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The separation of production, quality inspection and technology

Introduction: In general, all the departments on the factory site are involved in pushing each other and wrangling each other. This not only affects the output and quality, but also affects the harmonious working relationship among departments. The main reason is that everyone has misunderstood the functions of various departments on the site. To. prototype machine shop

Of course, do not rule out that some people know what to say, confused, hillism, serious ideological, good at Tai Chi and football. Now on some understanding, talk about the production site, quality and technical functions of the three departments for your reference.

The three major departments of production, quality, and technology at the factory site are like the separation of national powers in the legislative, judicial, and administrative sectors. They perform their duties and check and balance each other to ensure efficient and orderly on-site production.



Technology Department

Just like the national legislature, the relevant laws and regulations on the site of the factory are formulated, that is, the production process flow chart and work instructions, inspection standards and methods. Analyze and solve the problem of six major problems in the site 5M1E. prototype machine shop

In principle, the work basis (ie, input) of the production and quality personnel in the field is provided (output) by the technical department, ie only the technical department. The normative companies all emphasize that “anything has to be done” and its professional title is “process method”. This is a very important and effective management principle and it is also one of the eight management principles of ISO9001.



Quality Department

Just like the national judicial organs, namely public security laws (public security, procuratorates, and courts), the Ministry of Quality must fully perform the functions of public security in the detection, investigation, and evidence collection, the supervision and supervision functions of the procuratorate, and the judgment and follow-up functions of the court; that is, according to the law. Regulations to detect, supervise, determine, and deal with all kinds of irregularities (ie, on-site 5M1E personnel, machines, materials, methods, measurements, environmental anomalies), to identify bad actors and bring them to justice (ie, systems, processes, and Product monitoring, supervision, determination and processing).

To monitor the three major site compliance, namely: system compliance, process compliance and product compliance. The system, process and product are found to be inconsistent (abnormal), and the cause of the abnormality is detected and analyzed. The relevant responsible person is urged to work out corrective and preventive measures, and follow up the implementation and effect confirmation until the improvement is effectively closed. This is called Deming PDCA management cycle in management, also called closed-loop management. Quality is guaranteed by the management system, there is no system there is no process technology, there is no process technology, there is no product quality. prototype machine shop



Production Department

Just as the state’s administrative agency, the People’s Government, is responsible for the day-to-day execution and management of laws and regulations (ie, the factory’s rules and regulations and production process documents). Production workers, like the common people, cannot ask the people too much.

The Ministry of Technology shall try to reduce the reliance on the requirements and experience of the operators. The production department shall be responsible for administration. Its function is to strictly abide by the rules and regulations and strictly follow the laws and regulations (process flow charts and work instructions) formulated by the Ministry of Technology. Can not do more, can not do less, should be 15 to 10 in accordance with the work instructions specified in the job instructions, job actions, work methods and standards for operations. That is, “standardization operations” to ensure the process process compliance. The premise of realizing the standardization operation is that the work instructions and requirements on the work instruction book should be standardized, otherwise there are ten work methods and standards for ten operators. Can not achieve standardized operations. Sustained and stable output of high-quality products depends on standardized operations. prototype machine shop

Some people may ask, if the operator according to the Ministry of Technology’s operating instructions standardized operation, to ensure that the “process process compliance”, but the output and quality is still not satisfactory, who is this responsibility? The answer is: “Technical Department”. Because the function of the technical department is to do research on processes, processes, methods, and tooling, it is necessary to constantly review the suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness of the production processes and processes so as to resolve the six major anomalies in the field, and continue to increase the output and quality. .

A good process and process is that the operator can facilitate the production operation and can easily achieve the operation output and quality. Otherwise, biotech will continue to find ways to improve, until the crafts workers do something wrong is a very difficult or impossible. There is a professional name for this: Toyota’s mistake prevention method. This is the direction of work and the ultimate goal of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Lao Tzu’s “Diagram of Morals” has clouds. The idea of managing big countries like cooking fresh vegetables means to manage a large country. As long as the management methods are appropriate and the duties are clear, and perform their duties, it is as simple as a fried dish. The reason is the same, but if you do not do this, the consequences will be very different. One side effect is the appetite of one person or several people, while one country affects the lives of millions of people. prototype machine shop

Same management on the spot, but also need to improve the management, clarify the functions, and realize common understanding. The various departments at the scene are like the “barrel principle.” The number of barrels filled with water is not determined by the size and height of the barrels, but depends on the height of the “short boards” of the barrels and the “tightness of the joints” between the boards. Therefore, the output and quality require the unified understanding of the functions of the various departments on the scene and the close coordination of all departments. Otherwise, understanding chaos will lead to chaos. When chickens and ducks talk about and disrupt the war, they will waste time and energy on pushing each other. If the actual problem is not resolved and the personal working ability has not improved, it may not be possible to become a master of tai chi and play. It is indeed undesirable. prototype machine shop

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