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Quality management common six kinds of waste, you have several?

First, the waste of waiting

Waiting is idle, waiting for the coming of the next work, this waste is undoubtedly. The reasons for waiting are usually: Homework imbalance, improper arrangement, downtime, waiting, poor quality and so on. CNC machining with upfront pricing

In the quality management work waiting waste mainly has the following several situations:

1, wait for the instructions of superiors

Don’t wait for superior work arrangements, not instructed not to perform superiors, superiors do not ask do not report, the check began to do. Don’t wait for external reply. I have been in contact with you before, waiting for the echo, what time I can not decide, delay the work of responsibility should be the responsibility of the other party, I can only.

2, wait for subordinates to report

The task has been arranged, but no checks, no supervision. Do not take the initiative to further practical research, first-hand information, just passively listening to a report, there is no verification, and then make a decision or to superiors, sneak out of the question, no credibility, responsibility to the subordinate who push.

3, wait for the production site contact

More serious is waiting for the production site for technology, quality, materials department service, guidance, instruction, supply wait, seriously affect the timely solve the on-site production work. CNC machining with upfront pricing

The situation at work is substantial, this lack of sense of responsibility, to meet the current initiative and enthusiasm, and caused go-slow the waste caused by the greater harm the normal operation of enterprises. CNC machining with upfront pricing

Two, waste of coordination

Coordination and coordination in quality management, resulting in stagnant work waste, mainly in the following situations:

1, the coordination of the work process is not good enough

The coordination between the two departments is weak, the work is not clear, the work schedule is affected, and the initiative is not connected with each other

2, the implementation and coordination of leadership instructions is not good enough

The company leading the work instructions and ministerial meeting and related meetings arranged no communication, no internal coordination organization effectively implemented, resulting in the company’s requirements in this sector stagnation, has not been effectively implemented, the formation of work zone.

3, the coordination of information transmission is not good enough

Information in the relevant departments, related personnel in the hands of stagnation, so that the relevant departments should be able to get the information can not grasp, it is difficult to effectively carry out the work, can not accurately and timely decision-making, resulting in greater waste

Lack of coordination is one of the biggest waste in management. It makes the organization unable to form cohesion, lack of team consciousness, coordination spirit, resulting in low working efficiency. CNC machining with upfront pricing

Three, disorderly waste

The lack of quality regulations, clear system, process, process easier to cause confusion, it is known to all. But if so, not through the chapter, disorderly waste according to the individual act of will cause, is a very bad thing.

1, the quality management personnel low quality caused disorder

Quality is low, can not meet the need have caused the disordered work. Should take a job of quality control personnel, to do as the reason, stately to refuse to take the job, it is a disorder of the waste.

2, there is disorder caused by Zhang Bu Bu Bu

One, the company quality regulations as other code, no discipline, no lead, prestige declined, not according to the system management assessment caused no chapter of disordered management, affect the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, mutual competition, affect the overall work efficiency and the quality department.

Four, dereliction of duty waste

The waste is the biggest waste of dereliction of duty in quality management, one of the forms of responsibility is to cope with. As the name suggests, is to work with as dry, but do not take the initiative, not serious, explain away trouble, not the pursuit of the best results, thus the lack of practical effect, this kind of waste in the work is often seen in many. Has passed IS09000 international quality management system certification of enterprises, many should be performed daily quality management work basically do not seriously, do not pay attention to daily management, lack of basic work, supervision and audit assault before the work surface, to cope with the supervision and audit, then the actual effect is as can be imagined.CNC machining with upfront pricing

Dereliction of duty is mainly due to the lack of responsibility, low quality and poor quality of work caused by errors, but the management, assessment and responsibilities are not clear, so that it is not restricted and supervised. CNC machining with upfront pricing

Five, inefficient waste

Inefficient meanings include: work low efficiency or inefficiency. With respect to the quality management work of the high efficiency, low efficiency caused by recessive waste is very large; as long as a person to take the job, need more than two personnel to complete; should be completed according to plan the task of repeated tardiness. CNC machining with upfront pricing

The wrong job, is a kind of negative efficiency. No time to get things done is the largest waste, should have the job done right is wrong, there will be rework, rework, correct waste, and even affect the whole. If it is the efficient completion of the wrong job, the loss is greater. It is more terrible, this error is allowed in a certain extent, will be a variety of reasons, reasons to conceal, thus occur repeatedly, resulting in similar waste.

Six, waste of quality management costs

The quality cost management is an important part of enterprise quality cost. Quality management must be in accordance with the “physical” act, “” means “target, target, plan” in enterprise quality management, through the establishment of plan, implementation plan, inspection plan, improvement plan, can most directly involved tangible cost concept and waste.

1, there is no basis for planning

The company issued no index, sector can not itself working target. The company’s objectives, indicators issued but do not know how to break. Department leaders did not tell what to do the work, not planning. The comprehensive Department urged not reported plans or forget to declare a plan, no accumulation of daily work and basic statistics, no fixed standard cannot plan. No planning concepts, no long-term planning, work Capriccio with, for the completion of comprehensive planning departments require temporary “pat brain”, reported the lack of performance, comprehensive departments also need to plan Its loopholes appeared one after another., spend a lot of time and manpower to analyze and find errors, revising and adjusting, cause great waste.

2, the plan is not careful

Plan check anyway by company unified department, daily I will no longer make reference. The plan of the deviation, and the reason is either the plan is big, or is planned to fail, rather than starting from the phenomenon of problem, analysis of formation, and the next step of the corrective measures.

3, the plan disposal is not perfect

The implementation of the plan due to the lack of careful analysis, nature cannot understand and master schedule and completion problems. Even by other departments found a problem, also do not reflect objectively analyzes the reasons for the differences, and then find out the improvement measures, but the emphasis on reason, to shirk responsibility.

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