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Emphasizing attendance and punching, this company is not far from the decline.

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Corporate meetings:
This month, 5 people from your department were late, 18 were out of attendance, and the assessment department was 1 point.

Departmental meeting:
This month we have 23 attendance errors, and the company is assessed for 1,000 yuan. This part is deducted from the individual’s head, 50 per person, in order to achieve effective results. Double up next time.
There was once an article entitled “Bai Yansong: Any unit, when it was necessary to emphasize attendance and punching, it must have been a declining road”. The article wrote a “Bai theory”: steel fabricators in xiamen

Any unit, as long as it begins to emphasize disciplines such as attendance and punching, must be the time when it begins to decline.

Because of a unit that has gone uphill, everyone is not waiting to raise the whip. Perhaps the employee came to work at 10 o’clock, did not rush to punch at 8 o’clock, but consciously did it until 3 o’clock the next morning, without supervision and urging.

When “Oriental Space Time” was just founded, it never punched cards, and there was no disciplinary requirement. However, we almost lived in units. When it was later emphasized that the card was punched, the influence was weak.

Bai Yansong, as a famous host, can always speak gold-like sentences. Even if this sentence is said in the business management field that he is not familiar with. steel fabricators in xiamen

Whether or not Bai Yansong said it, you may wish to reflect on your company, whether the following conditions:

1. Salary issues: Most of them implement a fixed or micro-elastic salary mechanism, and employees and bosses are not satisfied;

2. Administrative issues: The business operation system is relatively sound, but the administrative control system is primitive and rough;

3. The problem of win-win situation: The boss and the staff each have their own interests, their goals are different, and the boss is alone.

Summarized into a sentence is: emphasis on light business management, re-attendance and light assessment, heavy labor and human efficiency, heavy fines deduction.

On the one hand, regarding the late arrival time of employees, the number of wages to be deducted should be calculated for every one minute late;
On the other hand, performance appraisal is in the form of scoring games and form-filling games. steel fabricators in xiamen

Someone on the internet shared a story like this:

At a class reunion, the dinner board is scheduled to begin at 6 pm. Among them, one student is working overtime. According to the company’s regulations, he needs to be at 9 o’clock in the evening to get off work.

I thought he wouldn’t expect it, and he didn’t think he would go to the party on time.

Later, when asked if he had asked for leave, he said no: He took the company’s punch card, so as long as he finds an outlet at 9:00 pm, he can punch the card off work.

What should be the number of employee assessments? steel fabricators in xiamen

An ethical employee will never work because the company requires punching or not punching cards. On the contrary, there are not many loose working conditions that are bound by restrictions, but they give them free space.

To do anything, we must “begin with the end.” We must understand what we want most before we manage and review our employees. For example, for a design planner, what we want is creativity; for a sales person, what we want is the performance of product sales, not whether or not we forget to punch cards when we go to and from work.

Management is an art. If we focus on management only on the commuter clock, and ignore the others, then our management personnel can do it. Because of the card punching, the machine can be competent, and it will do more than people do. More accurate, fair and just. steel fabricators in xiamen

Can we manage our employees by assessing their employees’ projects?

Mr. Lu Changquan mentioned the issue of assessment focus in his “Marketing Program.” He mentioned that it is often seen that the assessment of some companies is very complicated, the number of assessment indicators, the difficulty of quantification, and the complexity of operations have reached a point where it is virtually impossible to implement.

For example, a company’s evaluation of a sales representative actually has 7 indicators: task completion rate, management ability, public relations ability, expense rate, personality, quality of reported plan, clothing, etc. steel fabricators in xiamen

Where is this assessment of an ordinary sales representative? If according to some of the quantitative indicators in the company’s assessment, it can be close to a perfect person if it can achieve 60%. How could he only be a sales representative? These assessment indicators have actually exceeded the standards of a minister of a country.

In this way, the more assessment the more essential, the worse the assessment of the quality of the staff, the more assessment that the system is not perfect. There are so many assessment projects, and the key to poor results is that the assessment is not focused. What exactly do we want sales representatives to bring to the company? After thinking clearly about this issue, we will evaluate this key indicator. Others are management issues. Later, he suggested that the assessment index should be changed from 7 to two, and the result was unexpectedly good. steel fabricators in xiamen

Is the company perfect for profit or for management?

Mr. Lu Changquan emphasized in his article “Speed ​​Leading – Leading to the Convergence of Resources” that in a “speed leading” strategy, if a company does not take the initiative, it can only make up for it by speed. The convergence of low-cost resources caused by fast-moving companies is essentially a kind of “wrap threat effect” produced by speed. The side effect of the “speed ahead” strategy is “limited confusion.” steel fabricators in xiamen

At this stage, it is worth pondering whether the existence of a company exists in order to manage perfection, or to seize opportunities to achieve profitability. Even if all the problems in management are solved and the company is made perfect, but we have lost the opportunity and speed of enterprise development and lost the basic conditions for competition. What is the value of such perfection? This perfection is short-lived because it loses the basic premise of competition. Therefore, we must clearly understand that companies exist for development rather than perfection.
What do you do for recruiting employees?

The company recruits so many employees, is it because they want to punch cards from work every day? Is it a good employee to have an employee who remembers to punch the clock every day at work? steel fabricators in xiamen

Obviously, the work that can be done in 3 hours can be delayed to 8 hours. You are finished efficiently and you will think that you are very busy and will arrange other work for you. No more money, why bother?

Taking the loading and unloading of catalysts as an example, those temporary workers are taking 120 wages a day. This is the amount of money they do, so ah, they have to work hard, and they have to work until they get off work. Suddenly, contractors said they could finish work after they finished their work. They could fly with their arms. He also said that after finishing the snack and adding another 20 yuan bonus, you would be rushing to work without your urging. steel fabricators in xiamen

Someone asked: In this case, the company does not need a system. Would you like to come and would you like to go?

No, the system is a must. It depends on where your assessment focuses. Is the result, or form?

Reasonable work arrangements can be completed with quality and quantity. Do you have to work overtime to prove that you are working hard? steel fabricators in xiamen

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