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The most classic nine wisdom quotes in “the View of Ancient Chinese Literature”!

The view of ancient prose is an enlightenment book written by the ancients. The book is divided into seven periods according to the times, with key writers and works in each period. stainless steel fabricators near me

Among them are the masterpieces of Tao Yuanming, Han Yu, Liu Zongyuan, Ouyang Xiu, Su Shi, Zuo Zhuan, Records of History, and the policies of warring States. stainless steel fabricators near me

Therefore, the origin of ancient prose development and the different styles of various writers can be analyzed. It is not only an image of the Chinese prose of the past dynasties, but also a living prose development process.

First, quiet and few words, do not admire Rongli. Good reading, do not understand; every understanding, they gladly forget to eat. stainless steel fabricators near me

[source] Mr. Wu Liu Biography (by Tao Yuanming)

Mr. Wuliu is quiet and quiet, seldom speaks, and does not envy Rong Hua Lilu.

Love to read, read only to grasp the main point, not a word for the interpretation of excessive research, whenever the book to grasp the content, they gladly forget to eat.

Background: Tao Yuanming is the founder of pastoral school in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. stainless steel fabricators near me

The article shows its three major interests: reading, drinking, writing articles, shaping a true self, expressing Zhuo Ran’s noble character and revealing the beauty of his strong personality. stainless steel fabricators near me

Second, the ancient man rich and famous, indelible, but suave called Yan Yan.

King Gavin plays Zhouyi; The Spring and Autumn period; Qu Yuan banished, is Fu “Li Sao”; Left Qiu is blind and has Mandarin. Sun Tzu patella, “Art of War” revision; Not Wei Qian Shu, the world biography “Lu Liang”; Han Fei prisoners Qin, “difficult to say” < solitary anger >; “Psalms” 300, the great saints do indignant acts. stainless steel fabricators near me

[source] the Book of reporting to Ren’an (by Si Maqian)

In ancient times there were many rich men whose names were indelible, and only those who were extraordinary and extraordinary were famous in the world.

Zibo Ji Chang was detained and expanded to write the Book of changes; Confucius made Spring and Autumn by embarrassment; Qu Yuan was banished, only to write “Li Sao”; After Zuoqiumin was blind, he became Mandarin. Sun Bin was amputated from the knee and wrote the Art of War.

Lu Buwei was relegated to Shu, and later generations spread “Lu’s Spring and Autumn period”; Han Fei was imprisoned in Qin and wrote “hard to say” “solitary indignation”; 300 “Poems” were mostly written by some sages to express their indignation. stainless steel fabricators near me

Background: a letter from Si Maqian to his friend Ren an.

In the article, Si Maqian with extremely indignant mood, described his unfortunate experience of palace punishment. Among them, “the inherent death of man, or heavier than Mount Tai, or less than Mao” heroic spirit spread forever. He showed his perseverance and perseverance.

Three, the Zeshanercongzhi is wise, appoint people by merit, as for the brave, exhausting them, are Bo Qihui, who believe the loyalty effect.

[source] < ten > Si Shu Jian Taizong (author: Wei Zheng)

[effect] the selection of talented people and appoint them, choose a good advice to adopt it, those who have wisdom will cast them all to seek, brave will do all their power, love will sow their kindness, honesty will serve their loyalty.

[background] this article written by Tang Taizong Wei Zheng to Taizong Zhenguan eleven years, Shu, intended to remonstrate Taizong danger, quit extravagance frugal, accumulate its moral sense. stainless steel fabricators near me

Fourth, the ancient so-called heroes, there must be a festival, human feelings can not be tolerated.

Pifu saw the humiliation, draw his sword, and fight, this is not brave. There are brave people in the world, but not frightened, without reason and not angry. The hijackers are very big, and their aspirations are far away.

[provenance] the Theory of retention (by Su Shi)

In ancient times, a man of lofty ideals, known as a hero, must have an unbearable measure of success and common sense.

If a brave man is insulted, he must draw his sword and fight. This is not enough to be called a warrior.

The truly heroic man in the world does not panic in a sudden situation, nor is he angry when he is insulted by others for no reason. This is because they have great ambitions and lofty ambitions.

[background] this article, based on the book of Zhang Liangbun and the example of helping Liu Bang to unify the world, discusses the basic reason of the subjective aspect of Zhang Liang’s success-the Day of passing people’s Day. Its ambition is far away.

Fifth, do not be happy with things, not with their own sorrow. The height of the temple worries its people, far away from the rivers and lakes worry about their monarchs. stainless steel fabricators near me

[source] A Book of Yueyang Tower (by Fan Zhongyan)

A man of high moral character does not care for the people because of good or bad things and his own gain or loss. He who is not an official in the court is worried about the king in the middle of a distant river and lake.

Background: Yueyang Tower is written by Fan Zhongyan for reconstructing Yueyang Tower.

The article surmounts the narrow boundary of simply writing the view of landscape and loft, and shows the tenacious will of not giving up ideal though living in the river and lake, worrying about the state affairs, being persecuted, still not giving up the ideal tenacious will.

Sixthly, when a man is near, he who travels is numerous; if danger is far away, he is less. And the strange, strange, and extraordinary view of the world is often in danger and far away, and it is rare for a man to be absent, so those who do not have an ambition cannot do so.

If you have the will, you can’t stop it. If you don’t have enough power, you can’t do it. You can’t do it with your will and your strength, and you won’t be able to do it by obscurity and confusion. stainless steel fabricators near me

[source] Yudao Zen Shan Ji (by Wang Anshi)

When the road is flat and close, more people come to see it; where the road is difficult and remote, fewer people come to see it.

But the marvelous majestic, exotic, extraordinary sight of the world is often in a place of danger, remoteness, and few people, so the man without will cannot reach it.

With ambition, do not blindly follow others and stop, but physical strength is not enough, can not reach. With ambition and physical strength, do not blindly follow others, slacking, but to that deep dark. Confusing places are not supported by necessary objects, nor can they be reached.

Background: Yudao Zen Shan Ji is a travel note written by Wang Anshi in Northern Song Dynasty after visiting Mount Pao Chan.

The excerpt of the passage expresses Wang Anshi’s understanding of the road to life-only with the three conditions of ambition, strength and help, can we reach the ideal situation.

Seven, old and healthy, better to move the heart of white head? Poor and stronger, do not fall green clouds of ambition.

[source] Preface to Teng Wangge (by Wang Bo)

Although old, but the ambition should be more exuberant, how can change the mood when the head is white? Circumstances are difficult, but the will should be more firm, must not abandon their lofty aspirations.

[background] Wang Bo visited his father and passed through Teng GE, all of which invited his staff to dinner on the pavilion. Wang Bo improvised his work. The article laid out the scenery of the situation and banquet in the area of Xutenwang Pavilion, and expressed his valuable ambition to be enterprising despite his setbacks.

Eight, disciples don’t have to be inferior to teachers, teachers do not need to be good at disciples.

[source] teacher’s Theory (by Han Yu)

Therefore, students are not necessarily inferior to teachers, teachers are not necessarily better than students, heard the truth early and late, learning and skills have their own expertise, so.

Background: this paper, written by Han Yu to his student Li Pan, discusses the important role of teachers, the necessity of teacher learning and the principles of teacher selection.

This article criticizes the Scholar-bureaucrat ‘s psychology of “low position, low rank and near flattery”, and advocates the atmosphere of learning from teachers.

Nine, the husband fight, courage also. A round of energy, and then decline, three and exhausted.

[source] Tsao Gui’s controversy (by Zuo Qiuming)

The battle depends on courage. The first drum can muster the courage of the soldiers, the second one weakens, the third one runs out. The enemy’s courage is exhausted and our courage is exuberant. So the Qi army was defeated.

[background] Cao Gui’s argument comes from Zuo Zhuan ·Zhuang Gong ten years. It tells the scene of the battle between Qi and Lu in the Spring and Autumn period.

The Battle of the long spoon, which took place in 684 BC, was one of the most famous examples in history.

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