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Please respect the efforts of every ordinary person

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In “Chen Daoming’s” micro-blog hot search topic, an editor for the video sharing deeply touched, gave me a flower show. Chen Daoming ‘s originated from the Heritage Program < >, dozens of children in rural areas from Shanxi Jishan performed a high performance drum, extremely difficult, children in unison, won warm applause. And show young commentators but commented: a lot of people together to perform a single face, no personal hero. Expert Manufacturer of metal manufacturing companies

Mr. Chen Daoming retorted: “every face how to be the same? You don’t see them each a face. Not so much lead the world, most people a lifetime may be willing to lonely, mediocre, but please don’t hit them hard.” yes, every one the face is not the same, we just don’t see it. Expert Manufacturer of metal manufacturing companies

I think a real happened. We often have a lot of tourists visiting the school, the school regulations for safety, visitors to the brush card to enter, the students must show the campus card to enter. But there are still some students too lazy to show if the security of campus card, good understanding, will let them go.

One day, my classmate complained to me: “the security guard at the school gate is so annoying. Do I look like a student? Why don’t you stop me, and ask me to show my credentials? Cut, he is not a security guard!”

My heart was a bit prick, but still asked quietly, “which security?”

“That’s the security guard at the school gate.” Expert Manufacturer of metal manufacturing companies

I explained: “they are the rotation, you mean what?”

The students prevarication could not answer, but said: “what I remember, they are the same”

I smile to the students, all security, wearing the same uniforms, in the same place, so they have no name, faceless; they took the meager salary, do a simple job, so their ordinary trivialization, even let her look down. But, for me, is not the case.

For me, every one of the guards are not the same as the face, they are not a different character. I know, although their minimum wage salary is stipulated in each city, but they may often skipped school students than those who try to live in. Expert Manufacturer of metal manufacturing companies

I know this is because my father is a security guard in the area. Residents in the eyes, he wears a uniform, even when standing still, and others in the gang, or one day no longer come, no one noticed. He is so ordinary for a lifetime, few people will remember his face.

Only his family – like me, you will know: various difficulties and hardships, he has never been late because of late, mean shift colleagues need to wait until he comes to work. The winter wind is like to severely cut out cut in the face. When the snow on the road, before dawn, will be two hours in advance go out on the road to prevent occurrence. To the post, but also spend a few hours to the entrance of the snow.

Night shift is bad for the body, but as a security guard, he works on the night shift half of his working hours. He needs to be sober at midnight, because he wants to release private cars at any time, and regularly patrol in the district to see if there are suspicious persons.

Once I was asked to collect photos with my father, I discovered that my father and I hadn’t taken pictures together for many years. Because his job was not for holidays such as Spring Festival or National Day holiday. We haven’t traveled together for many years. Expert Manufacturer of metal manufacturing companies

Many people think that if you don’t get along well, you will not work hard. But in fact, it’s not that hard work will be able to attack. It will stand in the spotlight and become the winner of life.

My father, do not neglect his work, he also has since caught a thief stealing cable to be informed of praise and proud for a long time. However, in most people’s eyes, he is faceless, mundane. There are some people, they need to work very hard, can barely strong to adequate food and clothing line, too you may not a contemptuous disregard of life.

Chen Daoming is right to say, not so much lead the world, most people a lifetime may be unknown to the public. This is grown up, should understand the truth of life. I recommend that the video editor said that she has been looking for Inspirational topic recently, but seeing a lot of articles are not satisfied with those articles. Do not tell us, in this world there are a lot of people, they are also very hard very hard life, but still lost in the crowd, as you cannot see, you think the same face.

In fact, we may have a year of hard work, but also can not afford to buy those who are rich two generations can readily brush luxury. When some people are easy to land overseas, we are still in the monthly mortgage overwhelmed. But I think, really inspirational, should be to teach you to see life is like, but also make you still willing to work hard, get down to pay, just for a little better than now in the future. Expert Manufacturer of metal manufacturing companies

Romain Rolland said: there is only one kind of true heroism, that is after recognizing the truth of life, love life. My father hasn’t read Romain Rolland, was born with a spirit of optimism, he always cheerful positive, never because wages do never negative, because the status quo is full of complaints about his difficult. Keep the same position on the screw nail, and do his job seriously.

I was born in an ordinary family, would have been to believe that they will return the old, but I still choose to live, because I love myself. I enjoy more than nothing, striving, even if I know, not all the efforts will harvest.

Each face of every ordinary people, are not the same, but you did not see it. Chen Daoming ran for seven years, and have the light of day; and some people, even a lifetime of effort, it may not be able to become our protagonist. However, even without much attention, halo behind us never slack off, still choose carefully good every day of life.

Please respect, every effort of the ordinary people.

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