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Half-full life may be excellent

There is a female friend who is losing weight, but she hasn’t lost much, but she has summed up a set of life sentiments through weight loss. metal CNC machine
She said that she is now eating half the amount she used to eat in the past. I would rather have a bit less, comfortable, stomach, space, and soul. Being a man is also the reason. She said that she used to be a person who pursues perfection. Pursuing 100% satisfaction in everything is often counterproductive.
For example, if a friend does something wrong, he will not be forgiven. If he makes friends, he will be exhausted and he will miss many friends. Later, after some things, they gradually figured out that no one is perfect and gold is not enough. Can people not escape from doing wrong? In this way, he himself has more tolerance and more calmness.
She believes that half-fullness is not only inclusive of friends, but also more important is their own attitude towards doing things. They are positive but not perfect, do human work, listen to destiny, do not give themselves to themselves, do not give friends awkward, right to the person, half full You can. metal CNC machine

This kind of life is open-minded and calm, generous and loving, happy and beautiful. When you ask yourself to be perfect, you are constraining the pace of progress.
The semi-saturation theory that she summed up also applies to emotional life. To treat feelings, the requirements between husband and wife are also half full. Many couples haven’t made it clear in their lives that why husband and wife’s feelings gradually become intimacy from intimate to intimate? metal CNC machine
Some people think that there should be no more secrets between husbands and wives, and no reservations can prove the true feelings of husband and wife. In fact, if there is a little personal space between husband and wife, they cannot be regarded as unfaithful for love. Instead, they are The art of getting along with each other.
In the book “Half-saturation, where the climax of life is”, Hong Konger Ouyang Li said: “Half-saturation is a flaw in perfection. Half the hope, plus half the patients, is a whole blue sky. Keeping the reality in mind This kind of satisfaction is a curiosity for the future. I believe that there will always be more fun things in life and will appear in the next stage.” Because I am half full, I care for my stomach, and I put my spiritual moment in a state of hunger and hunger. Let every delicious food arrive in the mouth to get the most enjoyment; because half full, when you find new food at the next street, you will not lose appetite. metal CNC machine

One scientist took two litters of mice to do an experiment. One was given enough food and the other was given a small amount of food. As a result, the lifespan of hungry mice was twice that of rats. This shows that under certain conditions, animal or human life is inversely proportional to the amount of food intake, and perhaps half fullness is the most appropriate state of life. In Sinology, there is also the saying that “you can’t eat without food or eat enough, but you can’t eat enough”. You should eat 70% to 80% and do 3 or 4 minutes. Half-full life, on the surface, is a loss, but in fact it is abundance.
The Hongyi Masters gave up their prosperous life and broke into the empty gate. Thoreau had to escape from the world and lived alone in the jungle on the shores of Walden; and the Fading Master, known as the “South Korea’s Solo”, was also hiding in the mountains for more than 30 years….they are a Half-full life model. Do not be too greedy for people, choose a degree, as the best realm of life.
However, there are a few people on Earth who can tolerate the feast in front of them? metal CNC machine

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