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Many people have to face the standard terms of the quality management system, training system, helpless, feel boring and hard. But if we read the story through the way of understanding, how would that be? Five story read quality management, are you ready?

The first story: the story of mowing

A mowing boy call a Mrs. Chen.

“You do not need mowing?”

“No, I have the mowing work”

“I will help you pull the weeds among the flowers”

“I have done the cutting”

“I will help you to cut the grass and the walkway around together”

“I ask that people have done, thank you, I don’t need a new mower”

The boy then hung up the phone, the boy’s roommate asked him: “you are not in Mrs. Chen that mowing work? Why to call this number?”

The boy said: “I just want to know how well I do!”



The first thought of 1. this story reflect ISO, namely customer focus, to explore the customers’ evaluation, we can know their own strengths and shortcomings and weaknesses, improve the quality of their work, firmly grasp the customer.

  1. this is the eight principles of quality management sixth: “an example of practical application of continuous improvement ideas. Each of our employees are also can be combined with their own work, do some continuous improvement?
  2. not only is the marketing staff, all employees can make customers satisfied. For marketers that can be extremely loyal customers. For each of our staff in functional departments, only pay close attention to our “customers (clients), the quality of work can be improved.
  3. this is the problem of communication, a person wants to get justice, objective evaluation is really hard. If this story provides a good way for us? Should be a kind of innovation.

Second story: German rules

A short essay read recently, is laughing at the German too observant of conventional standards..

Students see the German work in Germany China rigid, inflexible, it will play a trick on them again. The students in two adjacent telephone booth are labeled “male” and “female”, and then hid in the dark, “stubborn” Germans will in the end how to do. They found that all to the phone and call people, like to see the toilet signs, no complaints into the into the pavilion. There is a period of time, “the booth” idle “male Pavilion” there would line up to it “the booth” side movement. Our students are surprised, don’t know why “stay” to the students. In the face of doubt, the Germans quietly shrugged and said: “it is not the rule, is to make the people to obey?”


The German stereotype can make us happy and smile on the 3 day, and they are a plausible explanation, is enough to make some consistent rules of “big man” to laugh. But in a happy, laugh more, we ignore the rules have long? We always wise to think, those who are willing to be rules the constraints are not only the “stubborn”, it is “simpleton”. The rules are dead and is alive, living why dead rules over? It is because of this, we will fall behind others for many years.SAP is German, SAP in the process of learning, but also feel their but if we ignore the strict system later in the implementation process, and then SAP in the practical application, there will be disorder?

The system is to make the people to obey! Please keep this in mind!!!

The third story: the little monk bell

There is a little monk as a bell ringer, half down, feel very boring, “one day at a time”. One day, he went to the backyard that hosted the firewood water, because he is not equal to ring the bell. The monk is convinced and asked: “I hit isn’t it time clock, not loud?” the old host told him patiently: “you hit the bell was on time, but also very loud, but the vague, weak, no appeal. The bell is to awaken addicted beings, therefore, not only to hit the bell and loud, mellow, vigorous. Deep, distant”


The A. chair made in this story of a knowledge management mistakes, “one day at a time”, because the host are not announced in advance by the standard. If the young monk enters the temple that day will understand the standards and the importance of the bell, I think he will not be dismissed because of sabotage.

  1. standard is a guide employee behavior and evaluation basis. The lack of work standards, often leads to the overall direction of the development direction of employees and the company is not uniform, resulting in wasting a lot of manpower and material resources. Because of the lack of reference, a long time employee easy formation of complacency, causing slack. The formulation of standards as far as possible digital, to link and check, pay attention to operation.

Now that we have C. work standards should also be good to implement it, don’t discount, do not wait until the leaders don’t think you can do it!

So D. company, each department, each job training is very important, in order to let employees know what to do, we must set the standard for training!

Please pay attention to the leadership, and training system, so as to train employees, you don’t need to be so busy.

The staff, please follow the system, so as to do the work, you will not be removed because of sabotage.

Fourth story: monkey and bananas

There are 6 monkeys in a lab, head hanging on some bananas, but bananas are attached to a faucet, monkey see bananas, very happy to pull a banana, was soaked in a complete mess, then 6 monkeys know a banana can not touch.

Then for a new monkey inside, there are 5 old monkey is a new monkey, the monkey saw the new banana naturally want to eat, but 5 old monkey know touch bananas are water, have to stop it, after some time, the new monkeys don’t ask, don’t touch the bananas and then for a new monkey, so the beginning of the 6 monkeys were all put out, 6 monkeys in the new wouldn’t touch the bananas.


This story is a reflection of the importance of training and unconditional implementation of the system.

1, the importance of training: good experience to share, good training, good training, can make fewer mistakes, detours, everyone will be in the same direction, but also the right direction to force the team or company that will be invincible.

2, the system is unconditional execution. Because the system is a summary of experience. Do not obey the rules is a mistake or punishment.

A fifth story: the true story of a parachute

Do not know who the master once said that “quality no discount”, quality is according to customer’s requirement!

This is a place in the middle of the Second World War, the true story between the U.S. Air Force and parachute manufacturers. At the time, the parachute safety degree is not perfect enough, even after the manufacturer to improve, making good parachute manufacturers parachute rate has reached 99.9%, it should be said that the yield even now many the enterprise is also very difficult to achieve. But the United States Air force but this company No, they asked that the parachute yield rate must reach 100%. and the general manager of the parachute manufacturers came to group discussions, to see whether it can reduce this level? Because they think, to reach this level is close to perfect, what is not necessary to change. Of course, the United States Air Force refused, because the quality is no discount.

Later, the military requirements changed the methods of inspection quality. It is from the manufacturer before one week delivery chute, randomly pick one, make manufacturers responsible for the equipment body, personally from the flight body jump. This method is implemented, the rate of bad immediately becomes zero.


Many people often have “almost” mentality, for the leadership or the request made by the customer, even if it is reasonable, also feel carp and disgruntled! Think about it.

Maybe we should stand in the perspective of consumers think: buy yeast in the Steamed Buns eat a hair, what taste!? we may say: 100 thousand (or 1 billion) bags of yeast have a bag with a hair, what is 1/100000. But get excited over a little thing for us. To eat into the hair of consumers, 100%. imagine, what if the success rate of only 99.9%, so every year 20000 mismatched drug events; each year 15000 babies were born will be wrong; there are 500 wrong operation event every week; 2000 letter mailed error per hour. Look at these data, we certainly hope that all of the people all over the world can be 100%. at work because we are producers, as well as consumers.

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