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Decrypting the whole process of engine re-manufacturing is definitely not the engine overhaul you understand!

Scientifically speaking, remanufacturing is a high-tech industry to repair and transform used and end-of-life products. It aims at damaged or end-of-life parts, on the basis of performance failure analysis, life evaluation and so on. Remanufacturing engineering design, using a series of related advanced manufacturing technology, remanufacturing products to achieve or exceed the quality of new products. Expert Manufacturer of precision CNC machining services

What is engine remanufacturing

Engine remanufacture is to disassemble the old engine which does not meet the operating conditions, replace or repair the substandard parts according to the failure degree of the parts, and then assemble according to the new engine manufacturing standards. The process of recovering its technical performance.

What’s the difference with engine overhaul?

What’s the difference between engine remanufacturing and engine overhaul? The biggest difference is that the overhaul can only restore some of the engine’s performance, and according to VW, the remanufactured engine has exactly the same performance as the new engine.

For users, remanufacturing has a time advantage over overhauling. Overhaul engines often take a long time, causing a lot of inconvenience to vehicle owners, but if they use remanufactured engines. The time it takes to change the engine is very convenient.

Economy of buying remanufactured engines

After a long period of time, the performance of the car’s engine has been greatly reduced, and if you do not want to change the car, you can replace the old engine with a remade engine. The price is only half the price of a new engine. For example, it costs 60,000 yuan to replace a new Volkswagen EA888 engine, and 30,000 yuan to use a remanufactured engine.

The contribution of remanufacturing to the environment

Remanufacturing saves money for individuals, while for the environment it is due to full recycling and waste reduction, which can well reduce pollution to the environment. After all, the materials and processes needed to produce an engine are a drain on our resources. Expert Manufacturer of precision CNC machining services

Remanufacturing process

The reason why remanufacturing can completely restore the performance of the engine is that the remanufacturing and overhaul processes are completely different. The process is mainly divided into disassembly, cleaning, testing, machining and assembly. Testing, etc.


Engines that meet remanufacturing requirements are first disassembled and classified. Components are divided into four categories: metal, aluminum, plastics and other four categories.


The disassembled parts will be put into the cleaning machine for cleaning. The factory will use the German MTM industrial cleaning machine, fully mechanized operation. After disassembly and cleaning, the workers will screen and classify the parts. Qualified parts will be placed in green work vehicles, while unqualified parts will be classified into four categories: metal, aluminum, plastics and other four categories, to be disposed of in corresponding red iron boxes.


In the first two processes, the workers distinguish the appearance of the parts and components, and then further use instruments for testing. This is also the most critical link in the remanufacturing process. Workers will use various advanced testing instruments to measure parts and obtain data. This process requires a worker not only to know how to use the instrument, but also to have extensive experience. When a component is found that does not meet the requirements of remanufacturing, it will still be scrapped.

Machining and assembly

In official sources, we learned that some parts would be machined and reused throughout the remanufacturing process, but we did not see too much machining equipment on site. Instead, the parts that pass the inspection process will enter the assembly process. It can be seen from this that the method of remanufacturing for the unqualified parts is to replace them rather than to repair them. This is also the most different from the overhaul engine.

In the assembly process, the engine uses the original installation method. The purpose is to maintain the various friction surfaces already have a good coordination, which is the same as the engine overhaul process principle. In addition. The quality standards throughout the assembly process are fully consistent with the new engine assembly requirements.

100% hot test

The new engine will be cold car test before the factory, part of the spot check out for ignition heat type, while the remanufactured engine is 100% for hot test. The remanufacturing performance of the engine is tested by thermal test.


Marking is an independent process, in which the cylinder block of the engine is engraved with a laser to “remanufacture” its identity. All remanufactured engines are engraved with remanufacturing signs and numbers. Users can identify new engines and remanufactured engines through this logo.

Expert Manufacturer of precision CNC machining services

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