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[HR] Performance Feedback and Interviews (b) How to help employees develop performance improvement plans?

Helping employees develop a realistic performance improvement plan is considered an important indicator of the success of a performance interview. Specifically how to formulate this plan, the plan also contains what content, everyone may have their own understanding and practices. So, please ask: rubber molding
1. How are your employees’ performance improvement plans developed?
2. What is the approximate performance improvement plan? rubber molding

Reference resolution:
The performance improvement plan we put in the performance interview feedback form, that is to say the performance interview process, the upper and lower levels will analyze and summarize the performance results of the current period, identify the deficiencies identified by both parties, and the next will be achieved Objectives, and the specific measures that need to be taken to achieve this goal, including what individual needs to do, what kind of guidance and support the superior needs to provide, and what kind of resource support other personnel, departments, and even the company needs to provide.

Let’s say the trainer’s performance improvement plan:

I. Inadequacies in performance in July:
1. The training plan has not been fully implemented on time;
2. The training in each study group fails to be supervised and checked in a timely manner;
3. The importance of training is not enough. rubber molding

Second, the goal of improvement or promotion in August:
1. The main reason why the plan could not be implemented on time was the failure to communicate and coordinate in advance. Therefore, starting in August, the first step was to communicate with the main training leader, the person in charge of the department in which the employee was trained, and the person in charge. Ensure the rationality of the plan; remind the training implementation person in charge one week before the training that the training should be prepared; Secondly, arrange the venue, inform the lecturer and the trainee on the day before the training the specific time and place, and do a good job of training The preliminary preparation work, such as the training attendance form, the equipment used for the training, and the coordination of the trainees’ training work, etc. Finally, the training specialists supervised the site. There are personal problems that cannot be solved for the in-process training specialists, and they need timely feedback from the higher level to seek support and help to ensure that the rate of achievement of the training plan is over 90% (the company’s requirement to achieve more than 90% is a perfect score) rubber molding

2. Training specialists are required to submit investigation reports on the development of training groups in each study group on the afternoon of the Friday afternoon. Specifically, they are reminded during the week in accordance with the training schedule of each study group. , And after the implementation of training, the team leader is required to submit relevant training written and electronic records in a timely manner.

3. In order to enable the study team leaders to actively cooperate with the training specialists, the person in charge of the Ministry of Human Resources needs to emphasize the importance and timeliness of training with the study teams; at the same time, the Minister of Human Resources also needs to promptly remind and supervise the training What work, pay attention to the work of the training specialist process inspection and guidance, and for their personal responsibilities or capabilities within the scope of the problem can not be resolved to give clear guidance or help to solve, and achieve their goals.
Therefore, it can be seen from the above that the performance improvement plan includes specific areas that need improvement or improvement, the next step, the deadline for completion, and the specific measures that need to be taken to achieve these objectives. rubber molding

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