pot is my back!” = temporary worker

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