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Good people will not tell your work habits

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Remember your name. OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers

The development of interpersonal relationship from remember someone’s name: remember someone’s name can let you name a broader, in communication, others will remember the name in the first place, there are three tips in the first time meet a three chance can call each other: OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers

Name each other when you introduce yourself

When you ask questions, say the name of the person, such as: XX, where are you from?

Say goodbye to each other’s name, say: XX, thank you very much today, looking forward to meeting you next time. OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers

You can talk about your native place and your personal experience, ask more about each other, and really care about each other. Remember how much time you spend with each other. 

In China, when you meet, you usually exchange WeChat, some of the previous articles talked about some suggestions. You can also quickly scan business cards by mobile phone APP, automatically send the introduction of mail to the other party’s mailbox. OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers

Try to choose different places and time

Meet at lunch this time, next time you can choose dinner, the party, next time you can drink coffee. Try to contact in different occasions such as work and life, close to the distance between the two sides

No matter how busy you are, meet with people who have nothing to do with your work every week

By chatting with people from different industries, you can experience and understand information from different angles, and jump out of the current perspective. OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers

At least a week for a company to see a face

Meet with trusted friends or acquaintances of the people

If you are interested in each other, make an appointment to meet in the near future

You rely on connections that are beyond stake, and relationships can develop

(Note: this piece of advice do supplement, preferably on a regular basis to set aside time for lunch or dinner, with a person chat for a few minutes is usually not very high opinion, the best one to one or one to two, about 30 or 1 hours depth chat, can make further mutual understanding.)

Cultivate the habit of thinking about no fixed answer


In China and Japan’s examination system, students are very accustomed to a problem, there are standard fixed answers, the most in the business environment, should cultivate independent thinking ability, from the reality of the problem, and come to their own views

Reading skill


After reading, to spend three times as much time to think. To summarize, and according to the logical structure of listed, pick out the main information, and finally summed up their own understanding of the meaning. OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers

This is I have been doing this, reading notes, and write a mind map is a good method.

Cultivate market sense through news


The market is to determine price according to the demand and supply, the buyer and the seller according to the number of sales value and sale to determine the future. When you see a news, people have to think about what response to this information, you can pay attention to the following points: OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers

Thinking about how people respond to this message after reading. For example, the stock market next week may affect the history, what do you think is empty or multi win, what is your judgment, how is derived. You can put on the forecast to write diary, look at your judgment is correct. Over time, the overall stability, look at your forecast is correct, the derivation process is correct. I believe that some people can tread on luck, but very few can derivation right. A few days ago, said the decision diary, you can try. OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers

Note that the newspaper published the news, pay attention to each way. Different news on where and how the newspaper is different, there are some subtle differences. Just as some people can see through people’s daily news and can determine the trend.

At least once read newspapers. Different types of newspapers on the same things is different, for example, you can also see domestic and foreign reports of different media, understanding and familiarity between the world’s major media differences, and to predict the judge for yourself.

More emphasis should be placed on creativity than creativity


It is necessary to have the logical reasoning ability in order to make the opinion held firmly enough. OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers

McKinsey’s consultants make logical charts every day, not to prepare data for projects, but to sort out logical ideas and deduce credible conclusions

In the derivation, try not to rely on a network of “cheating”, to think independently, to find out the answer. If you always use the network to find a solution for a long time, it is difficult to distinguish the thinking and search, and will not take the initiative to think when you encounter a new situation, it is difficult to find a solution. OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers

To make thinking a habit, practice every day

Using paper and pen to think


Don’t leave the electronic equipment all day long. The paper and pen can deal with the problem that the electronic equipment can’t solve. When the writer encounters the difficult problem, he just takes the pen and ink to the cafe for 30 minutes, and writes the solution on the paper

Discuss with your boss or colleagues, take notes and a list of questions in advance, the pen is discussed. This discussion, argument is clear, and the other will think you very seriously, well prepared. Look at the gold and three fat pictures on the Internet, you will find the people around him are through paper + notes shown on gold and three fat the attention. OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers

Finishing process:

Write your mind first. Don’t mind logic, causality, prioritization, and language expression. Look at the structure of the Pyramid, for example, if necessary

This step can be replaced by the A4 note method

Ability to think instantaneously with three key exercises


To organize things into three points, it is easier to attach importance to people, remember and accept, will exercise the following several abilities:

Argument decomposition or summarization — logical reasoning ability

Prioritizing: time management capability. OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers

Strengthen persuasion — communication ability



Clean clothing than individuality important. In consulting, investment banking, financial industry, does not have to be very expensive, but you should dress brings a sense of beauty.

Tidy start from shoes. Foreigners pay attention to shoes, pay attention to a lot of people, their shoes as a way to relax, such as house of cards of the actor. Before my personal habits are meet the customer, will put the polishing shoes or shoes, put on a clean pair of shoes will increase confidence. OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers

Good shoes best day in time, do not wear, with wooden shoes and shoes, so shoes will not be deformed, can prolong life.

Recommended to participate in important occasions in the best shirt and suit to the dry cleaned and ironed.

Time management habits


No matter what the situation, will be 10 minutes ahead of the scene.

At the age of more than 20, will focus on the immediate work at the age of.30, will be the weekend day for self investment. This proposal, with the author’s occupation, McKinsey consultants will often work overtime, very little spare time. But for ordinary people, three suggestions 100 days management action in there a day dream of a tomato, in your own dream and goal is to take 30 minutes.

1 hours in advance to the company, the highest efficiency in business at this time. Don’t check email and the Internet, this is similar to my previous proposals, to complete the three things at 10:30. The most important things done in the most energetic. OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers

1 days in advance ready second days work list.


Link up

The notebook should can be opened in three seconds.

After receiving the task, were confirmed on the spot.

Make sure 5W1H (who, what, when, where, why and how to do), then to the indicator with information request task.

5 minutes immediately began to arrange the process and plan. Have questions immediately.

OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers

OEM Manufacturer nylon flat washers


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