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The core of quality improvement is to change people

Introduction: Where is the core of quality improvement? Is it technically or on the equipment? No, the core of quality improvement is to change people. Professional tungsten manufacturer and tungsten supplier
First, the standardization and optimization of employee actions are the first ideas for solving quality problems.

Many quality problems are caused by the irregular operation of employees. This is where many companies tend to neglect. Many of the cases we have done have not made any special technical equipment improvements. We have standardized and optimized the actions of employees. The effect is obvious. Professional tungsten manufacturer and tungsten supplier

Therefore, when confronted with quality problems later, do not look at it as complicated. Start with the actions of employees.
Second, horizontal control is mutual inspection. Professional tungsten manufacturer and tungsten supplier

Horizontal control is to check, isolate, and check each other. This is a very effective method.


Third, we need to solve problems on a large scale and solve problems at the point.

Through the investigation of quality issues, and daily investigations, achieved results. Note that there are many problems to be solved, one point and one point should be solved. During the same period of time, do not solve too many problems. It is also possible to troubleshoot the historical problems that have occurred in this product before producing a product, and then implement the responsible person to solve it. This troubleshooting method is also a very good method. Professional tungsten manufacturer and tungsten supplier

In addition to mastering the above three points, we must also pay attention to how to change people.

1. To change people.

Do not demonize the problems encountered, and believe that employees can solve these problems. The Buddhist family said: “How natural it is and how we can produce everything.” People’s autonomy is actually very great. Therefore, to believe in employees, we must believe that many problems have not been resolved simply because they have not done it, they have not managed it, they have to believe it. It is very simple. Professional tungsten manufacturer and tungsten supplier


2. When restraining employees, be sure to persist in pain.

When an action control card is used to restrain an employee, the employee is very painful, but it must be adhered to. As a project director said, “We have done such improvement before, but it is useless. Why is it not used? It is because there is no strict restriction on employees. If employees are bound to be uncomfortable, they will not cooperate. They There is no way we can’t cooperate with us. Therefore, we must go through this process.” When employees suffer from constraints, we must insist. Professional tungsten manufacturer and tungsten supplier


3. Do not doubt in the process of persistence.

This is the case with a certain project. When we start horizontal control at the beginning, we would not allow each other to open a ticket. What should I do? Sending auditors to break the deadlock, you do not open other people’s tickets, I will open your ticket, and the results will come out immediately. Therefore, we must not doubt the process of persistence. Once we start the program, we will have to do it.

In fact, management is not right or wrong. Why do many companies after the ISO, ERP, KPI, but the company’s changes are not large? Because of the constraints it imposes, companies have not done anything but simply tried to stop. The habit of doing business is always hesitating while doing suspicion, always looking while walking. At this time, determination is very important. To control one’s own thoughts, one must do it without moving. Professional tungsten manufacturer and tungsten supplier


4. The focus of quality improvement is not to change things, but to change people’s habits.

The ultimate result of quality improvement is not reflected in the increase in the passing rate and the decrease in the defective rate, but in the change in employees. Because the ultimate goal of quality improvement is to enhance employees’ sense of quality and create a quality culture for the company.

Do not think that only after changing the quality consciousness of employees can the quality of employees be changed. Quality consciousness is based on quality action. It is necessary to change actions first, bring performance, and then change consciousness. Therefore, quality improvement should be carried out in response to changes in employees, focusing on various meetings, publicity and recognition, because these actions can create an atmosphere and culture in order to change people. Professional tungsten manufacturer and tungsten supplier


5. Always give up your inherent ideas in the process of quality improvement.

Do not think that past experience is right. First of all, let employees jump out of this misunderstanding. Do not think that what you have been doing is right. You must dare to look at yourself and deny yourself so that you can improve and improve. Professional tungsten manufacturer and tungsten supplier

In fact, in the final analysis, all actions are not difficult to do, but the difficulty is whether we can do the above five points. I believe every action is known to everyone, but many people will have a lot of thoughts when they do actions. These thoughts are caused by people’s habits. As long as they can clear or control these habits, the effect of improvement will be good. Professional tungsten manufacturer and tungsten supplier

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