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“5 fragt”, um den Auflauf am Ende zu brechen

How to solve the problems in factory production? One is to solve it in a coping style. The other is to fundamentally find out the cause to solve the problem and break the casserole in the end. Obviously, the latter is really solving the problem, which is what management calls the “5Why analysis.” medical equipment manufacturing companies
The so-called 5why analysis method, also known as the “5 question method”, is a series of five “why” questions from a question point to find out the root cause. Although there are five reasons, the use is not limited to “5 times why the discussion”, mainly to find the root cause, sometimes as long as 3 times, and sometimes may be 10 times.

5Why classic case

1. The real reason for downtime

Former Toyota Motor Corp.’s former vice president Ohno Naiichi once gave an example to find out the real reason for the downtime:

Question 1: Why the machine stopped? medical equipment manufacturing companies

Answer 1: Because the machine is overloaded, the fuse is blown.

Question 2: Why is the machine overloaded?

Answer 2: Because the bearing is not sufficiently lubricated.

Question 3: Why is the bearing insufficiently lubricated?

Answer 3: The lubrication pump has failed.

Question 4: Why does the lubrication pump fail?

Answer 4: Because of the loss of its axle.

Question 5: Why does the axle of the lubrication pump wear out?

Answer 5: Because the impurity went inside.

After five consecutive “quiet” questions, the true cause of the problem and the solution to the problem were found. Filters were installed on the lubrication pump.

If employees do not use this rooted spirit to explore problems, they are likely to simply replace the fuse with a fuss. The real problem is still not solved. medical equipment manufacturing companies

2. The story of the Capitol

It is said that the famous Jefferson Memorial Building in Washington Square in the United States was cracked on the wall for a long time. In order to protect this building, relevant experts conducted a special study.

At first, everyone thought that the culprit that damaged the surface of the building was the eroded acid rain. The experts further studied, but found that the most direct cause of wall erosion is the daily cleaning of the wall containing the cleaning agent on the structure of acid etching.

Question 1: Why wash the walls every day?

Answer 1: Because there is a lot of bird droppings on the wall every day.

Question 2: Why is there so much bird droppings?

Answer 2: Because many swallows live around the building.

Question 3: Why are there so many swallows?

Answer 3: Because there are many swallows on the wall who love to eat.

Question 4: Why are there so many spiders?

Answer 4: Because the building is surrounded by spiders like to eat flying insects. medical equipment manufacturing companies

Question 5: Why are there so many flying insects?

Answer 5: Because the flying insects reproduce very fast here.

Question 6: Why are flying insects breeding fast here?

Answer 6: The dust here is the most suitable for breeding insects.

Question 7: Why is the most suitable insect breeding here?

Answer 7: Because the open window is full of sunshine, a large number of flying insects gather here, and reproduce very often…

From this it was found that the solution is very simple, as long as the blinds of the entire building are closed. Previously, a set of complicated and detailed maintenance programs designed by experts has become a dead letter. medical equipment manufacturing companies

The key to the 5why method

Those who encourage problem solving must work hard to avoid subjective or conceited assumptions and logical traps, start with the results, follow the chain of causation, and follow the path until the root cause of the original problem is found.

5Why implementation method

5Why is implemented from three levels:

1. Why does it happen? From the “manufacturing” point of view.

2. Why did you not find it? From the “test” point of view.

3. Why did you prevent accidents from the system? From the “system” or “process” point of view.

Question of 5 or N consecutive times at each level to arrive at the final conclusion. Only when the above three issues are explored can we discover the fundamental problems and seek solutions. medical equipment manufacturing companies

5Why analysis method to solve the basic steps of the problem:

Part I: Grasp the status quo

Step 1: Identify the problem

In the first step of the method, you begin to understand a potentially large, vague or complex problem. You have some information, but you do not have detailed facts.

Step 2: Clarify the problem

The next step in the method is to clarify the problem. For a clearer understanding. medical equipment manufacturing companies

Step 3: Decompose the problem

In this step, if necessary, it is necessary to investigate relevant personnel and break down the problem into small, independent elements.

Step 4: Find Reasons Points (PoC)

Step 5: The tendency to grasp the problem

To grasp the tendency of the problem, ask:


Which one?

What time?

How often?

How much?

Before asking why, it is important to ask these questions.
Part II: Reason Investigation

Step 6: Identify and confirm the direct cause of the anomaly. medical equipment manufacturing companies

If the reason is visible, verify it. If the cause is invisible, consider the underlying cause and verify the most likely cause. Confirm the direct cause based on facts.


Step 7: Use the “5 Whys” survey method to establish a chain of cause/effect relationships leading to the root cause.


Step 8: Take clear steps to deal with the issue. medical equipment manufacturing companies

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