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Ma Yun’s latest speech: The situation has changed (a large amount of information)

Ma Yun’s latest speech on June 12 has attracted widespread attention. The content of the speech can be said to be full of dry goods. Although Ma Yun himself is not a manufacturing person, this article, to a certain extent, can also give us inspiration. precision machining company

Ma Yun said that in the next 30 years, it will also usher in a re-shuffle, entrepreneurs should have a sense of urgency, “future outlook”, “global outlook”, “overall vision” and “idealism,” “realism,” “Optimism” is the key point for entrepreneurs to start again.

“You change, you are suffering, only pain will not suffer.” precision machining company

01 When the Economic Situation Is Good, Enterprises Are Prone to Problems
The key to each person’s good and bad lies in the depth, breadth, and perspective of the issues you look at. I think that well-run entrepreneurs in the country have seen depth, breadth, and perspective of issues.

We must understand the macroeconomics, especially the judgment of the entire financial and manufacturing markets. I feel like I don’t have much good days, but it should be said that good days are not always there. It’s not normal to have a good time with entrepreneurs. Bad times are normal. precision machining company

So, if you want to choose to be a business, you understand that good days are coming, you must cherish it, bad days must learn to adapt, learn how to survive in bad times, good and bad, bad and bad.

When the economic situation is very good, it is easy to get things done. Enterprises have problems because they have more problems with their money. When the economic situation is good, it is a big mistake. When the economic situation is not good, you can’t think of problems. .

Therefore, if the world is big, you want to know yourself clearly, and you want to understand the advantages of your company. What do you have, what do you want, and what do you give up? There will always be ways to survive.

02 State Requiring Policies Should Pay Special Attention
Now the whole situation is like two days ago I heard a lot of entrepreneurs talk to me. Everyone is not talking and worrying. I didn’t say anything about it. I’m afraid that after talking about it, others have different views on him. The bank’s views on him are not the same. The employees have different opinions on him. However, he is particularly worried in his mind. Going on leverage and capacity, everyone is actually under pressure. Very large and very large companies are frightened for hundreds of millions of dollars. precision machining company

In the past, when entrepreneurs used to do business, they always called for policies, and they should understand policies in the future. If the state’s national policy is to be repeated three or five times, four or five times, or seven or eight times, you must be very careful.

I told the colleagues in the company that I am now the chairman of the board. I want to do something and say that you don’t take me back to work. It doesn’t matter twice. When I’m talking seven or eight times, you have to be very Be careful. I may not be able to do it, but I will slowly carry it over.

In fact, to leverage, to reduce production capacity, supply side reform has been said in the past two or three years how many times?

Therefore, there are times when we must pay high attention to the fact that when a policy comes out and a country wants to say something, you need to understand this matter. You must prepare for the transfer and upgrade two or three years in advance. You cannot wait until you arrive and change later. It can only be a broken arm. If you do not change it, you still want to wait for the opportunity. No chance. precision machining company

And I personally feel that this round of economic deleveraging, capacity reduction, and decontamination of these companies, from the country’s point of view, from the perspective of these companies, I think that we must go well and must remove a group of companies. These companies did not actually make such a strategic transformation when they were the richest, the most powerful, and the best. They did not even see these problems. They did not understand the national policies at the best time, and they did not. See the future trend, do not change, you say how these companies do not get rid of? I think it’s good to remove a group of companies.

03 Be sure to repair the roof when the sun is shining
Today, not all companies are bad, and there are also good companies. Many people say that companies are not good, industries are not good, and entities are not good. It is your entity that is not good. Xiaomi is not good. Retail is not good, retail is also very good. Finance is not good and finance is also good. It’s just that you didn’t embrace the change. You didn’t change yourself. You didn’t change yourself at the best time.

Over the years I have felt very deep in Ali. I had been convinced of a thing at that time. My idea was to repair the roof when the sun was shining. The company was in the best situation, the best performance and the best profit. When morale is best, it must be reformed. We must climb to the roof to repair the roof when the sun shines. Do not go to rain or snowstorm and then go to the roof to repair it. Maybe we will die on the roof. precision machining company

When the situation is not good, you have to be very careful. The shrinking shrinkage and shrinking when you shrink, but idealism can not be changed. Retreat is not the same as losing ideals. It is about repairing yourself.

But today, all our companies must seriously think about it. The vast majority of outstanding entrepreneurs are philosophers. The main point of philosophers is that if they suffer too much, they will become philosophers. Learning cannot become a philosopher. You only have to suffer for yourself. You know the good and the bad, and you can readjust it.

04 Understand Trends and Understand Three Things
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. Over the past 40 years, the success of Zhejiang merchants is to dare to be the first in the world and rely on innovation and struggle. However, in today’s situation, everyone seriously thinks. What do I want to do in the end? precision machining company

I think many companies do not want to understand what they really want to do. Therefore, when the situation is bad, they are nervous. If the situation is good, they are crazy. Even if the situation today is definitely not the worst of the economic situation, the economic situation is often very good. When everyone is optimistic, when everyone is overcrowded, it is the easiest time for an accident.

So, to me, macroscopically good is nothing. If you are macroscopically good, you won’t necessarily get me. Microscopically, the bricks are not in my head. Anyway, as long as I can grasp this trend, I can see that something must not be touched. Opportunity, something that people dare not go in, think of these problems, and then follow the law step by step, there are still opportunities.

05 There is no pure manufacturing and pure service industry in the future
Embracing technology, embracing technology is critical. Do you think box horses are not good enough and Darun cannot be issued? Nowadays, many people in Shanghai, Beijing, and Hangzhou have come up with this type of things, but they just do it in a different way and embrace technology. After we received the RT-Mart, it is getting better and better now.

We are not saying that we want to enter retail. Alibaba does not want to do retail sales. I just want to tell you that retailing can be done well. It is only in accordance with your methods. You want to retreat to yesterday’s method. It will not work. precision machining company

Therefore, the future manufacturing industry must be the service industry, and the future service industry must be the manufacturing industry. We all remember that the era of pure manufacturing may have passed, and the era of pure service industry has passed. Not to mention that many people are not clearly aware of what manufacturing is.

I sometimes joke that everyone says sea fishing is a service industry or a manufacturing industry? Haidilao is actually a manufacturing industry. It is only at the moment when it reaches the table that the waiter helps you to bring it up. The procurement, production and materials behind it are a manufacturing process.

Therefore, when we talk about the virtual economy, the virtual economy is partial to finance. To develop the real economy, it is also necessary to develop a virtual economy. Do not oppose the real economy and the virtual economy. Finance is not a bad thing, but the previous finance has not developed well. It is not financial. not good.

06 Enterprises Do Not Make Inexplicable Concepts
Therefore, companies always talk about the development of the real economy. In fact, the real economy and the virtual economy are two sides of a currency. precision machining company

I think so myself, we do not need to play some inexplicable cards, there is no need to do some inexplicable concepts. Do not oppose the real economy and the virtual economy. Do not oppose the service industry and the manufacturing industry. In the future, the service industry will be the manufacturing industry, and the manufacturing industry will be the service industry. If everyone here thinks, you say today that you are a manufacturing industry. Your road will not go too long, that is, a few years.

The real economy is not a manufacturing industry. The service industry is the most important part of the real economy. I hope everyone will also remember it.

07 The future profit lies in the technical content

I think that if the entire company does not have technical content, if everyone is still investing in resources, capital, and labor, this era has completely passed. The future profit lies in your technical content. The future market is not much, but how deep it is. You think about the depth of the Japanese market, the breadth of the Chinese market, and the fact that China’s market is far from being explored. China has a huge opportunity here. precision machining company

Therefore, we hope that everyone will pay more attention to this concept. Afterwards, manufacturing industry is a creative industry. The former manufacturing companies spend time thinking about financing, equipment, and materials. In the future, the manufacturing industry will ask you to spend more time than introducing. Instead of capital, we need to introduce knowledge and introduce talents to do a good job in this area.

I myself in 2001 and 2002, when Alibaba was in its most difficult time, when the entire Internet bubble was gone, many Internet companies changed their Internet words and could no longer call the Internet. It was too shameful.

However, we feel that the most important thing at that time is to pool all the money to train talents, train talents, train cadres, and understand how long the Internet can take. In every industry, we think about how long you can take in this industry and industry. Is there really hope? If everyone has no hope, you insist that it is not possible. Think of yourself when something goes wrong. precision machining company

08 We must recognize China-US relations
Everyone said that Sino-U.S. trade. I think the ups and downs in the next 20 years are ups and downs because the United States has already regarded China as a strategic opponent. The West is particularly concerned about competition. There is a difference in culture between East and West, and the Chinese pay attention to energy and wealth, while the West is stressing the advantages of competition. He must compete with you.

Another point is that the Sino-U.S. relationship has nothing to do with you. It is impossible to buy your home. The probability of a strong trade war between China and the United States is very low.

We are living in this era and we look at it from the perspective of optimism and appreciation. China’s great strategy is the “One Belt and One Road” strategy. In fact, the days of Europe today are not good, and the days of the United States are not good either. precision machining company

Someone just said that our friends are poor countries, but sometimes China’s products are more reliable when it comes to selling poor countries. Poor countries are also opportunities for us. However, poor countries do not mean that they want to rotten products. We must adjust our strategies.

09 The World will reshuffle the next 30 years
I want to see where I see tremendous opportunities in the competition between China and the United States. In the next 30 years, the world will be reshuffled. Thirty years ago, policy changes, China’s opening up, and technology, ideas, ideas, and management reshuffled the entire economy, so people in this room can sit here. . In the next 30 years, the economy will reshuffle.

I can very responsibly say that there are about 200 people here. In the next 30 years, including us, about 20 companies will be able to participate in the Zheshang Conference Council. It is already amazing. This is by no means an alarmist. What you need to prepare is how to get these 20 tickets. The person in this room in the future will become 500 companies, but we can only get 20 tickets here.

Most people who have the most assets, resources, and skills are less likely to go to the future. precision machining company

So, I hope that everyone will change today. You will change. You will suffer. Only pain will not be painful. You will not even hurt. Your days of hardship are very bad.

Therefore, I said that if we have 200 tickets for the 200 entrepreneurs in the future, it will be amazing. However, 500-800 people will come in this position. This is a great opportunity for reform and reshuffling.

10 Future companies must be global
Did everyone think about it, did everyone notice it? At the Shanghai Import Expo this year, the country stated that it will import 8 trillion U.S. dollars in the next five years and import 24 trillion U.S. dollars in the next 15 years. what does this mean? A disruptive impact on all manufacturing and consumer products.

In the next 15 years, China will have 200-200 million middle-class people, 500 million middle-income people, and 8 trillion US dollars worth of imports. This will mean rewriting the rules of the game of trade, so the manufacturing industry will be very The change. precision machining company

This hopes that everyone will seriously think about it and take it seriously. What is your position in this field? The future manufacturing industry is not Made in China. It is not Made in America. It is called Made in Internet. It is the resource that this country adopts. The technology that that country gets, the design that the country gets, it must be a globalized enterprise after the formation. The company of the future must be a global enterprise.

In the future, your market must be global. The next 80% of companies must be global companies. Only in this way can you survive.

11 The future economy must be altruism
The future economy must be altruism. In the IT era is a three-dimensional encirclement, I am getting stronger and better, and the future of the economy is the so-called platform economy, the platform economy is to make others stronger than you, what is ecological, you are strong, partners must be strong, strong partners You can also get stronger. Therefore, the reversal and reflection of this concept is the key point for me to think about reshuffling in the next 30 years.

Whether a company can do well or not, a company’s organization is not set well, what kind of talent, what kind of product, this product is different, the key is that your company’s thinking is different from others. precision machining company

12 The company will need to translate these keywords in the future
But no matter what different, some things are the trend of future society. Altruism, sustainable development, greenness, and universalism are the basic means that you have to use to survive in the next 30 years. The UN is pushing and all countries are pushing. The people of the country hope that sustainable development, but also must be green, inclusive, so that everyone benefits, not you benefit.

Therefore, the treatment of pollution becomes extremely critical. These are the key words. You have to ask whether your company has switched to these keywords and what words you think are necessary for the next 30 years, the next 10 years, and the next 20 years.

You may say, don’t talk to me for 30 years. I can’t live for 3 years. You don’t want to be clear about 30 years. 3 years definitely cannot live. Of course, if you think of 30 years, 3 years may not be able to live, but if You don’t want to live 30 years, 3 years, and you are worried every year for the next 3 months. precision machining company

I feel that I have seen myself through the company and made it clear to the company. I want to make clear the future trends and think that if the world is big, how can I fail to create a company with unique value? You can always go.

13 I organized the company to study sixteenteen times

I hope that everyone will seriously study the policies I have just mentioned, such as understanding policies and understanding policies. I do not know how many people here have seriously studied the “Nineteenth Congress”. In any case, I organized my own company to study for five or six times and took it seriously. Remember, the boss is not the same as he was in the past. He really thinks that when he does it, he will come step by step. Therefore, you do not seriously look at the “19th CPC National Congress” policy. You know what is called development imbalance and inadequacy. What is called the study of poverty alleviation and prevention of risk? You don’t want to understand these things, but step by step after three years. When you come in a lot, you faint.

Today’s documents are very promising, and see if your business is hit by the wind. precision machining company

Trump is, after all, a businessman.

Entrepreneurs have three key points: his benefits, results-oriented; efficiency-oriented; fair.

We compete with the best companies in the world and compete with the United States. We have to enter, not necessarily fight. How big is the market in Africa? How big are markets in the “One Belt and One Road”? Why do we have to fight? However, we must have it.

Every company in the ZTE event thinks about it. You must have the core technology. Your company must have unique and unique technologies.

So, I think we don’t have to worry about it either, because you are worried and useless. You have to adapt. We look forward to the relationship between China and the United States. Trade will be better and we will do more trades that are suitable for trade between the two countries. But at the same time, each of our entrepreneurs must have its own core technology and must have its own core. technology. precision machining company

14 Doing Good Business with Three Keywords
Therefore, I feel that as a Zheshang company, we must always be a firm believer in idealism and optimism, and we must be learning, self-respect, and self-esteem.

Only with the spirit of idealism and optimism is it possible. Coupled with strong realism, as the company does not have realism, and does not survive this quarter, the next quarter, basically finished.

So, to be a good company, I think three keywords:

First, three views.

1. The boss and all senior executives must understand that we must have a view of the future and have never seen it today.
2. We must have a global outlook and look at today’s global future.
3, overall view.

This is a “three views” that the company’s senior management must have. precision machining company

Second, three doctrines.

1. The company must have idealism. Why did you produce it? You are not for money. You are not just for the benefit. You must have strong, firm idealism.
2. Realism. You have to live well today, the broken arm of the broken arm, the living down, the contraction of the contraction, and the development of the development.
3, optimism. Even greater difficulties are not the most difficult today.

At that time, I told all employees in Hangzhou that we didn’t give dormitories. Alibaba people couldn’t afford a house in Hangzhou. There were few companies in Hangzhou that could afford the staff to afford a house. Explain that the day will be bought, and we will have a chance after 15 years. precision machining company

Therefore, do more sharing, more communication, more learning, and more exchanges. To do business is to use fake to comprehend the truth. These things are not our own, and all the wealth is society, employees, and children.

Your entire life is to cultivate your inner peace. If you see that the economic situation is not good, you are in a hurry. If the economic situation is good, you are crazy. You haven’t cultivated.

Exercising a layer of skin outside and practicing in one breath. To cultivate, it is okay to have nothing to do with me. If it is not good, it does not matter. Stepping forward is a step by step. This is the realm of our business. precision machining company

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