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There is a ruler in the heart and there is a degree in the mouth

An unintentional word may cause a dispute; metal supply
A good word may make people feel good;
It takes a thousand words to cultivate one person;
Destroying a person requires only one sentence.
Cautious statements can lead to fewer incidents;
If you think about it, you will regret it. metal supply

In a word, it is light and heavy;
In a word, it is very common and very precious.
There are feet in the heart, and there are degrees in the mouth;
People have humility and make more pronouncements.
Everyone has a shortage,
Like a cup with a gap,
As long as you don’t look from the mouth,
The cup is complete. metal supply

So, to appreciate the advantages of others,
Less accusations, you must know that you are not good enough;
With their eyes staring at the merits of others, envy, jealousy,
It’s better to take your eyes back and study harder;
Instead of wasting time on how to keep others from being stronger than yourself,
Better to work hard and make yourself a strong person. metal supply

I hope that the achievements of others will bring happiness to them.
It’s better to bring happiness to others.
Learning to take back the vision is the real vision.
Their own taste determines their own environment,
Friends around you. metal supply

Discarded, only updated;
Some have vomited, only new;
Something must be done to make a difference.
You don’t have to panic if you don’t have something to do. metal supply

The mind can only hear the voice of all things;
Only the clear heart can see the essence of man.
If you want to make a conclusion about something,
Let’s wait and wait.
Things are always full of unknown variables.
What you see and hear,
Not necessarily true. metal supply

Being sober is a kind of reason;
Confusion is wisdom.
When you look back at what once made you angry,
But it is not worth mentioning;
When you remember the pain of the past,
It turned out that everything was bleak. metal supply

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