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Ma Yun’s latest internal speech: The most hated to say that the company is not good, but also stay in the company

1 talk about ideals: I hope the company will contribute to the progress of human society. plastic molding company

We hope that Alibaba is such a company and hopes to create a company on the land of China that contributes to the development of the world economy and the progress of human society. Therefore, we hope that all employees recruited will be full of this mission. Everyone is full of this ideal. Everyone is united together. Of course, we also have a lot of differences, but the most important thing is to do it bit by bit. plastic molding company

So after you may have heard this, you will find out whether the company is playing too much. This is what makes our company unique. If you think that such companies are reluctant to join, it doesn’t matter. After hearing today, you can quit. Alibaba’s door should always be open and it is easy to get out, but it is hard to come in. Everybody remembers that it is difficult to go in if it is easy to go out; if it is easy to come in, it is difficult to go out. It is a prison.

In the next 85 years of our company, we will continue to follow this route. The combination of strong idealism and realism will form our thinking about the future and thinking about the world. plastic molding company

2Talk about mission: Let the world not have a difficult business

I think I still tell you that the mission of the company is driven. At least in my company, it is very important for me to insist on the mission of this company and make it hard to do business in the world. Let this company manage its own values ​​and strengthen its culture. .

The route taken by our company is also very unique. Our company, when we first came to the lakeside gardens, put forward this phrase, called “the wisdom of the East, the operation of the West, and the big market of the world”. Our company was born in China. Alibaba was born in China, but Alibaba is not a Chinese company. Of course we are not American companies. People say that Alibaba is a company. Our shareholders are from all over the world. Alibaba was born in China, but it is a global company. plastic molding company

3 Talking about KPI: The ideal without KPI is fantasy

Everyone is willing to stay in the ideal. Everyone hates KPI, but if there is no KPI, no result-oriented, no sense of efficiency, no sense of organization, no sense of management, then I personally feel that all ideals are empty words, we will Become a dreamer, nonsense.

There is no perfect organization in the world. Why? It is very simple. If you want to go fast, then you go alone. If you want to go further, then a group of people will walk together. To get a group of people to go together, it must be organized and organized. Certainly, efficiency will not be high at times. It is just that the competition between organizations and organizations is more efficient. plastic molding company

4 talk about talent: the first major product is the employee, who used to dig four times the salary

The first product we hope is not our Taobao, not our Tmall, not our Alipay, nor our cloud, nor our rookie, our first product is our employees, because we believe that we The employees are strong, our products will naturally be strong, our services will be good, and our customers will be satisfied.

Many people used to dig our staff. At that time, we were still in Huaxing Building. We had to pay four times the salary. As long as Ali people can go and pay four times the salary, one of our employees did not go. plastic molding company

5 talk about preferences: the most hate every day that the company is not good, but also stay in the company

The people we like are opinions, constructive opinions, and people who have actions. We hate people who complain every day. We don’t like these people. Regardless of whether they are on the internal network or on the external network, we hate those who say that the company does not Well, people who stay in the company.  plastic molding company

Just as my husband said that his wife is not good, his wife said that her husband is not good and she is not willing to divorce. Our door is open. We are willing to listen to suggestions and criticisms. But we must act. We only have to unite in order to overcome the difficulties, not to run into it. When the disaster is troublesome, everyone says your fault to each other. plastic molding company

6 talk about welfare: benefits must be their own

A few years ago we argued for a long time. Some things are different from other companies. I oppose bus shuttles to and from work. Why can’t I afford to buy? If employees do not have a car, they can squeeze subways, busses and bicycles to ensure that they will not be late for work. All companies and all outstanding employees have experienced this.

I tell everyone that even if there is a shuttle bus, there will be more people who will be late and there will be more people who will lay down their jobs. We don’t care about overtime work. We care about whether you care about your work if you care about and love you. Work, you will get up early. plastic molding company

Ali people remember that the interests must be brought down by themselves. No one’s bonuses, no one’s income is for others, but by their own efforts. Performance, market is down, no one to you, performance is also hard work. We applaud for hard work and pay for the results. If there are results, we pay. If you work hard and have no results, we applaud and it is good. plastic molding company

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