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TOP 10, a global R & D investment company, was originally from them

“Innovation” seems to have become a stale descriptor because of the indiscriminate use of marketing. But for the 10 biggest companies, “innovation” is more than just a buzzword. They put more money into R & D than ever. The consultancy Strategy-released a report showing that the world’s top 1, 000 innovators invested $647 billion in innovation last year. It’s $9 billion more than the year before. CE Approved metal machined parts Manufacturer

So where’s all this money going? Over the past decade, two industries have accounted for half of all R & D spending: medicine and computers. Resource-intensive industries such as cars and software also take up a lot of R & D. Fortune & the top 10 companies spending the most on R & D in the annual report. The direction in which they use the R & D budget is explained in detail.

1. Volkswagen

In 2013 the German carmaker spent $13.5 billion on research and development, accounting for 5.2 percent of revenues. This is the third year in a row that the German carmaker has topped the list of companies that spend the most on R & D, VW said. Because of fierce competition in the automotive industry, the company needs to innovate and meet environmental and safety standards. Most of VW’s R & D spending goes to hybrid cars and new technologies. Including semi-automatic driving function and so on.

2. Samsung Electronics

In 2013, it spent $13.4 billion on research and development, accounting for 6.4 percent of revenue. Samsung has many R & D centers, including Silicon Valley, Bangalore and Beijing. Samsung says it is developing smart TV surveillance. Smart TV service. Samsung divides domestic R & D institutions into three parts: business development team responsible for the next one or two years of development planning, R & D institutions responsible for three to five years of development planning. Samsung Institute of Advanced Technology is responsible for following up on the immediate project.

3. Intel

In 2013, R & D was $10.6 billion. 20.1% of revenue. The chipmaker’s investment in R & D follows Moore’s Law, according to Gordon Moore, co-founder of the company. Computing power doubles every two years. As more transistors can be installed in the company’s circuits, R & D costs most of the company’s R & D budget. Michael Mayberry, vice president, says complexity drives costs up. Take Intel’s 14nm core processor as an example. It’s 20 percent longer than the previous processor battery life and 60 percent lower energy consumption, but it’s also costing the company a lot of R & D money.

4. Microsoft

In 2013, $10.4 billion was spent on research and development, accounting for 13.4 percent of revenues. Microsoft is the most expensive software and Internet company. Microsoft is committed to developing products for the current market and looking for future mainstream trends. Microsoft has more than 1,000 Ph.D. researchers. Its research projects cover almost all of Microsoft’s products, including wearable devices that can help people build healthier and more productive lives.

5. Roche

In 2013 it spent $10 billion on research and development, accounting for 19 billion dollars in revenue. Roche is the company that spends the most on R & D in healthcare, the Swiss pharmaceutical company that topped the Strategy & list three years ago. Most of Roche’s R & D money goes to drugs and the rest to diagnostics. Cancer is Roche’s biggest R & D business. Half of the research and development money is consumed. For example, Kadcyla, Roche’s latest drug for advanced breast cancer, has been approved by the United States and the European Union. CE Approved metal machined parts Manufacturer

6. Novartis

In 2013, it spent $9.9 billion on research and development, or 16.8 percent of revenue. Novartis, the second-biggest company with medical expenses, invested $17% in revenue in 2013, and started 200 projects at the same time. The biggest finding from Novartis’s research program, including research on 138 drugs, is Zykadia, a drug that can treat certain types of lung cancer. In addition, the company is experimenting with LCZ696. It is a drug for heart failure.

7. Toyota

In 2013, R & D spending was $9.1 billion, or 3.5 percent of revenue. The Japanese carmaker’s biggest research and development spending included the construction of environmentally friendly hybrid cars. Safety technologies such as dynamic control and crash safety. In its second-quarter results, Toyota said they would be the basis for its future growth and would continue to invest in these areas.

8. Johnson

2013 research and development expenses of $8 billion 200 million, accounting for revenue 11.5%. the US healthcare company to invest heavily in long-term research and development, in the past 5 years has been in the field of pharmaceutical R & D investment company. Johnson is one of the most of these inputs produce a huge return, since 2009 it has launched 14 new drugs. Johnson said that from 2013 to 2017. The company will also launch 10 new drugs, and upgrade 25 other drugs.

9. Google

2013 research and development expenses of $8 billion, accounting for revenue 13.2%. pursuit of Google called “Moon” research and development projects, including the investment of many strange and eccentric technology, such as unmanned vehicles, Google glasses, Wi-Fi balloon. According to Google’s latest annual report, the company R & D department with 18 thousand and 600 employees, most of the research funds for manpower and personnel support.

10. Merck

2013 research and development expenses of $7 billion 500 million, accounting for revenue 17%. the American Pharmaceutical Company R & D funds are mainly used to study cancer, infectious diseases, vaccine and diabetes. This year, the US FDA has approved its immune tumor drug Keytruda, can be called the treatment of advanced melanoma skin cancer. Merck group senior vice president of global clinical development Roy Bynes (Roy Baynes) said: “Keytruda and tumor immune drugs will fundamentally change the way we treat cancer patients. Drug research is Merck 30 kinds of other tumors.

CE Approved metal machined parts Manufacturer

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