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[Lean School] Quality Management of Production Team Management (1)

Introduction to Quality Management . metal mill

1. Quality is the root of business survival

Create profits – high-quality, low-cost production
Satisfy the customer – to ensure delivery of the customer’s product zero defects. metal mill

2. What is quality?

Quality is the sum of the forms and properties that represent the value of a product. Or is the sum of the characteristics that reflect the product or service’s satisfaction of explicit or implicit requirements.
Quality is a dynamic concept that changes with the needs. However, the demand will change from time to time and from place to place, not only to include specific users but also to consider the needs and constraints of society. metal mill

3. The nature of quality?

Because quality is the product, it may be understood that the product itself has quality.
But in fact, the product itself has no quality. Quality is caused by the recognition of the user and the product. It can be tangible or intangible.

Manufacturing site quality
Quality of each product
Group quality
Manufacturing engineering production quality (manufacturing quality)
Quality is determined by (User)

Who is the best shooter? metal mill

The uncontrolled process leads to uncontrollable results

The controllable process produces guaranteed results

4. What is on-site quality management?

We ensure that the quality, original price, and delivery period (quantity) are the management standards, and that the necessary conditions for managing manufacturing are 4M, and manufacturing (production) purposes are achieved.

4M Economic Management
MAN people
Method method
Material Material
Machine equipment. metal mill

On-site quality management 5 principles
Strong sense of quality
Have a strong sense of responsibility for quality;
Conduct the correct job (observe Rule)
Completely follow the method of operation;
Poor reduction
Confirm any problems and take any measures;
Prevent recurrence completely
Efforts do not cause recurrences of undesired failures;
Post-engineering is customer
In the project, the colleagues of their own post-engineering projects are treated as customers, and they will not be transferred back. metal mill

On-site attention to 4 principles
Promptly to a bad site;
Use eyes to confirm defective products;
Observe carefully the occurrence of adverse conditions;
Listen to the operator’s opinions carefully.

Organize past experience or performance to specify the method of operation (method, responsibility, authority);
According to regulations, it is necessary to check the compliance with the standards;
Any unreasonable operation method should be improved. metal mill

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