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[HR] End-of-year assessment (4): How is the distribution of the assessment results at the end of the year more reasonable?

Before calculating the employee’s year-end performance bonus, it is unavoidable to rank and rank the overall annual assessment results of the company’s employees, and to obtain the bonus coefficient and proportion interval. Is it a company-wide normal distribution? Is it still a separate department internal bonus ranking? How do you balance the differences between the normal bipolar places and bonuses between departments? And so on, how to make the distribution of year-end assessment results more fair and reasonable is a problem we must face. So, please ask: plastic bearings
1. How does your company rank distribution results at the end of the year?
2. Do you think this distribution is reasonable?

Reference resolution:

At present, the company does not perform year-end assessments. For the distribution of year-end bonuses, the management company carries out 13 months of wages, ie, a month’s worth of work. All the employees in the store are given bonuses, managers, managers, and supervisors according to management positions. The standard amount for red envelopes is that the ordinary employees are red envelopes with RMB 100 each issued on the first day of the Lunar New Year. plastic bearings

1. If it is the distribution of the results of the year-end assessment, I think it should be more fair and reasonable according to the partial ranking.

2. The irrationality of the company’s unified normal distribution:
A. The assessment indicators of each department are not the same, the assessment criteria are also inconsistent, and the ranking lacks a quantifiable and unified basis;
B. The overall ranking of the sales department, logistics department, and service department together lacks fairness because the quantified contribution value of each department is not the same and cannot be evaluated fairly;
C. The implementation of company-wide rankings has hidden risks that lead to departmental conflicts, and it is not conducive to the unity of employees. plastic bearings

3, the rationality of the existence of departmental rankings
A. The assessment goals are the same and the assessment criteria are unified. There is a basis for quantification.
B. Ranks within the department, energetic wage performance, working attitudes, and interpersonal relationships may also be assessed and operational.
C. Internal rankings are well-founded, easy to implement, relatively fair and fair, and acceptable to employees. plastic bearings

4. The distribution of departmental normal two-level places and bonuses should be balanced according to the contribution value. Performance can be assessed based on performance and other soft targets. The logistics service department can evaluate the work contribution value and work attitude. Or at the beginning of the year, you can formulate a well-proportioned plan. You can directly perform the operation at the end of the year. The principle is to encourage excellence, to work harder, and to contribute more! plastic bearings

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