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[career Story] The most difficult reform in the world is to change one’s own life

HUAWEI’s goal is to become a world-class enterprise, but as the scale expands, the short board of its own management capabilities begins to emerge. medical supply industry

In order to achieve this goal, HUAWEI in the house should first solve what problem? Ren Zhengfei pondering, and many times in overseas study and world-class enterprise exchanges, especially at the end of 1997 visit to the United States that Ren Zhengfei has become more and more convinced of their struggle to find the answer is immediate, must begin to act immediately.

Although there are many subjects that can be learned, there is only one company that is really qualified as a teacher and is willing to be a teacher for HUAWEI, that is, IBM. medical supply industry

The HUAWEI lock is another reason to IBM learning is that HUAWEI was also faced with IBM when facing the business transformation. The transformation direction of HUAWEI is the most likely by telecom equipment manufacturers to telecom solutions and service provider transformation, it also can learn from the experience of IBM. Although there are differences in the products, but the management is interlinked.

Spend a lot of money, took great effort, the teacher finally come in, but the students began to appear: HUAWEI has just experienced a double growth for 5 years, the continued success of a heart full of confidence and allow employees to feel very good. The micro signal: Lean Production Promotion Center. medical supply industry

The development process of the independent also seems to prove that although HUAWEI things are not the best but the most suitable, HUAWEI this ship pilot has realized the need to learn and to introduce outside the brain, but still in inertia hull “continue along the original mode of operation.

IBM when I first started training into the concept in HUAWEI, many employees competing sleep lying on the table, a part of the cadres are an excuse to late.

Obviously, changing ideas has become the first problem that HUAWEI needs to solve to push forward business process changes.

In August 1998, public opinion has always been good at using the internal transfer of Ren Zhengfei’s idea, he pointed out that the “HUAWEI newspaper” published a report entitled “no hero > the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, reform of the world’s most difficult is to reform his own life, touch your soul is the most painful, but HUAWEI’s goal is to the world grade two, business is inevitable. medical supply industry

After that, he has released a series of speeches to tell HUAWEI people not to manage HUAWEI’s features, and to digest the mature management of the world.

The strong influence of Ren Zhengfei’s play a key role, and experienced several strong and even promote without forethought under the surface resistance has been effectively curbed, integrated product development project is running up.

But at the level of action, there are still some problems. A very important reason for HUAWEI’s success in Chinese market is to rely on “wolf sex” and rely on keen sense of smell to grasp market demand and launch products quickly.

IBM’s advisers had a great emphasis on process standards and specifications, and HUAWEI felt clearly not adapted.

According to the standard process, many product development plans are set up for more than three months, so as to effectively reduce the huge waste caused by subsequent development and production problems. But HUAWEI’s habit for many years is to ignore the plan, emphasize the spirit of desperately and enjoy doing things while changing. medical supply industry

This kind of thing happens even in Ren Zhengfei himself, in 2001, when the high-end router product launch time lag time, CISCO nearly two years of Ren Zhengfei’s command, all programs all disrupted, a large number of backbone was transferred to high-end router assault.

In the absence of integrated product development processes, HUAWEI has been able to push the high-end routers to market in a very short time. medical supply industry

Although this is a “special case”, it is enough to explain the difficulty of change, but after a painful course, the HUAWEI people finally tasted the benefits of the change. medical supply industry

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