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[job story] without innovation, it’s perished

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Without innovation, it’s perished – in 1970s, when the Ford Motor Co was on the brink of bankruptcy, Henry Ford summed up the lesson.

Henry Ford is the only person in the world who enjoys the reputation of “car king”. He not only installed a car wheel for the United States, but also said that he brought human society into the era of automobile. High Quality steel fabrication shop China Manufacturer

Ford is the son of a farmer, but he had to tinker with the machinery is full of interest.

When he was young, he worked on mechanical repair, watch repair, ship repair and so on. By the time he was 30 years old, his gasoline engine had been tested successfully. After more than two years, his first car was also developed and tested successfully. Subsequently, he successfully made three cars.

Despite the lack of management experience, Ford’s first two auto plants ended in failure. But after the honed Ford finally rewrote history.

In June 1903, Ford worked with others for the third time, and established a car company in the joint-stock mode. Since then, its factory has made stable A, N, R and S cars. High Quality steel fabrication shop China Manufacturer

The farmer was born in family of Ford also understand the American countryside, farmers need is with much land and few people, simple, durable, able to endure the bumpy car. With this feature, Ford finally produced a simple, durable, low price “T” type of car, the Ford car will soon occupy the world car market share of 68%.

In this process, the old Ford innovation, while other automobile factory workers are working 10 hours a day, every 3 dollars. He has launched the “eight hour”, “$5 a day, on the surface of his primitive accumulation is very unfavorable, but on the other hand, he absorbed a lot of skilled workers. To improve the work efficiency; in addition, he also invented the” production line “, creatively put forward the” scientific management “concept.

In the innovation, the Ford family was “fabulously rich”. But, the old Ford innovation has gradually moved toward the dogmatization. High Quality steel fabrication shop China Manufacturer

In 1920s, the United States entered the era of mass affluence, but Ford still believed that we should live frugal and continue to strive to produce T cars, improve quality and reduce costs. But Americans at that time needed more speed, modeling, environmental protection and personalization, and more and more diverse needs.

But the stubborn Ford car is still monotonous, with large oil consumption and large volume of exhaust, which is totally out of line with the increasingly tense oil supply market and increasingly serious environmental protection.

Little Ford suggested that the old Ford launched the luxury car, but not to adopt it. The old Ford even used the ax to destroy her new car. But general motors and several other companies were closely linked to the market demand, and worked out the correct strategic plan for the production of energy saving, low consumption and small portable car. High Quality steel fabrication shop China Manufacturer

In the 1970s oil crisis, General Motors jumped up and Ford was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Old Ford realized that it had made mistakes in its judgement. Instead, it launched the luxury car according to the opinion of Xiao Ford. But the opportunity was lost. The old Ford summed up with emotion: “no innovation, we will die.”

To this day, Ford has not returned to its old leader’s throne.

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