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[Workplace Story] Rockefeller’s one-dollar tip

In a dirty and messy waiting room, a tired old man sat on the door of the door. The dust on his body and the sludge on his shoes showed that he had gone a lot. The train entered the station and began to check the ticket. The old man stood up attentively and was ready to go to the ticket gate. Precision Machining Components, CNC Machined Parts China

Suddenly, there was a fat lady coming from outside the waiting room. She was carrying a big box. Obviously she had to catch the train. The box was too heavy. She was so tired that she whistled.

The fat lady saw the old man and yelled at him: “Hey, old man, you mentioned the box to me. I’ll give you a tip later.” The old man thought it over without thinking, slamming the box and walking with the fat lady toward the ticket gate. go with. Precision Machining Components, CNC Machined Parts China

They just boarded the train and the train started. Mrs. Fat had a handkerchief and said thankfully: “It really depends on you, or I can’t miss a mistake.” Then she took out a dollar and handed it to the old man. The old man took it with a smile.

At this time, the train conductor came over: “Mr. Rockefeller, hello, welcome you to this train. Can I do something for you?”

“Thanks, no, I just just made a three-day hike. Now I’m going back to New York headquarters.” The old man answered politely.

“What? Rockefeller?” exclaimed the fat lady. “God, I actually let the famous oil king Mr. Rockefeller give me a suitcase and actually gave him a dollar tip. What am I doing?” She rushed to Rockefeller. Apologize and earnestly ask Rockefeller to return the dollar tip to her. Precision Machining Components, CNC Machined Parts China

“Mrs. You don’t have to apologize. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Rockefeller smiled and said, “I earned this dollar, so I took it.” Then Rockefeller took that dollar solemnly. in the pocket.

Story philosophy

The so-called success is just another person’s view that you have a layer of halo on your head, just like the old man’s sincerity and sincerity; and the real winners should be “can’t see” the aura above his head, and the halo has not changed. What, just as Rockefeller thinks he is still an old man despite his wealth. Precision Machining Components, CNC Machined Parts China

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