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【HR】Performance assessment and management (5): The application of performance evaluation results is better.

When bringing forward the application of performance appraisal results, some HR think of nothing more than positive and negative incentives for employees, and mostly positive motivators, such as honoring performance wages and bonuses, salary increase promotion, training promotion, more authorization, and better development. Opportunities, etc., is this really the case? steel bushings
1. How do you view the application value of performance appraisal results?
2. There are various applications of performance appraisal results. How to use it better?

Reference resolution:
1. The result of performance appraisal is the comparison of job objectives or performance indicators, and scientific evaluation methods are used to evaluate the completion of work tasks, the degree of fulfillment of job responsibilities, and personal development of the employees. This is to honor performance salaries and bonuses, increase salary, and promotion. The important basis for training promotion.  steel bushings
The applicative value of performance appraisal results is applied to the organization department. Through the application of performance appraisal results, problems and improvement directions in organizational development can be discovered, and the scientific and efficiency of human resource allocation can be improved, and correct decisions can be made. At the same time, it is conducive to the formation of a good management interaction, so that managers and managers can achieve the same goal and performance requirements. steel bushings
The application value of performance appraisal results is to individual employees. Performance appraisal results can not only obtain effective incentives such as salary, promotion, training, etc., but also can effectively feedback the achievement of their own goals, find deficiencies, and achieve improvement, thus realizing their personal careers. Good development.

2. The application of performance assessment results mainly includes:
(1) Improve the overall work performance of the organization
Through the analysis of performance results, it is possible to discover shortcomings of team members, make targeted improvements and improvements, and optimize manpower and resource allocation so as to better achieve the overall work goals.

(2) Promote objective evaluation of management objects and employees’ self-knowledge
The analysis and application of performance results will help managers to make objective evaluations of employees, avoid subjective assertions, and make decisions based on their brains, and apply reinforcement, incentives, and guidance accordingly. In addition, it is also helpful to promote self-knowledge and improvement of employees and avoid self-understanding errors. For example, some employees are proud and proud of their ability and outstanding performance. However, the fact that performance results are presented is often conducive to their objective self-awareness and evaluation. steel bushings

(3) As a basis for salary adjustment
Responsiveness is not the same in terms of salary, but it is not the same as doing well or not. This is the most direct function of the application of performance results. Employee compensation, especially performance compensation, should be determined by the employee’s performance results. Establish a compensation system that corresponds to performance and motivate employees to work.

(4) Basis for job adjustment
Through the application of performance test results, a comprehensive judgment is made on the work performance, performance, ability and work attitude of the employees, and accordingly, the positions and positions of the employees are adjusted accordingly. steel bushings

(5) As a basis for training promotion
The result of performance appraisal is an important basis for the analysis of training needs. Find out the shortcomings of employees’ knowledge, skills or abilities through performance results and apply targeted training promotions. According to employee performance results, special skills training is performed prior to promotion.

(6) Evidence as a case of litigation
The application of performance results is undoubtedly of great value for the purpose of verifying the employee’s inability to perform assignments or dismissing labor contracts. The company should keep these performance results well. Once employees’ labor disputes are involved, they can submit relevant records and prove the relevant contents, thus avoiding legal risks. steel bushings

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