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Three principles of corporate employment: executive power, concentration, and responsibility!

The first principle of employment: strong execution. precision machine shop

Good staff is always a strong executive. The first principle of employing people is to require employees to have very strong execution power. Why do you say that? The root cause lies in the following two points:

First of all, there are no rules for no rules. As an independent accounting unit of profit and loss, the enterprise must consider profitability, which is the foundation for the survival and development of the enterprise. If it wants to be profitable, it will inevitably set up various internal rules and regulations, gradually form its own unique corporate team culture, and require all employees to move forward with the same goal. At this time, if the employees’ executive power is not strong, or if the “innovation consciousness” is too strong, it is very easy to cause an impact on the entire corporate team culture, and even destroy the corporate team culture and drag the company to the brink of collapse. This is true for any company and organization. Companies must first ensure that their core values ​​and corporate culture are not broken. precision machine shop

Secondly, the fiercely competitive market environment makes individual heroism no longer prevalent. All enterprises and units emphasize teamwork and system operations; in fact, only teamwork and system operations can enable companies to survive in a fiercely competitive environment. . At this time, if you want to achieve team operations and uniform pace, it will inevitably require every employee in the team to follow the command, strengthen execution, unify the pace, and act in unison. Otherwise, the company will be eliminated in the market environment.

These two reasons determine that good employees must have strong execution power; enterprises will only recognize those employees who perform well as good employees, and not those who are self-righteous, self-styled and clever, and who like “innovation”! precision machine shop

Strongly performing employees mainly perform in the following three areas:

The first is to follow the direct command of the superior. “All actions to listen to the command” actually requires employees to obey their own direct higher-level command, or else they will be commanding errors or step-by-step instructions, which will easily lead to the situation of command errors and their own actions.

The second is a strong concept of time, do their own “work log” every day, complete the work of superiors arranged on time and quality, without delay, not perfunctory work. precision machine shop

The third is a high degree of corporate ownership and a strong team sense of honor. For the benefit of the team, you can abandon your own self-interest, sacrifice self-employment, achieve self-achievement, and fully integrate your mind and body into your team.

By strengthening employee execution and fostering employees’ sense of team honor, unified themes, unified materials, and unified actions in the area, several major holiday promotions have won; before that, we can only do promotional activities scattered around the country. They are not only unable to scale, they cannot form momentum, and sales are also very general. precision machine shop

Employing the second principle: concentrate on work

For the vast majority of people, our intelligence and intelligence are general; therefore, we are also very difficult to achieve “with one mind and two uses.” Therefore, when it comes to working, we must focus, concentrate, and be dedicated. Simply put, the second principle of employing people is to concentrate on work. precision machine shop

“Concentrate on work” is an essential quality for good employees. In general, employees are concentrating on the following three things:

First of all, full-time work is strictly prohibited. Some time ago, the author heard many friends mentioned “part-time start-ups” in various media, including circles. The author has his own views on this. The author believes that if “part-time start-ups” do not affect their own work, then this “part-time start-up” can be tried; However, in reality, most “part-time start-ups” are using the company’s money to nurture themselves The “small business” did not do a good job in the end. The “part-time job” was also a mess and it was particularly vulnerable to criticism. In the jurisdiction where the author is responsible, it is forbidden for employees to work part-time. The reason is very simple: you can’t do it with one mind and two at a time. Work needs our hard work and dedication to accomplish it. precision machine shop

Secondly, the fixed posts and staff members are each responsible for them. Each employee has his own core, most exclusive, and unique job. In his own position, employees must use all their intelligence and intelligence to do their own job. If more than one person is responsible for a job at the same time, the final inevitable result is that no one is responsible for it, and things get worse.

Thirdly, focusing on 80% of the time and effort to engage in the most core and professional work of their own. This is also a sign that best embodies the value and ability of individual employees and creates greater benefits for companies and organizations. Every employee has a variety of tedious chores, but as a good employee, you must learn the “20/80” principle and focus your precious time and energy on your core, most essential job. In this way, you can create truly great value and effectiveness, make more contributions to the company, and prove its value in disguise. precision machine shop

The Third Principle of Employing: Taking the Responsibilities Actively

The company’s favorite employees are always those employees who have the courage to take responsibility, because they are confident, courageous, and can drive other members of the team to grow together. The superior is assured that the subordinates are desperately committed to the responsibility of the staff is always the company’s pro-union children and the tide of the times. precision machine shop

The third principle of employing people is that employees are brave enough to take responsibility, and at the same time, they dare to actively expose problems and resolve them as quickly as possible, instead of accumulating more and more, and eventually becoming huge burdens.

Employees of this kind will discuss matters irrespective of the facts, and do not evade or flee. They are brave enough to face reality and difficulties, face challenges, and lead the rest of the team to achieve adversity. When problems or difficulties are encountered, they are actively and timely exposed, refuse to cover up, analyze problems, and solve problems quickly. At the same time, they summarize, reflect, and improve their ability to learn and solve problems. Such employees will only walk away. More smoothly! precision machine shop

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