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Parents are the most respectable Buddha in your life!

A long time ago, a young man believed in the Buddha and gave up his mother who was dependent on it. He has experienced untold hardships, has passed thousands of miles, and has never found the true Buddha in his heart. One day, the young man came to a majestic and solemn temple. The abbot in the temple was a wise monk. The young man prayed deviously before the master, and he pleaded with the master to show him a way to see the Buddha. When the master saw the boy so obsessed, he sighed and said to him, “Where are you from, and where are you going back? When you were late at night on the way back, when you knock on the door, if there is someone who opens the door for you With bare feet, that person is the Buddha you are looking for.” The young man is ecstatic, and his long-cherished wish has finally come true. He bid farewell to the master and set foot on the way home to find the Buddha. Precision Metal Machined Parts | CNC Machining Service

The young man had gone for several months, and many times in the middle of the night he saw people with lights on the roadside. He knocked on the door again and again with hope, but he was disappointed again and again that none of those who opened the door to him was barefooted. The more he went home, the more disappointed the young man was, and he was going to his home soon. The barefoot Buddha still had no trace. When he finally reached the door of his house in the middle of a stormy night, he was so frustrated that he did not even knock on the door. He thinks he is a big fool and there is no Buddha in the world! He was tired and hungry, and he knocked on the door without help. “Who?” was the voice of her mother. His heart was sour: “Mom, it’s me, I’m coming back.” Just listening to a tumult in the room, soon the mother opened her house in disappointment and sobbed and said: “Ah, you can come back!” As the mother spoke, she pulled him into the house. Under the light, the embarrassed mother shed tears and touched his face with infinite love and pity hands. The smile in the tears was clearly satisfied. The young man looked down and saw his mother standing barefoot on the cold ground! Suddenly, he remembered Gao Hao’s words. He shouted at his mother’s feet and shed tears. “Mother…” At this moment, the son suddenly realized that the family is a Buddha, and the mother loves the Buddha, and the parents should respect the Buddha. . Precision Metal Machined Parts | CNC Machining Service

What is Buddha? Zen ancestors said: Buddha is a mortal with no accidents. Mothers in the world are all mortals. They have no desires when they treat their children. They have the grandness and tolerance of Buddha.

In the person’s life, the most profound thing about oneself is the parent. The parents gave us our life. It was the parents who nurtured us. Our growth condenses the efforts of our parents. We can grow up without adults and parents. Caring, all care. In the eyes of parents, children are always children.

The lamb is still aware of breast milk, and the crow also seeks back feeding. If a person does not know how to honor his life and the parents who have been nurturing their own grace, they lose their conscience and lose the most basic moral qualities. Imagine that even a parent who he had no children would love him. How could he expect him to love others?

May all children in the world make a wish for their mother to pray! I feel more like this: It is a meritorious thing to treat my mother as a Buddha with respect and sincerity, and not to worry and labor for the elderly to be children. Precision Metal Machined Parts | CNC Machining Service

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