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The quality of the equation: 100-1=0

There is a village near the shore of the Yellow River, in order to prevent flooding, the farmers built a towering long beach. One day, an old farmer occasionally found ants jumped a lot. The farmer thought: these ants will affect the safety of long beach? He will report back to the village, on the road met his son. The farmer’s son after listen to not to regard it as right said: “so strong is afraid of the long beach, a few small ants?” then took the farmer work together in the fields.

On the night of the Yellow River water surge. It’s raining and blowing hard., the roar of the water from the nest before the penetration, followed by injection, finally burst the dikes, flooded coastal large villages and fields.

This is the “qianlizhidi, collapse in Yixue” story history. “Qianlizhidi, collapse in Yixue” means a thousand miles of levees, often because of ant cave collapse, metaphor of trivial mistake will lead to disaster.

Who knows, is the quality of the market, is a guarantee of the survival and development of enterprises, without it, everything is just castles in the air. Quality is the life of enterprise products, enterprise products have no quality there is no development at all.

The Japanese God Konosuke Matsushita has a famous saying: “to the product, either 100 or 0 points. Any product quality problems, as long as there is a tiny bit, all means failure. It is a” qianlizhidi, collapse in Yixue. Due to its small problem Toshiba laptop in the U.S. $1 billion compensation, and in Chinese, from the sales champion relegated to second place; the Ford Motor Co Yinfanshitong tire problems have tasted the taste of huge losses; and Coca-Cola was banned in Belgium and France. Sales in the United States, according to statistics, if the quality is only 99% qualified, that means every hour lost twenty thousand letters, there are two aircraft accidents every year, hospital wrong more than 200 thousand single prescription.

The quality is poor as the trap, waiting to destroy all enterprises and the surrounding. The defective products have been swallowed by many enterprises, individual business, customers, competitors, various societies, even innocent civilians.

The research shows that the general electric company, pre production quality problems found and corrected the cost only $0.003; in the production process of quality problems and solve them $30; after sold only to find and correct the cost of $300.

In 1993, GM recovered about 500 thousand vehicles during 1987-1991 production car, the reason is this batch of car engine head gasket defective; Chrysler company due to the fuel pump problem recovery 35 thousand cars type 1991 dodge rams car, recycling car eroded large profits; Toyota Corporation on the recovery of car repair costs $1 billion 240 million, GM the company is $200 million for the recovery of the car in 1992.

Human error or mismanagement caused serious losses alarming. These painful facts are enough to make us believe that the quality of survival.

No wonder there are entrepreneurs issued 100 – 1 = 0 – 1 = 100 with 0 is the product quality equation, namely 100 pieces of product, as long as there are 1 pieces of unqualified, so the quality of this product is 100 – 1 = 99, but 100 – 1 = 0.100 1 = 0 this equation. Must meet the requirements of 100% qualified in terms of quality, if there are 1% unqualified, all efforts will be zero, so in terms of quality to the pursuit of perfection, for the 1001 = perfect in every respect. The quality awareness of the 0 letter, a winery in the staff for many years to carry out “wiped out one percent of the eight are not allowed” that is, does not allow a bottle brush is not clean; do not allow a label neat; a bottle of wine in the visible is not allowed; do not allow a cover letter is not tight; do not allow a folding box is not in place; do not allow a sealed box is not standardized; do not allow a site There are dead; do not allow an employee. Careless workshop regularly or irregularly check, appraisal, on the quality of awareness is not strong sense of responsibility of the staff to give economic sanctions, the guard, Daigang treatment; for the contribution of individual or team outstanding in terms of quality, not only to economic incentives, but also as an important basis for at the end of the year award, so that everyone has a sense of crisis, always maintain a positive attitude to make continuous improvement of product quality.

Once, Yang Mianmian of Haier in the factory quality inspection work, a hair found in a refrigerator drawer. She immediately convened a meeting of all relevant personnel, some workers said, a hair will not affect the quality of the refrigerator, remove it, not what. But get excited over a little thing Yang Mianmian categorically told cadres the presence of the workers: “grasping quality is even a hair too!”

Product quality is the life, is the competitiveness of the guarantee, it directly affects the enterprise image and product image. The words of the Konosuke Matsushita, although simple, but contains profound truth.100 products, quality 99, only 1 are defective, it means that the 100% products will lose the market competitiveness. Not because of luck on the 1% market.

For any company, do not have any defective products, all products must be listed one hundred percent qualified, it is fundamental to maintain the credibility of the enterprise for a long time.

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