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Nine things that scientists in the United States have to do after revealing the truth about a cold (very practical, collect quickly)

With the recent sharp change in temperature, the season of high incidence of colds is coming, various prevention, the cure for colds is beginning to be concerned by everyone. What is the case with colds, what should they do after they catch a cold? New research in the United States reveals the answers to this series of questions. China medical plastic molding Manufacturer

Three truths about a cold

In October 2010, the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health released a White Paper on colds, which revealed the three “one” truth about colds.

The first “one”: a cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract “syndrome”, there are more than 100 kinds of viruses may induce colds;

The second “one”: generally speaking, the symptoms of a cold will last for a week, regardless of whether you take the medicine or not;

The third one: the starting point for a cold should be a day before symptoms, when the virus has been stationed in your body.

Rather, the cold virus lurks in the body for 18-48 hours and then erupts. The first symptoms include sore throat, sneezing, stuffy nose, and tiredness. Since “cold” and “cold” are the same words, many people think that colds are “frozen out”. “that’s not the case. Whether you’re wearing too little clothes, walking barefoot on the floor or going out with your hair dry. None of this will cause you to catch a cold but it will reduce resistance and give the virus a chance, “says Felix Brown, a registered American nurse. By contrast, drying is more likely to lead to colds. The ability of the body’s mucous membrane to fight the virus will be reduced by lack of water.

The number of colds attacks varies from person to person. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children get colds eight to 10 times a year, and children go to school 12 times a year, not because of their poor resistance. It’s because the children are closer and the virus is more likely to spread. Compared with “cold” adults who catch colds 2-4 times a year, women are the most likely to catch colds than men in their 30s. After 60, the number of colds will decrease, on average, once a year. China medical plastic molding Manufacturer

It’s better to rest than to take medicine indiscriminately.

The White Paper on colds also points out that many people do not know that there is no cure for colds. Some people will take antibiotics. In fact, antibiotics will not kill the virus at all. The main effect of cold medicine is to relieve symptoms, make you feel better, rest better, but can not shorten the course of disease. So, what are the things that must be done after a cold? The following nine things are essential, according to the U. S. Health News Network.

Step 1: find a bed. After a cold, you’d better find yourself a comfortable bed to lie down. Don’t think about going to work, and don’t try to go out to the party. Play or exercise. Liu Youning, director of the respiratory department at the PLA General Hospital, said that sleep is “the best medicine for cold feeling.” it is necessary to ensure eight hours of sleep every day. If you can, it is best to take a day off for 1-2 days at home. In this way, the disease can be transmitted to others.

Step 2: take vitamin C. either take vitamin C supplements or eat fruit rich in vitamin C, such as dates, oranges, kiwifruit, oranges, grapefruit, etc. Generally speaking, fruits with heavy sour taste contain a lot of vitamin C. while drinking orange juice, vitamin C can also eliminate discomfort in the mouth.

Step 3: eat a dark chocolate, which not only supplements antioxidants, but also contains theobromine, a study from the University of London, found to be antitussive.

Step 4th: turn on the humidifier. Dry air in the autumn and winter season can make the respiratory tract uncomfortable. Place a humidifier on the bed or by the sofa to allow you to breathe more smoothly. Before you use it, it is best to thoroughly clean it. In case the virus spreads through it.

Step 5th: eat liquid food. Hot soup and hot porridge are good choices. The idea that chicken soup has been used to treat colds has been circulating for hundreds of years, and British scholars have found that this makes sense because some ingredients in chicken soup can reduce coughing. And hot soup and hot porridge steam can also help relieve nasal congestion.

Step 6th: switch to a large water cup. Make sure to drink 2, 000 milliliters of water a day, some of which are preferably electrolyte drinks.

Step 7th: stay away from dairy products. Liu said it is best not to eat cheese and other difficult-digested dairy products when caught cold, but to drink milk properly. If you have a bad appetite, you can drink yogurt.

Step 8th: take over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen, paracetamol or cough syrup to relieve cold symptoms. Although they don’t fight the virus, they can make you feel better, Liu said.

Step 9th: be patient and wait for it to pass. It will take about 7 days for your illness to disappear. But if the symptoms persist or deteriorate sharply, it is best to consult a doctor at the hospital.

Three pieces of cold

Although a cold is not a serious illness, the persistent symptoms make many people difficult to sit down. For this reason, the White Paper on colds provides tips for relieving three major symptoms: sore throat, cough, and nasal congestion.

Larynx: light brine. Dissolve 7.5 grams of salt in 250 ml warm water. Slow mouthwash relieves sore throat and mouthwashes every 6-8 hours. Do not use irritating mouthwash. They may aggravate the dry respiratory tract. Swallow hard foods, preferably slowly, to avoid scratching the throat. If the voice is hoarse. Avoid talking or shouting in noisy environments. Also prepare tablets or sprays for use when symptoms are severe. China medical plastic molding Manufacturer

Cough: cough syrup. Cough is a way for the body to remove foreign substances, but severe coughing can affect sleep or cause chest pain. The best way is to drink cough syrup when coughing is severe.

Snot: hot steam. It’s best to use a soft tissue when blowing your nose to keep your nose from being scratched. Never blow your nose too hard. The standard is that you can’t hear a buzzing in your ears. If your nose is difficult to blow, you can “smell” hot steam or mint oil, or use nasal drops

Colds actually have no treatment, whether or not to take medicine for up to a week, taking medicine will only make the disease worse.


Nine things to do after a cold:

1. Sleeping more;

2.Supplementary vitamin C;

3. Eat a dark chocolate;

4. Turn on the humidifier;

5. Eating fluid food;

6. drink plenty of water;

7. Stay away from dairy products;

8. taking over-the-counter drugs;

9. Be patient and wait for it to pass.

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