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Inamori Kazuo’s 72 Change of Sun Wukong

Inagi Kazuo thought, I can learn from Monkey King, and pull out a handful of hairs to blow it. Every business scene is Inamori Kazuo? sheet metal design

Does the employee work as a fragment or as a person? This is a watershed between mediocrity and excellence. 50 years ago, Kazuo Inamori proposed that every employee should become Inamori Kazuo. Fifty years later, he answered the proof with perfection. Some of these essentials have important implications for Chinese companies. sheet metal design

10 Gaocai students handed blood book resignation
In 1959, Ina Kazuo founded Kyocera Corporation with friends. At that time, there were only 28 people. Recruited 10 top students – high school graduates. After working for a year, they suddenly went to Inamori Kazuo to ask for improvement in treatment. They also wrote blood books. If they cannot protect their future, they will resign!

After three days and three nights of negotiations, everyone finally gave in. Persuaded those who wanted to resign but did not convince him. A few weeks after Inawashiro struggled to contemplate, he finally wanted to understand that young employees had entrusted their company with their own lives. Therefore, the company must first make it clear that employees and their families should be protected. I must take the lead in the pursuit of happiness for my employees. This is my mission!

Can you have Inamori Kazuo in every field? sheet metal design
Ten employees asked to resign, forcing him to think a lot. What does the company depend on to start operations? But it was hard for Daosheng Hefu. Inamori Kazuo was originally engaged in technology and never understood business management.

When he started his business, he rushed to the front line. He was a big force in R&D, manufacturing, technical services, and so on. However, the company has expanded to 100, 200, and 300 people. He can toss again, and he can’t afford to fall. What does the company’s management and management rely on?

China’s Journey to the West gives him a strong revelation. When the Monkey King encounters a dangerous situation, he will pull out a handful of hairs, and each of the opponents will have a Sun Wukong match there. Inagi Kazuo thought: Can I learn Sun Wukong and pull out a handful of hairs to blow it. Every business scene is Daosheng Hefu? The idea that “Every business site is Inamori Kazuo” astounded himself. Yes, Kyocera Corporation is everyone’s company. The management of the company depends on the connection and trust between the hearts and minds of each other. Why is it that everyone is not Inamori Kazuo? In this way, in turn, the problem becomes clearer. sheet metal design

Inoue Kazuo started from the frontline of the frontline technology research. When the Songfeng industry was about to close down, it was his big man. Taking the risk of being a “work thief”, he did not participate in the strike, but instead studied the new products with all his heart. As a result, the company rolled orders. The key employees at the key scene only have the company as their own company and work hard as an operator.

Inoue Kazuo thought that since I can manage 100 employees on my own, and some middle-level personnel can only manage 20 or 30 people, why not break down the company into small groups? Why not give power to these small groups to manage them?

In this way of thinking, Inamori Kazuo reminisces about Amoeba who studied at Kagoshima University. Amoeba is also called amoeba. The biggest characteristic of amoeba is that it can change with changes in the external environment, and constantly adjust itself to adapt to the living environment it faces. He was very excited to use Amoeba to describe his small collective management.

The world’s fastest change is in people’s hearts, and the world’s most dependable people are only people’s hearts. Once the human heart is connected, it will be the most indestructible thing in the world. Taking a heart-centered approach began to take root in Daosheng’s mind. sheet metal design

Effective coaching culture
Where is the attention, where does cognition go. When Inamori Kazuo vowed to make everyone a manager, he created Amoeba management and created a heart-centered management system. At the same time, he also found a coaching culture that put his dreams to the ground.

So far, the company’s leadership has probably the following types: unified command command, hero, teacher, and coach. Command command type, unified government orders, can give clear and explicit instructions in a large system, and when to do anything. This is not a simple thing, but a complete system is in operation. Hero type, rush with me, take the lead. It is not always necessary to go to every scene, but it is necessary to have such a charge. Teacher type, failing to give answers. The master brings disciples, and the apprentice does not, to teach him. Coach type, failing to answer the answer, just provide support. The parties themselves find the problem and find the answer. Micro Signal: Lean Production Promotion Center. sheet metal design

Inamori Kazuo is a general manager of Kyocera Corporation. He set the goal of the company for the development of the employees, set down the fake for each employee, and then enlighten their minds, stimulate their potential, and find problems and solve problems by themselves. He likes to teach and communicate with employees. Every Kyocera employee will have to read “Kyocera Philosophy” for half an hour after he starts work.

When you are going to use your left brain, he will give you a chance to use your right brain to raise your energy level. In this way, when you combine the right and left brains in your work and become a whole person, you can always make different innovations. sheet metal design

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