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Dr. and the Secretary go to the toilet. The story is short and meaningful…

There is a Ph.D. who is assigned to a research institute and has become the most highly qualified person. pvc pipe fittings

One day he went fishing in a small pond behind the unit, just as the deputy director was on his left and right, and he was also fishing. He just nodded slightly. The two undergraduates have a good chat?

A moment later, the director put down the fishing rod, stretched, and walked from the water to the toilet across the street. The doctor’s eyes were falling fast. pvc pipe fittings

Floating on the water? No, this is a pond! !

When the director came back to the toilet, he also came back from the water.

what happened? The doctoral student is not good to ask, he is a doctoral student! !

After a while, the deputy director also stood up, walked a few steps, and drifted across the surface of the toilet. This doctor is almost fainted: Do not you, to a place where rivers and lakes experts concentrated?

Doctoral students are also impatient. There are fences on both sides of the pond, and it is necessary to go to the opposite toilet and walk around for 10 minutes. pvc pipe fittings

Oh! God! How to do?
Doctoral students do not want to ask the two directors. After spending a long time, they also got up and walked into the water. I didn’t believe in the water that undergraduates could ever live. I couldn’t be a doctoral student.

Just listening to a bang, doctoral students were planted in the water. The two directors pulled him out and asked him why he was going to go into the water. He asked, “Why can you walk by?”

The two directors smiled at each other: “There are two rows of wooden stakes in this pond. Since the rain rising in these two days is just below the surface of the water, we all know the position of the stake, so we can step on the pile. How can you not ask? ?”

Education represents the past. Only learning can represent the future. Those who respect experience can avoid detours. A good team should also be a learning team. pvc pipe fittings

The five essential elements of a team are: communication, trust, discretion, transposition, and happiness.

1. Communication

A fierce battle broke out between the lions and the tigers. In the end, both sides lost their lives.

When the lion was about to lose his breath, he said to the tiger, “If it weren’t for you to grab my site, we wouldn’t be doing it now.” The tiger said in surprise: “I never thought of grabbing your site. I always thought You want to invade me!”

Perspective: Communication is a key element in maintaining colleagues and leaders. If you have any words, don’t stay in your stomach and communicate more with colleagues and employees. Also let your colleagues and employees know more about yourself so that you can avoid many unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts. pvc pipe fittings

Why do you recommend reading a Japanese woman’s skirt so short?
2. Trust

The two birds live together and the male collects a full pile of nuts for the females to keep. Because the weather is dry, the dehydration of the nuts becomes smaller, leaving one nest of nuts to look only half the original.

The male bird thought it was a female bird who had stolen it and killed it. After a few days, after a few rains, the air was wet and the nuts rose to a full nest. At this time, the male said very regretfully: “I was wrong with the female!”

Opinion: Leaders and colleagues must trust each other. Many happy and united teams are destroyed by suspicion and suspicion. Therefore, you must maintain trust in your colleagues and employees and don’t let suspicions ruin the team. pvc pipe fittings
3. Careful

The two crows face each other in the tree. The more fierce they are, the louder and more excited, the last crow picks up something and hits another crow.

When the thing hit another crow, it broke and the crow who lost things discovered that what he had shot was originally an egg that had not been hatched.

Viewpoint: When you encounter something and you need to calmly deal with it, especially when you encounter problems and conflicts, you must be rational and impulsive. Impulse can not only solve the problem, but it can make the problem even worse. At the end, the entire team will suffer losses.

4. Transposition

The lamb invited the puppies to eat. It prepared a table of fresh grass. As a result, the puppies reluctantly ate two meals and could not eat any more. pvc pipe fittings

After a few days, the puppy asked the lamb to eat. The puppy thought: I can’t be as stingy as the lamb. I must treat it with the most generous feast. So the puppies prepared a good spare rib on the table. As a result, the lamb could not eat it.

Opinion: Sometimes, do whatever you want and don’t give it to others. Do not impose your own ideas on your colleagues. When you encounter problems, think about them and think about them from the perspective of the other person. In this way, you will better understand your colleagues and employees. pvc pipe fittings
5. Happy

Piggy began to learn to make cakes, but the cakes it made were always unpalatable. It asks the cock master, thinks about the cock and asks what it is made of. Piggy said that in order to avoid wasting, it used to make cakes with some soon-to-be broken eggs.

The cock said to the pig: “Remember, only good ingredients can make a good cake.”

Opinion: Yes, only good materials are used to make good cakes. Similarly, only with a happy mood can we build a happy team. Therefore, before entering the door, please throw out the troubles outside and bring a smiley face in. If all teams can do this, then this team must be the happiest.  pvc pipe fittings

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