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Seize the product quality of this “cow nose”!

The quality of products is linked up with the consumption link of “eating, housing and housing” and the industrial layout and structure upgrading are linked up with production links. Improving product quality is an inherent requirement of high-quality economic development. metal rapid prototyping


Recently, the relevant departments released the 2017 national supervision and inspection of product quality announcement. Data show that in the year of 164 kinds of 20192 batch of products carried out in the national supervision spot checks, the product batch pass rate of 91.5%, for four consecutive years in more than 90% of the “high.” In the meantime, the detection rate of unqualified products of the e-commerce platform is 25%, and the quality of the products is obviously lower than the average of sampling. metal rapid prototyping


The “one high and one low” data provide a unique perspective for observing China’s economic restructuring and upgrading. On the one hand, in recent years, the overall product batch pass rate remains high, indicating that the overall quality of our products “steady progress.” High-quality products are not only the needs of consumers, but also gradually become the conscious pursuit of production. On the other hand, the “low-cost and low-quality” etiquette of the e-commerce platform, which represents the direction of new consumer spending, still shows us that it is difficult to achieve high-quality economic development in a single step. It is still a long way to go to promote the transformation of manufacturing powers into a manufacturing power.


The quality of products is linked up with the consumption link of “eating, housing and housing” and the industrial layout and structure upgrading are linked up with production links. In reality, there was the problem of going abroad to buy toilet seats and rice cookers. There was also the question of “China can make atomic bombs, but it does not make ballpoint pen refills.” In particular, the conflict between the people’s growing need for a better life and the unbalanced development has become increasingly prominent. In particular, we need to improve product quality as the starting point, promote the industry towards the middle and high end, and promote the development of China’s economy with high quality. metal rapid prototyping


Improving product quality is an opportunity to boost the shift from quantitative growth to profitable growth. The New Era The basic feature of China’s economic development is the shift from high-speed growth to high-quality development that was emphasized in the report to the 19 th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. From the perspective of changes in demand structure, upgrading of consumption, accumulation of technologies, financial risks and pressures on resources and the environment, it is more and more difficult to maintain rapid economic growth. In this context, high-quality products will have a stronger market competitiveness, in order to win the market for the enterprise and earnings. Otherwise, low-quality products not only cast aside for consumers, but also result in the waste of resources and the increase of the total cost in the entire social production process, which will pay a high price for economic and social development.


From a production point of view, the improvement of product quality will inevitably place higher demands on technical equipment, quality management techniques and methods, brand awareness and human resource level of production, which will help force enterprises to increase R & D investment and human capital investment, Increase the added value of products to achieve industrial upgrading. From the perspective of consumption, with the growth of household income, the continuous upgrading and diversification of consumer demand is the trend of the times. The public demand for product quality has also gone up. In the case of small price gap, the level of product quality directly affects the purchasing decision of consumers, which is related to the people’s increasing satisfaction of material and cultural needs and whether the potential for domestic demand can be effectively released. It can be said that optimizing and upgrading the economic structure, releasing the potential for domestic demand, and improving product quality are also important ways. metal rapid prototyping


In addition, product quality is also the key to enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese products and achieve the transformation from “Made in China” to “Created in China.” According to the theory of international trade, the changes in the international market share of various countries have a positive correlation with the product quality, and the product quality is the key element of the country’s core competitiveness. A new round of technological and industrial revolution is in the ascendant, the international division of labor system is being adjusted, and the global industrial value chain is facing a profound remodeling. This requires firmly grasping the “cow nose” of product quality and sticking to the road of winning by quality so as to ultimately enhance the international competitiveness of the industry and continuously enhance the overall competitiveness of our economy. metal rapid prototyping

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