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[HR] performance appraisal promotion and Implementation (five) performance appraisal implementation diagnosis and improvement

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The assessment is the most important. The study of the past few days, I believe that we have a deeper understanding and understanding of the implementation of the assessment. Check the implementation of the performance appraisal of their own enterprises, need to improve or optimize it: Competitive steel dealers near me China Manufacturer

1, what are the problems in the implementation of your company’s assessment?

2, how do you improve or optimize? Competitive steel dealers near me China Manufacturer

Reference analysis (1):

One of the problems: the assessment scheme has not been effectively operated, and the implementation of the system is not strong. The executive force is one of the most difficult to get into the project, increase the training of executive power, but the effect is still not satisfactory. Competitive steel dealers near me China Manufacturer

Solution: to participate in the work of various departments to understand the core and work flow, then for each project work target gradually solved. It is easy to fix, fix the person is not easy. You can control the method and process of him to do, but you cannot control other people’s thoughts, this is difficult. If it is at the grassroots level by HR multi channel, multi track, multi chase. In the top, you have to rely on the general manager level to help the brainwashing, change their way of thinking, to accept the related system and policy, so as to contribute to the company, to enhance their own ability. Competitive steel dealers near me China Manufacturer

There are two problems: staff interviews reflect problems, part of the problem is difficult to verify

Solution: all staff feedback, as HR you believe or not? Some HR think, believe it or not is very difficult. In fact, not difficult, everyone in the feedback problem, most people just stand his own perspective, ignoring the mode of empathy in performance. The interview must pay attention to staff’s reaction, once the employee questions you must try to give him the spot, if it is to affect the company’s (not in your duties within the scope of authority) can tell the staff to reflect the higher level, ask him to wait for the results. So when the problem of staff feedback, analysis, classification to solve, from easy to difficult order.

In fact, will encounter a lot of every kind of in the performance appraisal process, the reasons of these problems, mostly due to loopholes in the system, the enforcement of management personnel, evaluation researchers mentality and so on. When we perform, as long as the problems are recorded, analyzed one by one. Regular summary analysis, system optimization with the operation process now, make it simple and easy to operate, the staff can easily accept the plan. Competitive steel dealers near me China Manufacturer

The performance appraisal scheme, in the process of operation, nothing is called to follow a fair, impartial and objective principle, the goal must be clear, standardized criteria. As long as there is a normal heart to treat the performance appraisal can not be a big problem.

Reference analysis (two):

The first sentence is right: the perfect solution if not well implemented, can not achieve the ideal effect; on the contrary, very simple seemingly perfect scheme if well executed, can obtain satisfactory results. The performance appraisal is the same, early to spend a lot of time and energy in the assessment of management measures plan, develop training and publicity plan, if not in the assessment of the implementation of good implementation, will make the assessment scheme greatly reduced, so we cannot get satisfactory results.

This is the so-called: execution is the real first productivity. In the implementation of performance appraisal, our units also exist some problems, the following share. Competitive steel dealers near me China Manufacturer

1, some personnel were not evaluated

This situation mainly occurred in the transfer, long Hugh, post, individual special post employees. The regulations of the company, the permanent staff will be included in the performance appraisal scope. But some employees leave up to 1 weeks, or months post transfer, some with the leadership of the company or department responsible for the special personnel, after some of the leadership “hello”, “special circumstances, for exception handling, superiors agreed a month can not be included in the assessment, in accordance with the usual month treatment given the payment of wages or bonuses, which makes the other normal examination staff disgruntled, think injustice.

I think, these seemingly “special” still can carry out the assessment, such as transfer, according to the former, after different positions respectively for evaluation, but a little trouble, the average score is the score; long vacation period, still take the effectiveness of performance assessment so, in order to convince the public.

2, the implementation process to adjust the assessment objectives

In the assessment of the implementation process, individual assessment and come up with some special extreme examples, find a higher level of leadership, that some index set unreasonable, assessment easier with low scores, want to adjust, some leaders are busy with work, no time to verify the index, to listen to the HR department or the original setting considerations and ideas, in addition to the examination department mainly belong to the company core staff, leading to listen to these views, the next instruction to change “target” (such as: the original monthly profit of 100 million, 80 million in the implementation of the adjustment). So to reform, will make against the insider, a if so, what had gone? Why not put in goal setting? Competitive steel dealers near me China Manufacturer

Most of these are the key employees who want to reflect their “value of existence” at the critical moment, because the company can not leave them for the moment, even if they know the truth, the company will also make concessions. Therefore, in the face of this situation, sometimes they have to submit to it

I think, to solve this problem, in the plan, specifically for the backbone of the core staff to prepare a small document, you can write “I have on the performance appraisal content reached with the company fully consistent, in the annual assessment period, even if the other accident, I never asked to adjust or the contents of” excuse, modify assessment and signature confirmation. Don’t want to sign, this situation can also be clearly informed, and let their superiors know in order to turn accounts for “mouth” advantage. Competitive steel dealers near me China Manufacturer

3, the participants were not actively involved in the process

A lot of examinedpay to score at the time of signing, only pay attention to the final score, if you reach the expected value, look at the sign, if the value is lower than expected, which is at the lower score, and score on the examination to tangle had not considered details clearly. This is not only the result. Pay attention to the evaluation process (especially process performance) is dumbfounding.

Treat this kind of phenomenon, unless the assessment process score error, otherwise, we will adhere to the principle of giving the patient explanation, process, and performance or persuade their attention, only focus on results, the significance is not large, it needs to be assessed and superior to do its work, in order to reverse the incorrect understanding.

4, the enthusiasm of data collection personnel is not high

This is mainly: data collection staff that work is tedious, but will offend people, the company can give in return is not good. At present, the company for their data collection is not accurate, not timely will have the corresponding penalties, into their duties within the scope of the work, but also will do well give the spirit of praise, especially to give 500 yuan reward, they do not think enough to heart.

I think, based on the original approval and recognition, companies can also consider the selection of semi annual, annual outstanding data collection staff award, the winner can be the next year a monthly increase of 500 yuan (data can vary according to the situation of extra allowance); in addition, there will also be a priority in the promotion. Competitive steel dealers near me China Manufacturer

5, the accuracy of individual assessment data collection is poor

This data is mainly provided by the customer data, abroad data, supplier data, because it is difficult to verify the performance of commission, there is fraud ingredients (such as: customer satisfaction survey, fill in a form sometimes from the writing point of view may be temporary fill in, or even a person’s handwriting, but there is no evidence. Had no choice but to use). This could affect the assessment of the accuracy, fairness, justice.

I think, for this kind of data collection, can take a fixed random manner, if found according to the regulations: any fraud, according to the demerits once a year, made two times, can be given removed. Under heavy penalties will believe this behavior.

6, the assessment result will be greatly influenced by the leader’s will

The company’s business as affected by season, the company important department (business department and manufacturing department) monthly assessment score is lower than the same period, even the functional departments scored a lot lower, may affect the enthusiasm of the staff of the Department, the leadership of the company to see this situation, will the kindness, Commission or their performance requirements hands will assess the results of rewriting, this situation will appear in the year-end assessment. The leaders believe that the company’s performance appraisal should be the direction of these business tilt, because their greatest contribution, score and bonus for the most. This simple logic theory really let HR department and other staff close to. “This” can speak. Competitive steel dealers near me China Manufacturer

The will of the leader will not happen, but it can not be pointed out directly, nor can it be more powerful than weak

I think, can the performance commission or the HR department to collect “leadership results about” comments or suggestions, will be next to the side or voice to the leadership of the ear, thus let the leaders understand the importance of performance appraisal of “fairness”, to understand the seriousness of the performance plan and evaluation results, rather under the leadership instruction modify the evaluation scheme in the next cycle, to temporarily agree with this assessment cycle assessment results.

Just a part of the assessment process problems mentioned above, with assessment goes on, there will be other problems, only by adhering to the “no man is perfect, None is perfect” mentality, that performance appraisal is the need for a “process” continuous improvement can be more suitable for the actual situation of the company, in order to promote the various departments, all staff to improve work actively and improve work efficiency.

Competitive steel dealers near me China Manufacturer

Competitive steel dealers near me China Manufacturer



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