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Selection of drilling tools

  1. According to the workpiece drawings: how much hole, hole accuracy, determine the diameter of the drill bit. Hole requirements are not high, you can directly select the hole diameter of the same drill; if the hole requirements are high, need to jack or boring, choose the need to reserve margin, drill diameter selection will be small 0.1-0.2mm;
  2. According to the workpiece material to select the appropriate tool material and coating: general non-ferrous metals, the use of high-speed steel on it, the general need to choose carbide carbide, the best coating tool. Modern industrial development requirements quickly, coating technology is getting higher and higher, a reasonable choice of tools, tool life and efficiency of a great impact.
  3. The center of the water: such as deep hole, the general need to center the water. Such as stainless steel, 3 times the diameter of the above need to be with the center of the water, because the material is very sticky, if not with the center of the water, chip difficulties, it is easy to break the drill bit.

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