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Nine Section Workshop Manager – Production Management Tips

A director: receiving orders, preparing for antenatal preparations. precision turning

Goal: Receive orders from the production department, make preparations for workshops and ensure the orderly production.

1. Accept the production orders issued by the production department and do all the preparatory work before starting production. For example, the staff of the process training, technical difficulties to explain and understand the situation of the original accessories.

2. Reasonably allocate production personnel and production equipment and implement production tasks to each team.

3. Organization of production, with a staffing rate of more than 90%, ensuring that the production process is carried out in an orderly manner and follow-up implementation.

The second section director: draw up plans, organize production

Objectives: To strengthen the workshop’s production capacity allocation, do a good job of preparatory work for the workshop, and formulate a workshop production plan to ensure smooth production of large goods. precision turning

1. Organize the production tasks of each team and assess the production skills of employees.

2. Organize the configuration of machinery and equipment and optimize personnel cooperation.

3. Organize pre-production trials, environmental sanitation and other aspects of the preparatory work to ensure the smooth development of the production process.

4. According to the production order and the technical level of each team, the production plan of each team shall be formulated and submitted to the production department for approval before implementation.

Three Section Directors: Quantitative Production, Implementation Plan

Objectives: To quantify production is to allow each employee to operate in a targeted manner to ensure smooth and balanced production, ensure quality and quantity, and complete production plans on time.

1. Implement the received production tasks to the teams and individuals and clarify the production tasks of each team.

2. According to the monthly, weekly, and daily, the output of each team shall be subdivided and quantified, implemented into each employee, and the quantitative target indicators shall be tracked and evaluated.

3. Let each employee carry out targeted operations to ensure smooth and balanced production, ensure quality and quantity, and complete all production plans on time. The completion rate of plans reaches over 90%.

Four Section Directors: Track Progress, Process Control

Objective: To complete the production plan, shorten the production cycle, reduce material consumption, and achieve the best production capacity at the most reasonable cost. precision turning

1. The first thing to go to work every day. Use 10 minutes to view the production reports and quality reports of each team. If any problems are found, promptly correct the problems. Feedback to the workshop supervisor and follow up the implementation of the solution.

2. Check whether the quality qualification rate of each segment exceeds 95% of the ISO9000 standard. If the task of the day is completed at 100%, analyze the cause of the team that cannot meet the standard and strive to achieve the target.

3. Control each link in the production process, such as material consumption, quality standards, etc., and make relevant records.

Paragraph 5: Follow-up on-site and solve problems

Objectives: Regularly go deep into the production site, understand and discover problems in production, solve problems in a timely manner, such as exceeding the scope of work, feedback to the production department to solve, correct and avoid various errors in the production process, and improve work efficiency. precision turning

1. Go deep into the production site no less than 6 hours a day, solve the problems in the production process in time, such as beyond the scope of personal responsibilities, timely feedback the situation to the production department, and follow up the implementation of the solution.

2. Perform spot checks on each team. Whether the operation is performed according to ISO9000 procedures and work instructions.

3, to carry out inspections on various positions, Guangzhou Jing Hong Yi Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., whether there is no employee, and the mental outlook of employees in various positions, to ensure the smooth progress of production processes and production tasks, improve work efficiency.

Director of Section 6: Harmonize Communication and Prevent Problems

Objectives: To coordinate and communicate with the production department and relevant departments, strengthen technical training for related personnel, and formulate standards, so as to prevent problems from occurring and improve employee stability.

1. Use 2-3 hours per week and nights to deepen the work of employees in each shift and give them timely help in life and work.

2. Participate in the production regular meeting convened by the Production Department on every Saturday and convey the spirit of the meeting to each team and person to achieve harmonious communication and ensure smooth production.

3. For problems that cannot be solved within 1-2 hours after the occurrence of an abnormal situation, they can be reported to the production department for convening related personnel, holding an emergency meeting, solving problems in a timely and appropriate manner, and formulating relevant systems to eliminate any problems. The problem no longer occurs;

Seven Section Directors: Summarize Analysis and Optimize Process

Objectives: Weekly, monthly, yearly, summary analysis of this week, this month, and this year’s work, sum up work experience, and exchange experiences with relevant department heads to continuously innovate, improve, optimize processes, and ensure production Smooth flow. precision turning

1. Discuss the deficiencies in the past work of the classes and team leaders convened by the production department every week, month, and year, analyze the causes and make corresponding records, improve the unreasonable places, summarize the outstanding aspects, and promote , to ensure that no similar situation occurs.

2. It is also necessary to put forward rationalized proposals and programs frequently, and implement and implement the confirmed plans, optimize the production process, ensure the smooth completion of production plans, and achieve a plan completion rate of 95%.

Eight Section Director: Construction Team, Learning Innovation

Objectives: Establish the team’s common goals, select reserve personnel, improve team building, optimize staffing, and ensure smooth production processes.

1. Correctly grasp the advantages and disadvantages of employees, enthusiastically guide and train employees, establish the common goals of the team, and select reserve talents for training

2. Lead the team every week, use 70+10 hours to learn various professional skills and professional knowledge, learn to grow in the work, constantly improve and surpass themselves, and gradually improve technology and management experience in work and learning.

3. With the company’s development goals as the common goal of the team, the Lean Production Promotion Center creates good conditions for learning and working for employees. It trains subordinates with goals and plans at work to keep pace with the growth of the company.

4. Encourage and cultivate the employees’ sense of innovation and innovation. Only by innovation can the company continue to grow and develop. Only the first-class enterprises can cultivate high-quality employees.

9 paragraphs director: preparation process, inheritance and development

Goal: Analyze and summarize the processes of each process in the workshop, confirm the correct production process, standardize and institutionalize it, report it to the production department for confirmation and approval, implement the approved process, and pass on and develop the process. Make every employee understand the company’s process and culture. precision turning

1. Good at analyzing and summarizing, analyzing and summarizing the processes of workshop production processes, confirming the correct production process, and standardizing and institutionalizing it.

2. The process is reported to the production department and company for approval, and the approved process is implemented.

3. Inherit and carry forward the production process and corporate culture, so that each and every major employee should have an in-depth understanding of the company’s development and growth as their own responsibility, along with the company’s development and growth.

4. Assist the Minister of Production to complete various management tasks and improve his working ability. precision turning

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