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2018 please refuse to be mixed up

Always remember, you’re working for yourself!

Whether you are starting your own business or working in a company, remember that you are not working for others, you are working for yourself! Take a few more projects, draw more drawings, make more friends, you can learn something that others can’t take away, and you can add value to yourself at any time. Experienced Prototypes China Manufacturer

Always remember that receipt is proportional to input!

If one thing is to deal with it, it is easy to deal with it. Don’t you think it’s a waste of life after you’ve done it? You may have spent several times as much time and effort on a project today, but in the end you’ll find that your gain is the greatest and that your ability to solve problems in a comprehensive way is impossible for others. Experienced Prototypes China Manufacturer

Always remember that complaining doesn’t work!

You will find that the society is relatively fair, the opportunities are still many. In addition to making your friend’s fewer and fewer, less and fewer opportunities, life is becoming more and more unhappy. There is no good. Success depends not on resentment, but on the accumulation of a little power.

You don’t have to waste your life on annoying bosses, boring jobs, and you have the right to choose your own life and work. But as long as you work a day, you should do your job well. Personality is the preserve of successful people. Personality can’t change money, can’t change house.

If you mess around, I’m sorry, in fact, you’re messing with yourself, in a lot of big companies, how much can you hack your boss? But you don’t work hard for ten years, you waste ten years. What do you do after ten years? Do you think you’re competitive? When you are young, it is not much to bear hardships. When you are old, you have to bear hardships. It is the saddest thing!

Experienced Prototypes China Manufacturer

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