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[reproduced] quality management is worth 173 Q & A (on)

1, what is the difference between the true quality characteristics and the substitute quality characteristics?

Directly reflect the quality characteristics of product customer expectations and requirements are called real quality characteristics; enterprises to meet customer expectations and requirements, the corresponding product standards, determine the product parameters to indirectly reflect the real quality characteristics called substitute quality characteristics. For example: car tire service life is the real quality characteristics, and its wear resistance degree of compressive strength and tensile strength are substitute quality characteristics of it. Therefore, the real quality is customer expectations and requirements, and substitute quality characteristics is made to achieve the real requirement of enterprise quality characteristics.

2, what are the characteristics of the quality ring?

(1) a series of activities in the ring of quality, one ring and one ring, mutual restriction, interdependence and mutual promotion

(2) the cycle of quality circle, each cycle, means that the product quality improved

3, what are the four aspects that affect the quality of the product?

(1) quality of Market Research

(2) design quality

(3) conformity quality or manufacturing quality

(4) use quality or after sales service quality

4, what are the disadvantages of the quality inspection phase for inspection?

(1) the lack of the concept of the system, the responsibility is unknown, once the quality problems easily passing, prevarication.

(2) the lack of prevention in the production process, onceappear waste, is an established fact, in general it is difficult to remedy.

(3) one hundred percent requirements for testing of finished products, while one hundred percent of the test is not equal to one hundred percent accurate, but in the case of mass production in this economy is not reasonable, for some products, the inspection is not technically possible, or meaningless.

5, what is the background of the quality management stage to the total quality management phase?

Since 1950s, the rapid development of productive forces, science and technology change rapidly, social economy, cultural progress quickly, there have been many new situations, the new situation is the development of quality management and total quality management have a specific background:

(1) people have higher requirements for finished products. In the past, they only pay attention to the performance of the products; now, the requirements of durability, reliability, safety, economy and so on are increased

(2) the concept of system analysis is widely used in production technology and enterprise management, and quality management is regarded as a subsystem in a larger system

(3) the management theory has new development, among which the outstanding point is “pay attention to human factors”, “participate in management”, emphasize to rely on staff to do well management

(4) “to protect the interests of consumers” the rise of the movement of the.20 century at the beginning of 60s, the majority of consumers and small business owners in a large company monopoly control of the market, in order to protect their own interests, have organized the same monopoly organization fight.

(5) along with the market competition, especially international market competition, enterprises in different countries have attached great importance to the “product liability” and quality assurance problems. Due to the above reasons, it depends only on the quality inspection and the use of statistical methods is very difficult to guarantee and improve the quality of the products. At the same time, the function of quality entirely to the quality control engineers and professional technical personnel, it is clearly wrong. Therefore, since the beginning of 1950s, many enterprises have the practice of total quality management.

6, what are the important concepts of quality management?

(1) quality; quality management; (2) (3) (4) quality system; quality control; quality assurance; (5) (6) (7) quality planning; quality; quality improvement; (8) (9) (10) quality audit; quality certification; (11) management review; (12) the quality.

7, how to understand the “quality levee”?

“Life” in the quality of protection is the famous American scientist Zhu Lanbo used to describe the quality of soil and improve the quality of the significance and put forward. This concept originated from Holland coastal levee. Holland has about 1/3 of the land below sea level, the land gives people great benefits, but also dangerous to use it will need to build and maintain the huge coastal levee. Coastal levee if the quality is not, people cannot normal life, the society will not be stable. The enterprise to survive and development, must improve the quality of the products, only in this way, the product is competitive, enterprises will be in an invincible position in market competition. Therefore, the whole society should the quality of care, from its start to improve the quality of maintenance, quality of embankment, better life quality of protection.

8, a brief description of the characteristics of total quality management

Compared with the traditional quality management, the characteristics of total quality management are:

(1) change the past to the prevention by taking the post test and the check as the main, that is, from the result of the tube to the factor of the tube

(2) the decentralized management from the past, into the matter, in the view of system for guiding comprehensive management.

(3) highlight the quality as the center, around the quality of the work of the whole staff

(4) from pure compliance to meet customer needs

(5) emphasize the continuous improvement of process quality, so as to continuously improve the quality of products

9, what is the core of total quality management?

Improve the quality of people, mobilize the enthusiasm of people, everyone do their jobs. By doing a good job quality to ensure and improve product quality and service quality

10, what is the basic work of total quality management? Why should we do a good job in the basic work of total quality management?

The basic work of total quality management includes: standardization work, measurement work, quality information work, quality responsibility system and quality education work

Improve the comprehensive quality management work must do a series of work. Because it is the basis for enterprises to establish quality system, based on the point and basis to carry out quality management activities, but also the quality management activities to achieve the premise and guarantee of effective operation and effectiveness of quality system. The comprehensive quality management foundation work quality, determines the overall quality of enterprise management level. Also determines whether enterprises facing the market long-term customer needs to provide the products.

11, briefly describe the role of standardization in quality management;

(1) the standardization work of enterprises is an organized activity which takes the economic benefit as the center, and takes the whole process of enterprise’s production, technology and operation as the content to formulate standards and implement standards

(2) as the standard of chemical production and business activities of enterprises to establish a certain order, make the enterprise between each department to provide the conditions in accordance with their respective requirements, the coordinated activities of the various production processes, so that enterprises of various economic activities follow the common rules, management of the complex system, standardization, simplification, ensure enterprise production and management activities efficiently, accurately and continuously.

(3) standardization work is an important means for enterprises to improve product quality and develop varieties, and provides common standards and basis for enterprises to realize various management functions

12, several problems that should be paid attention to in carrying out standardization work are briefly described

(1) to carry out standardization work, enterprises must be guided by the idea of “customer first”

(2) enterprise standardization must adhere to the principle of “systematization”

(3) the standardization work of enterprises should generally meet the following specific requirements:

Authority. The standard is the “law”, in the enterprise should have special departments supervision and inspection, to ensure the implementation of the standard

To make full use of modern professional techniques and management techniques, the objective of establishing standards is objective

Third, the masses should, on the basis of summing up experience, have the leadership to rely on the masses themselves to judge and implement standards

The coherence of the various standards should be consistent with each other, and at the same time, the standard coordination, neither, nor not inconstant in policy “long-term revision, revision of the standard should be considered and coordinated.

The standard is the enterprise laws and regulations, should strictly examine the written, must have certain management procedures, content should be clear, specific requirements, not abstract and ambiguous

13, what are the tasks of measurement? What are the characteristics?

The task of enterprise measurement work is to unify the measurement unit system, organize the correct delivery of quantitative value, and ensure the unity of quantity and value for the purpose of basic work

The measurement work has the following characteristics: 1. Consistency; 2. Accuracy; 3. Traceability; 4. Legality

14, what are the basic requirements of measurement work?

(1) measuring instruments and testing, analytical instruments must be equipped with complete, intact

(2) to ensure the stability of the measuring and measuring instruments and the value of the analytical instruments, and the indication is accurate and consistent

(3) the measure and instrument are repaired timely

(4) according to the different circumstances, choose the correct measurement and measurement method

15, what is the role of quality information?

(1) quality management and quality information;

(2) it is an important resource;

(3) it is the basis of quality decision making;

(4) it is the most direct raw data and basis for improving the quality of products and improving the quality of each link;

(5) it is a correct understanding of the internal relations and laws between the changes of various factors and the fluctuation of product quality, so as to carry out the basic basis of quality control

16, how to do a good job of quality responsibility system?

(1) to establish the quality responsibility system, we must make clear that the essence of the quality responsibility system is the unity of responsibility, right and benefit of the three

(2) according to the different levels, different objects, different business to formulate the quality responsibility system of various departments and personnel at all levels

(3) the tasks and responsibilities stipulated by the quality responsibility system should be as specific as possible, data, in order to carry out the assessment

(4) in the formulation of enterprise quality responsibility system, from coarse to fine, gradually perfect

(5) in order to implement the quality responsibility system faithfully, enterprises must formulate corresponding quality rewards and punishments measures

17, what are the tasks and contents of quality education?

The task of quality education is to continuously enhance the quality consciousness of all staff and workers, and make them master and apply the methods and techniques of quality management

The content of quality education includes two aspects: one is the education of “quality first” and the basic knowledge of quality management; on the other hand, it is technical education and training

18, what is the role of quality education?

The quality of education, and constantly improve the quality awareness of all employees of the enterprise, grasp and use of quality management theory, methods and techniques, and consciously improve business management level and operation level, and constantly improve the quality of work, so as to produce qualified products.

19, how to do a good job of quality education?

Enterprises should pay attention to the following six problems in doing quality education:

(1) the leaders attach importance to and attach importance to the quality consciousness of the staff and workers;

(2) adjust measures to local conditions, pay attention to diversification of education forms;

(3) compile quality education training plan, pay attention to the systematicness of education content;

(4) compile the quality management supplementary teaching materials for the enterprise, and pay attention to the pertinence of quality education;

(5) pay attention to the teaching and training of teachers, and focus on improving the quality of teaching;

(6) implement the quality education function, establish and improve the quality education management system, pay attention to the persistence of Education

20, what is the name of GB / T19001–ISO 9001 standard? What are its contents?

Name: “quality system design / development, production, installation and service quality assurance model.

Content: the clear requirements of supplier development and design, the main indicators of product quality are stipulated directly by the buyer or the parties; the requirements of the supplier to provide the development of design, production, installation and service of the whole process of evidence ability, otherwise don’t think the quality of the products meet the requirements;

(3) the model factor is the most used, and the quality assurance cost is the highest

21, what is the name of GB / T19002–ISO 9002 standard? What are its contents?

Name: “quality system to ensure the quality of mode of production and installation.

Content: (1) product design has been provided by customers or has been finalized design, there are certain technical specifications, no need to emphasize the development of design quality assurance evidence;

The control not only emphasizes the manufacturing process, also from entering the factory to the whole process of inspection, the establishment of a complete inspection system, the implementation of quality control and quality inspection, prevention and control combination, when abnormal to take corrective measures;

Third, the supplier is required to provide sufficient evidence of the production process and installation capacity, otherwise, the quality of the product does not meet the requirements;

The quantity of system elements and the cost of quality assurance are all medium

22, what are the names and structures of GB / T19003~09003 standards? What are their contents?

Name: “quality system, final inspection and test to ensure the mode.

Structure: the model consists of 16 quality assurance system elements, which requires the ability to ensure the final quality of the product inspection and testing, and has been implemented and played to ensure that the quality of the finished products meet the requirements

Content: first, confirm the supplier’s final inspection and test, that is, the quality of the factory inspection ability, do not verify the effectiveness of the factory inspection and process inspection;

Only when the supplier provides sufficient evidence to verify the final testing and testing capabilities, can the quality of the product be satisfied with the specified requirements;

(3) the number of elements of the model system, the degree of adoption and the lowest cost of quality assurance

23, what is the general proportion of direct quality cost?

(1) the internal failure cost accounts for 25%-40%. of the total quality cost

(2) the external failure cost accounts for 20%-40%. of the total quality cost

(3) the cost of appraisal accounts for 10% – 50%. of total quality cost

(4) the preventive cost accounts for 0.5% – 5%. of the total quality cost

24, to carry out quality cost analysis, what are the three stages of the study?

Propaganda stage; plan implementation stage; consolidation stage

25, to carry out quality cost analysis, what problems should we pay attention to?

(1) the chief engineer and chief accountant are usually organized to lead the work

(2) combining the establishment of accounting subjects with the analysis and use of quality cost data

(3) the clear responsibility for the quality of the same quality improvement measures taken together, not the responsibility of quality, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of wrangling with each other.

(4) the data of quality cost need not emphasize the accuracy of one hundred percent, because it has little guiding significance to the actual work. In the process of data collection and analysis, it should be from coarse to fine, from shallow to deep, and gradually expand the scope

(5) the quality management department should not sing “one-man show”, we should take the initiative to obtain the cooperation of the relevant departments, especially the financial and accounting departments, to do a good job in quality cost analysis and research work

(6) gradually establish the data system of quality cost, incorporate it into the enterprise quality management information system, and collect, analyze and report the quality cost data Systemization

26, what factors should be considered in market research?

(1) technical conditions

(2) social demand: including customers’ expectations of products, customers’ consumption psychology and motivation, consumption habits, consumption level of four aspects

(3) environmental conditions can be summed up as four aspects: economic environment, natural environment, social cultural environment, and political environment

27, what are the contents of market research?

(1) market environment investigation

(2) technical development survey

(3) product survey

(4) price investigation

(5) market demand survey

(6) circulation channel investigation

(7) investigation of promotion methods

  1. What are the contents of the product development proposal?

(1) the purpose of developing new products

(2) analysis of market survey results

(3) technical survey results analysis

(4) customer survey results analysis

(5) new product scheme, suggestion and function analysis

(6) adopt advanced technology at home and abroad

(7) pilot test and key technical issues or test items

(8) recommendations for new product projected production, cost and price targets, sales areas and sales channels

(9) investment budget and product development agenda

(10) others

29, what are the contents of the analysis and evaluation of quality information?

(1) quality analysis;

(2) use analysis;

(3) competition analysis;

(4) analysis of consumers or customers;

(5) market analysis of new product development;

(6) product market life cycle analysis;

(7) other analysis, such as sales methods, advertising, packaging, storage and transportation and other aspects of the investigation and analysis

30, what qualities should marketers have?

(1) good political quality;

(2) rich professional knowledge, such as product knowledge, consumer knowledge, market knowledge and so on;

(3) a certain sales technique;

(4) the ability to coordinate the interests of customers and the interests of enterprises;

(5) a high sense of responsibility for customer service

31, what are the responsibilities of marketing personnel?

The marketing staff is not only the enterprise sales, and market intelligence; both products and advocates, whose duties include waiters:

(1) master the information

(2) looking for customers

(3) communicate the information between the enterprise and the customer

(4) product promotion

(5) correctly handle customer feedback

(6) provide good service

(7) do a good job in after sales service

32, what are the contents of the training for marketing personnel?

(1) training contents: quality management education, product knowledge education, reception business education, marketing business education and so on

(2) guidance content: in the case of sales, mainly sales of good reception to the store to buy customers, guide them to correct service idea, high quality service, comprehensive product knowledge, skilled business reception customers; in foreign sales of products, to guide their scientific control time, in order to continuously improve the efficiency of marketing work.

33, what is the quality function of product design?

The quality function of product design is to the needs of customers into the materials, product specification and process. The product design is to determine the quality level of enterprise product quality grade or product of an indispensable work. In the design of the product, generally from the technical, economic, management and other aspects, should meet the following requirements:

(1) detailed plans clearly define the responsibilities of the organization’s internal and external design and development, and ensure that all technical personnel are aware of their responsibilities throughout the design work

(2) in assigning quality responsibilities and permissions, the design function should be ensured, and clear and unambiguous technical data are provided for the implementation of the procurement work and the verification of the product and process compliance with the specifications

(3) design schedule that conforms to the nature of the product or process, and should evaluate the work content or process at each stage

(4) in addition to the customer’s needs, safety, environment and other regulatory requirements as well as the quality policy of the organization may also exceed the provisions of the code of conduct

(5) make clear and appropriate provisions for important quality characteristics, and consider the applicability and protection measures against misuse

34, what are the contents of the product specification?

(1) performance characteristics (such as environmental conditions, conditions of use and credibility)

(2) sensory characteristics (such as style, color, taste, smell)

(3) installation layout or coordination

(4) applicable standards and regulations

(5) packing

(6) quality verification and assurance

35, how can we break the situation of “design monopoly”?

Through the organization design review can break the “design” monopoly “situation. The design of monopoly” refers to the design department of design has reached a critical point is not others, unless the product test or used in trouble, otherwise, they will not listen to the opinion of others. The organization of various experts participate in the evaluation work, and more the design engineers are considered. For example, the reliability engineer, process engineer, sales staff can put forward the improvement scheme design engineers failed to take into account; has nothing to do with the project design experts can objectively points out the defects of design. Therefore, the design review has been changed by our own design department of traditional examination practice design, help to break the possible bias in the design work.

36, what are the size of the design review meeting?

Due to the type and complexity of the product, the departments and units involved in the review are different. Therefore, the level and scale of the design review meeting are different. Generally, they can be divided into two forms:

(1) the review meeting of the national government departments. The large and complex products or weapons systems, which involve a wide range of investment, have great influence on the national economy and national defense construction, are generally examined and approved by the competent departments of the State Council

(2) the review meeting of the design unit. Generally, the project which is not approved by the national level should be evaluated by the enterprise organization

37, why must engineering reliability be considered as an important factor in engineering design?

(1) equipment, complicated system. The important characteristic of modern products is a sophisticated technology, especially widely used in electronic equipment, although more instead of the operation, but reduce the reliability of the equipment, the failure rate is rising, can not improve the reliability cannot use it, so the product. Complex system to promote the reliability of the research.

(2) the environment is becoming increasingly harsh. The environmental conditions of the military, aerospace and aviation products are becoming more and more severe, which makes the reliability of the products greatly affected

(3) requirements shorten the study period. The modern product development cycle is long, high cost, but in order to win the market in time or first developed new weapons and equipment, to shorten the development cycle in efforts, thus to minimize the production of repeated, forecast and control requirements prior to the product or system reliability. This has prompted the vigorous development of reliability technology.

38, what are the ways to improve the reliability of product design?

(1) select the standard components

(2) reduce the amount of use (or use large safety factor) components

(3) environmental design method

(3) maintainability design and man machine engineering

(5) the use of redundancy technology

39, the requirements of safety design are briefly described

(1) the product safety problem is defined as a design parameter, and the safety factors are quantitatively analyzed, and then the special requirements for safety are stipulated in the technical standards of the product

(2) through the lessons of past accidents and observing the actual use of products on the spot, the risk factors are pointed out and analyzed

(3) using modern special tools for analysis and decision making

(4) designers are required to know the relevant technical standards and rules published, to master and apply a series of safety design methods, such as eliminating hidden dangers, preventing failures and reducing hazards

(5) mandatory technical review on safety related issues

40, a brief description of Taguchi method

The Taguchi method, design robustness is also known as the three design, is a kind of design method, Japan created by Taguchi Xuanichi. The Taguchi method is not only applicable to the product design, scientific experiments, technology innovation, technology reform, materials research and development, is also suitable for quality evaluation and quality improvement.

The main content of Taguchi method includes two aspects:

Line quality control is the quality control in the production line, including process quality control, process variable feedback control and feed forward control, and product quality control in the production line

The quality control line. Is the production line quality control, design, quality control in the production technology, which puts forward three design, system design, parameter design and tolerance design. Research on quality characteristics of different kinds of parameter design, and tolerance in a variety of situations and determine the tolerance design.

42, what are the objects, types, and methods of testing?

Test object: general can be a unit, assembly, component, system or the whole product. Usually belongs to the new structure, new principle, application of new materials or new processing method of parts, products as the test object, the key components for special parts, should be used as the test object.

Test type: principle prototype test or simulation board test, simulation test or semi physical simulation experiment, prototype test or system physical simulation test, trial test and so on

Test methods: structural stress test, environmental test, life test and so on

43, what are the specific requirements for qualified suppliers?

(1) provide qualified materials and products

(2) on-time delivery

(3) meet the quantity requirement

(4) the price is reasonable

(5) considerate service

44, how to choose suppliers?

(1) according to the reputation of suppliers, compare the historical situation of similar products, compare the use of other users, and consider the supplier selection with experience

(2) select suppliers according to the samples provided by suppliers

(3) to select suppliers on the spot investigation and evaluation of supply capability and quality system

(4) select suppliers according to the quality system certification of the quality certification institution

45, what are the advantages of investigating suppliers?

(1) all surveys provide objective intelligence to some extent

(2) there are other objective facts in the survey

(3) help to strengthen ties between buyers and sellers and even suppliers

46, what are the problems that should be paid attention to when investigating suppliers?

(1) the survey of suppliers is not a reliable prediction of the supplier’s future quality

(2) avoid focusing on the organization, procedures, and documentation of the supplier survey. In the long run, the survey should focus on process capability, process control, worker training and qualification assessment and so on

(3) avoid repeated investigations

47, what is the concept of “qualified judgment audit”? What is the specific practice?

“The qualification audit” refers to the factory in order to simplify procedures, improve the inspection efficiency, in order to establish a long-term stable relationship with suppliers, so as to effectively guarantee the quality of the product, buyer inspection ability do the audit.

The specific measures are as follows: (1) the supplier submits the inspection data at any time when delivery of each batch of goods

Second, the buyer carries out the factory inspection, and the results are compared with the supplier’s inspection data, list comparison

(3) the supplier’s inspection results are accurate and reliable after examination, and the factory inspection will be reduced to regular inspection and recheck

  1. What are the contents of the supply manual?

“Supply manual”, also known as “supply relations manual”, is a tool used by enterprises to guide procurement activities and deal with supplier relationships. The contents of the manual include the following aspects:

(1) regarding the quality policy and purchasing policy of the enterprise (including the policy relating to suppliers)

(2) the catalogue of the main products of the enterprise, as well as the quality of the products and the reputation enjoyed in the market,

(3) the main departments, staffing and scope of responsibilities related to the procurement activities of the enterprise

(4) the quality specifications and requirements of the main products of the enterprise

(5) the method adopted by the factory for the inspection of the factory (selection of various sampling and acceptance plans)

(6) the method of collecting quality data and the form of table used in the enterprise (including the transmission and feedback of the quality information)

(7) the way and content of the supplier’s investigation, audit, supervision and rating of the enterprise

(8) of the enterprise for the supplier requirements (e.g., require suppliers to do: provide first sample preparation; quality planning; some special inspection; test; reliability for the handling of non-conforming products; keep records and reports; formulate and implement the reform process procedures).

(9) the meaning of the various terms used in the enterprise

(10) regulations and procedures on purchasing, ordering and handling nonconforming products in this enterprise

49, what is the quality function of manufacturing?

Through the control of the human, machine, method, material, environment and measurement in the production process, the products which conform to the quality standards stipulated in the design can be produced steadily and economically

50, what are the specific requirements for the manufacturing process?

(1) to verify the manufacturing process so that it can produce a standardized product. Must identify a significant effect on product quality, related products or manufacturing process characteristics of the operation, the necessary control of these operations to ensure that these characteristics meet the specification requirements or modify the appropriate.

(2) the auxiliary materials and facilities that play an important role in the quality characteristics should be specified and controlled and verified

(3) the product handling shall be properly planned and controlled; the materials to be imported and the handling of processing materials and final products should be specified in specific documents or systems so as to be used for delivery until the product is put into use

51, how to calculate the process capability index of measurement value data characteristic value?

(1) when a bidirectional tolerance is given, and the distribution center of mass data is consistent with the tolerance center (M):

Process capability index;


Standard deviation;

Tolerance upper limit;

Lower tolerance limit

(2) when a bidirectional tolerance is given, the mass distribution center is not consistent with the tolerance center (M), that is, there is a center offset (or):

Type medium:

Process capability index


Standard deviation;

(3) the formula is often used when the upper limit of the given tolerance is given:

(4) the formula is often used when the lower limit of the given tolerance is given:

52, what is the meaning of process quality analysis?

The measurement and analysis of process quality and process capability index are of great significance for product design, process planning, scheduling, production scheduling and technical transformation, etc.

(1) compared with various process methods, choose the suitable technology for the current design requirements

(2) understand the relationship between equipment capacity and process requirements to determine whether new equipment needs to be purchased or existing equipment is modified

(3) coordinate each interrelated process, study the balance relationship between process capacity and production load, eliminate the weak link, improve production capacity and shorten production time

(4) set up a set of effective process methods and operating procedures, and determine the processing method of special process

(5) provide data information for key process capability to provide design and process personnel as a basis for the development of relevant plans

53, what are the ways to improve the process capability?

The process capability index formula shows that the effect of the process capability index has three variables: product quality specification (tolerance T); distribution center (process) and tolerance center (M) the amount of deflection; processing quality characteristics value of the dispersion degree, namely the standard deviation (S). So the way to improve the process capability has three: reduce the center offset; standard deviation reduction; increase the tolerance range.

54, what are the measures to reduce the offset?

(1) through the collection of data, statistical analysis, find out a lot of continuous production process due to tool wear, machining conditions and offset the rules change over time, and adjust the center, or take automatic compensation equipment or tool offset automatic adjustment and compensation.

(2) according to the center offset, through the first piece inspection, the machining positioning device can be adjusted, such as equipment, cutting tools, etc.

(3) change the deviation tendency of the machining deviation of the hole and the deviation tendency of the machining deviation of the axis, and take the tolerance center value as the basis of processing

(4) a more accurate gauge is installed; the gauge test is changed to the value test; or a higher level gauge is used for inspection

55, what measures should be taken to reduce the dispersion and improve the process capability?

(1) revise procedures, improve process methods, revise operating procedures, optimize process parameters, add additional intermediate processes, and promote the application of new materials, new processes and new technologies

(2) overhaul, transformation or renewal of equipment, transformation, and increase tolerances and tolerances to adapt to the higher precision equipment

(3) add tools, tooling, improve tools, tooling accuracy

(4) change the material purchase cycle, as much as possible to reduce the quality fluctuations due to the different material purchase batches

(5) transform the existing environmental conditions to meet the special requirements of the product for the site environment

(6) technical training for operators of key processes and special processes

(7) strengthen the quality control on the spot, set up the quality control point of the process or carry out the management of the control chart; carry out the QC group activity; strengthen the quality inspection work

56, what is the dominant factor? What are the leading factors common?

“The dominant factor” refers to the many factors affect the final quality, determine global and dominant factors, dominant factors of common positioning device, machine operators, and other parts.

57, what is the setting principle of quality control point?

(1) on the applicability of the products (performance, precision, life, reliability, safety and so on) key quality characteristics have serious impact factors, key parts or important influence, should set up quality control points.

(2) there are strict requirements on the process, key quality characteristics, have serious impact on the working procedure of the work site, should set up quality control point.

(3) the unstable quality of the unqualified products, many projects, should establish quality control points.

(4) the project important adverse user feedback should establish quality control points.

(5) the shortage of supplies or may arrange for key projects have serious impact on the production and quality control should be established.

58, what are the advantages of quality traceability?

(1) Recyclable suspicious products based on accurate, to avoid greater losses on use.

(2) to identify causes of defects, and the maintenance and recovery cost is minimum.

(3) provide clear signs, to avoid confusion.

59, in the inspection process.

(1) clear quality requirements; (2) test; (3) comparison; (4) decision; (5).

60, what are the functions of quality inspection?

(guarantee function is the most basic, the most important functions); prevention function; report function; supervision function four.

61, how the relationship between the four quality functions?

Four quality inspection function is the guarantee function, prevention function, report function, supervision function.

They are indivisible unity. Through supervision, ensure the unqualified raw material, parts, parts and semi-finished products do not flow to the next step, to the product, to prevent the generation of nonconforming products; in the finished product inspection, got a lot of quality information, and timely report to the relevant departments. Is to provide direction for the stable improvement of product quality, also played a “precaution”. A large amount of data obtained by the quality inspection data and comprehensive analysis, can improve the quality of products for the enterprise, provide the basis for reducing consumption, to provide the necessary information for the improvement of product design process reform, provide in order to improve the quality of data management.

62, “card, proof, help, what is the meaning?

Inspection personnel “card, proof, help, talk is the limitation of the inspection work and one sidedness and put forward.

Card: check;

Proof: to prevent nonconforming;

Help, that is to carry out technical guidance to the operator, to solve the quality problems;

Speaking, advocating “quality first” principle, improve the quality awareness of employees.

63, how to set up the inspection station?

Set up inspection station to take into account the necessity of technical factors, economic feasibility and rationality of the management of these three aspects. According to these requirements, the general practice of enterprises are:

(1) the outsourcing, product storage place inspection.

(2) set up inspection station in the production process.

(3) in parts and products completed set of central parts library inspection station and finished goods inspection station.

(4) for some of the so-called “irreversible” process inspection.

64, inspection, measurement, which has the control program of test equipment and test method of the content?

(1) range should possess under certain environmental conditions, accuracy and so on.

(2) for the first time before use should be calibrated to confirm the accuracy required.

(3) according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the last calibration results as well as the methods and extent of use, regular adjustment of equipment, repair and re calibration, in order to maintain the required accuracy in use.

(4) the only instrument including identification, frequency of calibration, calibration and handling, return, protection and storage, debugging, repair, calibration, installation and use of the program file.

(5) can be traced back to a known accuracy and stability of the reference standard, the best state or state recognized standard, where no such standards exist, the basis used for calibration shall be documented.

65, what are the responsibilities of inspection department?

(1) participate in the inspection plan, the establishment of inspection personnel all manual and procedures.

(2) to participate in the development of products and process inspection standards.

(3) develop personnel, equipment and supplies and other aspects of the budget.

(4) participated in the design of site inspection, selection of equipment and instruments, the design methods of work.

(5) assign inspection personnel work, supervision and evaluation of their work, encourage the inspection personnel to achieve quality and efficiency standards.

(6) in the investigation and solving quality problems, and work in other departments in cooperation with other departments.

(7) review does not conform to the specifications of products, the disposal methods involved in the study.

(8) there is a review procedure does not accord with standard signs.

(9) the formulation and approval of the relevant quality required documentation.

(10) mining staff potential.

(11) to understand the equipment, instrument equipped with new technology development, test methods and other aspects of the operation, take the appropriate parts used by enterprise.

66, how to use the data to measure the accuracy of the inspection personnel?

The percentage of accuracy or the percentage of error check can be used to measure the accuracy of the test personnel

(1) accuracy percentage = (D-K) / (d-k+b) * 100%

Medium type: D — unqualified products reported by inspectors;

K — the number of qualified products rejected by the inspectors during the inspection;

D-K — the number of genuine nonconforming products found by the inspector;

B — the number of unqualified products detected by the inspectors or checked by inspection, that is, the missing number;

D-k+b — the true unqualified product in the product

(2) in order to overcome the shortcomings of the above formula, it is possible to use the percentage of error check to assess the quality of the work of the inspectors

The false positive rate was =k/ (n-d+k-b) * 100%

Style: n — the total number of inspection;

K — wrong check number;

D — unqualified products reported by inspectors;

B — missing number

67, what are the roles of after sales service?

(1) after-sales service helps to quickly, effectively and lastingly exert product function and social benefits

(2) after-sales service helps to improve product reputation and promote product sales

(3) after-sales service helps manufacturers directly listen to the opinions of customers, understand the needs of customers, so as to design better products

(4) after-sales service helps to introduce products to customers and guide consumption

68, what are the contents of after sales service?

(1) advisory services

(2) technical training services

(3) transport, installation and commissioning services

(4) three package service. Baotui, Baohuan, warranty service.

(5) maintenance service, including fixed point maintenance, door-to-door repair, itinerant service

(6) access service

69, what are the five “Three Guarantees” obligations that sellers should fulfill?

(1) it can not guarantee the implementation of the provisions of the three package, and shall not sell the corresponding products listed in the catalog

(2) the quality of sales products must be guaranteed

(3) strict implementation of the incoming inspection system, which does not meet the requirements of the statutory labeling, are not allowed to sell

(4) the sale of products, there is the right out of the box inspection, debugging, maintenance and use of the three items, the packet and maintenance units, provide a valid invoice and three bags of evidence. A valid invoice is to fulfill one of the three document package, is by finance and tax departments unified supervision of invoice. (5) properly handle consumer inquiries and complaints, and provide services.

70, what are the five “Three Guarantees” obligations that the repairer should fulfill?

(1) undertake the obligation to repair service, that is, to manage the products with quality problems, and to ensure the quality of repair

(2) maintenance of reputation, shall not use components and parts that do not meet the requirements, to ensure the normal use of repaired products for more than 30 days

(3) ensure the maintenance costs and parts are used in the repair industry, and accept supervision

(4) to bear the losses and liabilities caused by repair errors

(5) accept consumer inquiries about repair quality

71, what are the three “Three Guarantees” obligations of producers?

(1) make clear the three package, explain who is responsible for the repair business, and explain the name of the unit, address, contact phone, etc.

(2) responsible for providing maintenance technical data, qualified spare parts and repair costs, and ensuring that qualified spare parts can continue to be available 5 years after the product is discontinued

(3) properly handle consumer enquiries and provide services

72, what are the contents of the quality information on the spot use of household appliances?

(1) products and some important quality characteristics

(2) product failure type, location, cumulative time of normal operation of the product before the failure (including products with warranty period)

(3) the fault influence size, usually in the repair service rate (total repair cost and repair product ratio) as the index statistics.

(4) the most likely damage or loss of the number of failures, to understand the use of the product environment, in order to analyze the failure in the use of the environment, or in the case of adverse circumstances

(5) collect customers’ satisfaction with the products

73, what are the sources of field use information?

(1) contact with the relevant personnel on the scene, to the sales staff, customer opinion investigators, technical maintenance personnel, repair department personnel to understand the situation

(2) controlled “trial” products, production enterprises can make full use of their products, selectively in some customers trial, according to the required time to extract data, so that it plays an important role in the database of product performance

(3) to purchase information from customers, the contract can be signed and implemented according to the regulations

(4) product monitoring, it can monitor the integrity of the product in the process of using the product

74, what are the main responsibilities of full-time personnel equipped with quality information management?

(1) organization and liaison work of internal and external quality information feedback, data processing and quality information comprehensive analysis work, and write reports, as the basis for leadership decision-making

(2) participate in the analysis test and organize the field investigation when necessary

(3) the organization replies customer’s opinion

75, what measures should be taken in warehousing?

(1) increase shelf life according to laboratory and field data

(2) to set standards for the duration of the product

(3) make clear identification mark on the product, so as to distinguish the product specification, variety and date of manufacture easily

(4) do the repacking and repacking of the packaged products

(5) strengthen warehousing acceptance and outbound counting

76, what aspects should the packaging quality take into consideration?

It should be considered in three aspects: packaging methods, packaging design and packaging materials

(1) packaging methods. There are generally two kinds, that is, combined packaging and final packaging

(2) packaging design is an important content of new product design. Therefore, the relevant procedures and requirements of product design are also applicable to packaging design

(3) packaging materials is an essential condition to ensure the quality of products from production, formation to implementation. Using new materials and new technologies can not only protect products, but also increase economic benefits

77, what problems should be paid attention to in the transportation of manufacturing enterprises?

(1) make clear the purpose of packaging

(2) reasonable choice of transportation mode inside and outside the factory

(3) scientifically predict and estimate the environmental conditions that may be encountered in the transportation process, conduct simulation tests, and then adopt corresponding preventive measures in product design, product packaging and so on

78, how to understand the meaning of quality policy?

The quality policy is formally issued by the top management of the organization, the overall quality objectives and quality direction of the organization

The implications are as follows: (1) the quality policy is an integral part of the general policy of the enterprise

(2) the quality policy is the action guide that the departments and staff of the enterprise perform the quality function and must follow and abide by the quality management work

(3) the quality policy is a general provision to guide the members of the enterprise to communicate opinions and carry out quality activities. Obviously, it provides certain autonomy for the managers at all levels of the enterprise

79, what is the quality policy of product design?

(1) the product quality level of the design has leapt to the leading level in the world, and has the competitive ability in the international market. The product can be sold at a high price for a period of time, so that the enterprise can get the excess profit

(2) products with high reliability, competitive in the domestic market, the same price as competitors, and to improve services to make sales more than competitors

(3) products maintain a certain level of quality, greatly reduce manufacturing costs, appropriately reduce sales prices, in order to seek small profits and quick turnover

(4) the quality level of the product is general, but it has many other functions. It can be used in one machine and meet the customers’ requirements

80, what are the requirements of enterprise quality activities?

(1) each link should carry out the view of giving priority to prevention and serving the users

(2) the technical department must provide the quality control department with solutions and key measures to solve the key quality problems and improve the quality of the products

(3) set up the organization of quality target and quality plan

(4) each department puts forward written procedures and methods for its quality function

(5) coordinate various quality management activities. (6) regularly check the completion of various technical and organizational measures

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