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The quality of SQE | sentiment should be a knight force in

If we say, the most need for the spirit of judges is the quality of professional engineers; the most scientific spirit is the product engineer; the most need for the spirit of the army is the production line, then the most need chivalrous spirit, not SQE

However, SQE is no potential of the poor people, not the chivalrous person, though, SQE without the door for the country, but for the people; in addition to strong, but weak; not riot, but Anliang.SQE stood between strong customer and weak suppliers, often become parties to unequal collision witness. Sometimes the difference is so obvious, has not yet started against the vendor has been lost, the process of bloody violence with abuse, rape, beat to describe.

Standard brother have seen too many suppliers and customers at the beginning of the honeymoon, rujiaosiqi; really live, but out of character conflict, finally murdered separated. Unfortunately, the supplier does not lose to powerful worthy opponent, in the customer internal performance goals but in split. By the potential, perhaps more not suitable for opponents, and customers to start a new round of appointments, engagement, honeymoon, quarrel, scuffle, separation, pay a heavy price for it.

The standard is the younger brother of SQE was always adhere to the purchasing department, purchasing department is only SQE, can give the purchasing strategy unreserved support, to create the greatest value for the company. We look back on a paragraph problem, unpleasant cooperation really means the supplier is not right? Before purchasing has the supplier designated a full range of diagnostic: how to look, how his family, academic ability, what, absolute Mendanghudui! End tearful separate, not because of the small contradictions do not understand to escalate into conflict, the two sides finally xiabulaitai? Suppliers are not bear small grievances, most of it is a heart, you are not fair yes, the common development of the happy couple? Say a win-win partnership mode? So furious if SQE can stand up! At the sight of injustice roar, situation or redemption.

What are the big woods bird, to adapt to the environment at their head bird protection in recent years the number of exponential function jumps. Give up personal performance as the overall goal of enterprises (again, no obligation of studyparis wow) near extinction session will fight a head. Don’t fall well under the stone has been restrained, but what talk about the justice of the supplier supplier head? Fair, this is a duty, but a chivalrous spirit: people rarely dare to pursue!

The quality of the bad days, struggling in the customer and internal production under the pressure of survival; the project is difficult to survive between funds and transform rigid demand; however, SQE have a good day? SQE is in low cost and high requirement of polymerization under great pressure in the mineral hole! You are not wrong, no cracks, SQE are struggling in pursuit of seamless, mining enterprises the largest contribution to the gold.

Perhaps we all understand the truth, a VAVE project or can easily get tens of millions of millions, comparable to large projects, but anything but no one dare say. Who can guarantee that the quality responsibility weightier than Mount Tai, everyone will shout slogans, no danger of anything going wrong? Who dare and responsibility! To promote the project in large enterprises like lazy donkey grinding circles; so the huge waste ignored, everyone feel It’s better to save trouble..SQE seen too much redundant work, excess control too much, too much to function when the appearance, wasted too much time and even social resources. Sometimes a fair remark will be like at a stone, immediately became a target for all, with buzz. Numerous enterprises, in view of the enterprise operation from the perspective of the overall position is not much, fortunately SQE is one of the.SQE system in understanding Department conflict is the risk of weight reduction Means, but today most enterprises to promote VAVE, such as in the quagmire, is not normal. There is a supplier of errors, but also absolutely not the client factors!

There are a lot of enterprises, set up the position of S*E, which is a wildcard *, according to what is the definition of enterprise *. In order to prevent the centralization of supplier management, supplier management of power distribution to each department. At this time, the supplier must deal with N sky master at the same time. The master said, “A” B “or” the master said. The supplier is helpless, love ye ye had to drop. The fundamental purpose of these enterprises, from the beginning of the establishment of SQE is not clear, do not rely on SQE for mining maximum value, but lower efficiency, more let suppliers at a loss: what is the real Buddha statue, who worship? Who?

Ideally, SQE should be like a knight. It crosses its body out, but low-key and humble. Justice and tolerance, the hand will be shot, not afraid of power, do not bully, just by justice act.



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