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Good business, why is management always tedious?

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Competitive medical supply manufacturers China Manufacturer. In the beginning, I pointed to the maze.

We started business in 1984, at that time, Chinese enterprises did not have management, I think Chinese enterprises have not their own management ideas, no own management theory. At the beginning of reform and opening up, we studied Japan, for example, TQM, but later I got a book, which was the first Drucker book I came into contact with. “effective managers,” now translated as “effective managers,” this book has a sentence that has so far affected me very much, and that is, “managed factories, always boring.” Nothing exciting happened. ” Competitive medical supply manufacturers China Manufacturer.

In fact, Chinese factories like to engage in exciting events, such as great fighting, how many days ahead of time to complete the mission, and so on, which is actually wrong. As Drucker said. All events should be done on a routine basis, but we turn a lot of things into accident management. If an enterprise is dealing with accident management every day, it is chaos, or chaos. Competitive medical supply manufacturers China Manufacturer.

Therefore, we later divided the management of enterprises into three levels: the lowest level, the highest level, and the highest level. Management is a higher level, that is, to find the person responsible behind the matter is who; But what is important is the management mechanism, which enables the whole enterprise to develop in an orderly way. “A good business manager must be a clock maker, not a timeman.” when a clock is built, it should be at what time, not “I say what time is what time.” Competitive medical supply manufacturers China Manufacturer.

Drucker also said very well, “the change of concept does not change the fact itself, it changes your view of the fact.” for example, 24 hours a day, when I say, “time is money.” That 24-hour concept is about to change. How to look at a comprehensive budget, a comprehensive plan, and how to win in advance, which has a very big impact on us to this day, for example, in the internet age. In accordance with the concept of national budget, we have summed up three “zeros”: first, zero inventory, second, zero signature, and third, zero redundant personnel. Competitive medical supply manufacturers China Manufacturer.

All the enterprises that fall are basically two reasons, the first inventory can not stand, the second receivable can not stand. Receivable and inventory can suddenly make your capital chain break. Competitive medical supply manufacturers China Manufacturer. Our zero inventory, not the same department. It’s the whole system, where all departments coordinate to make a full budget.

The second is the zero sign. Inside the enterprise who post high signature who, actually this is wrong, after he signed a class may be signed, if the signature is wrong, who is responsible? No one in charge, because everyone signed up, all the people are not responsible for. So we now zero sign, do not sign, cancel the signature, by two, the first comprehensive budget, the second flat organization. Forbes magazine said, Haier is not to destroy the middle middle, but not disappeared, middle managers, everyone is facing the line that you want to check what word? Competitive medical supply manufacturers China Manufacturer.

The third is the zero redundancy, characteristics of large enterprises disease is a lot of people you don’t know what he is very busy, all day long, and wages are not low. We now put the income statement to each person, who had no income who is redundant, we removed many of these people. The one sentence now., “Forewarned is forearmed..”, I feel very important for the enterprise.

How does Drucker evaluate TOYOTA. Competitive medical supply manufacturers China Manufacturer.

Chinese enterprise had TOYOTA as an example, I have to go to study in TOYOTA, TOYOTA is Kanban management, lean production TOYOTA, TOYOTA employees to participate in these we use are the core, but I really want to know what Drucker thinks about TOYOTA. I collected Drucker’s book, but no what is Drucker find on TOYOTA. Then I read a Drucker book, “the future that has already happened on the lead, part of the book for a while, wrote on TOYOTA Drucker.

Drucker did not speak highly of TOYOTA, what is the reason? The reason is that TOYOTA Drucker did not implement the goal management and self control. Competitive medical supply manufacturers China Manufacturer. The essence of the target management, according to Drucker is the company’s performance, self control is the embodiment of their own value in the organization, target management and self control is the essence of equal opportunity and individual share.

I learned to TOYOTA, I think TOYOTA did not reflect this point, TOYOTA is more carry out orders. We later merged with Japan’s SANYO white, over eight months after the merger and stop loss. No moving equipment did not move, what did not move, is changed the concept of culture. Japanese culture is “the only statue is from the” who is the Lord Buddha, who is the leader who I listen to. We only changed a little, but the user is from, you have to listen to the customers. This point is changed, the value of full play out immediately. Competitive medical supply manufacturers China Manufacturer.

Drucker said that in twenty-first Century the enterprise should allow every person to become their own CEO, let everyone reflect their own values, everyone innovation. According to Drucker, we made an exploration, one single one win-win mode. Competitive medical supply manufacturers China Manufacturer. One is the enterprise internal staff, not only single orders. But the user resources, is a win-win to create value to the users at the same time reflect your own value.

The inspiration of the Internet Age

The age of the Internet is a big subversion of all enterprises, not only is the Chinese enterprises, companies in the world are the same. Drucker wrote management challenges <21 century “at the age of 90, this book is especially about how to do business in the Internet era, there is a word very well, the Internet to eliminate the distance, this is its greatest impact.” this word phrase, the Internet said home is zero distance. Because of cloud computing, a moment can be uploaded to the cloud, then come down from the clouds. Many things suddenly changed. Competitive medical supply manufacturers China Manufacturer.

Therefore, we should explore three “no”: no boundary, no leadership in management, no scale in supply chain.

Business without borders. American business historian Chandler once said that capitalism is motive power of scale and scope, the scale is bigger, the scope is to be strong, is simply to become bigger and stronger. What is the motive power of the information age? Is the platform. The platform type enterprise is no boundaries. Such as electricity, electricity supplier no boundary, can also cross, can also be from a business platform to business platform, this is a very big challenge for all enterprises.

Management without leadership. The original business is a pyramid, a layer, put all the information together and the decision analysis, a level to implement it. But now the problem is that most people get basic information and you get the same, even more than you, waiting for you make a decision all night, so to achieve a flat organization.

Supply chain scale. In the past, the supply chain is measured, such as the minimum volume is 1000 units or 5000 units. It is a customization, but also to meet the users. Now is the biggest concept, is the user to choose you. Moreover, the eyes of the enterprise users, be sure to add two words, become “interactive user. User interaction means that users should participate in the whole process of you, from design to marketing has started to participate in.

American writer Elizabeth wrote a book called “Drucker’s final advice”, she gave me a portrait of Drucker, she said that a lot of people to paint portraits of Drucker, may have painted hundreds of pieces, but this one is Drucker’s love, because this portrait with his characters, is “caution, I always hang it in my office, so every day to commemorate and see my heart forever Drucker. Competitive medical supply manufacturers China Manufacturer.

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