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[job story] Starbucks’s youngest director: after 80, after 90, please do everything you can to get the first cup of coffee on the desk

She was born in 1982, worked in Microsoft, Google, Hearsay Social is currently the company’s founder and CEO, or one of the directors of Starbucks. The female entrepreneurs to review their own personal experience, that more young people at the age of more than 20 can go to study, to work, you will certainly appreciate your future today all pay. rapid CNC machining

After 80 and 90, you are at the golden age of fighting in the workplace. Seize this time and do everything you can to learn and do things. You will be grateful for all your efforts today. rapid CNC machining

Review of my first job, even if it is being asked to do some seemingly very humble, very monotonous, or very difficult, I will play out. Some boss is the kind of person I love most, but even so, I will not give up, complain or slack work. I will I have to work late, when necessary even if all through the night to work, I learned only to seek help in their own does not solve the problem; and, as long as it is for my boss and team do good, I will take the initiative to take. rapid CNC machining

Once you can easily complete the job assigned by the supervisor, I will challenge the ability of self limit. I will continue to ask yourself: “what can I do? How can it be better?” this attitude in the workplace, let me start stage, will have a more open, offered some new ideas to the team, although some of them may not be good enough, all adopted, but doing so always won the praise team. Finally, the work of the way things go all out I got the boss and colleague’s consistent respect. I began to have a strategic dialogue to participate to a higher level, it gives me a chance to look at the overall situation then, to assume greater responsibilities.

If you think the short-term interests are confined to the present, you might think that this idea counterintuitive, but if you want to focus on long-term, healthy development of their own occupation career, while operating a good life and work as soon as possible, “the best” to work is perhaps the most sensible choice. At the same time, you can also gain valuable experience and contacts, which will help you a helping hand in the workplace. rapid CNC machining

Study on companies such as PWC, 80 and 90 to pay more attention to the balance of work and life than their predecessors. On the one hand, many young people entering the workplace will find some peers at work is always very busy, even dawdle, can still get paid. They may think he is clever, the system can be accounted for cheap. But it actually makes them miss the prime time to lay the foundation for the occupation career. rapid CNC machining

Although the work life balance is very important, and Different people have different aspirations., but in the long run, in the work to do as little as possible attitude may be unwise. Psychologist Meg Jay in his very enlightening speech TED <20 years time no longer “, to all the young people at the age of more than 20, has sounded the alarm. The so-called 20 to 30 is this concept can waste ten years”, has become an extremely dangerous fallacy. Too much waste this time 80 and 90 will certainly regret.

Today is the investment of 100 yuan to bring value is much higher than the 10 years after the investment of 100 yuan, with the passage of time, excellent work, networking and learning experience, as well as the time you put in, and the energy of a field long-term focus will have a “compound interest” effect. rapid CNC machining

The more than 20 year old of the successful person:

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg, 25, has been working at Facebook for five years, that year the company made a profit for the first time and attracted 300 million users. Marissa Mayer

Meijer, 25, became the first female Engineer in Google. The engineer acted harder and even coldly than a man. She loved life, but it was a typical workaholic. rapid CNC machining

Jack Ma

Ma Yun, 24, graduated from the Department of foreign languages of Hangzhou Normal University and worked as an English teacher at Hangzhou Institute of electronic technology. Because he was unwilling to live in an unalterable life, he founded a translation agency and promoted yellow pages in China.

William Ding

Ding Lei, 24, graduated from his family and arranged for his family to enter the Telecommunications Bureau of his hometown. But shortly afterwards he decided to leave Zhejiang Ningbo Telecom office and switch to Sybase company. If he covet ease, there will be no NetEase today.

As “the best”, you will sooner, more easily get the power management team; and when you have to go pick up the kids from school, even have a world-class team for you to complete unfinished work. – this is perhaps the workplace “theory of climbing”! rapid CNC machining

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