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[Workplace Story] See how American companies send bonuses?

The Shure Perol Company in Illinois, USA, has a “best new wrong award.” The award was nominated by the employees themselves, resulting in three winners. The employee who committed the “gold error” will receive a $400 award, which is twice the company’s other traditional awards. steel pipe fittings

“We have to draw a heavy emphasis on the word ‘new’,” says Michael Alte, the president of Shureperol. “There is no reward for repeating the same mistake.” steel pipe fittings

This award is to remind employees that in an innovative atmosphere, failure is always a viable option. “If you don’t encourage people to take risks, you will end up with endless gradualism,” Arter said. “The mistake is your tuition for success.”

The “Best Damage Award” sounds like the kind of innovation that popped up when everyone started reading Clayton Christensen’s theory in the 1990s. Crayton is a professor of business administration at the Harvard Business School in the United States. He created the famous “destructive innovation” theory, which means that some innovations will destroy the company’s original market share and interest network, so it is called “destructive innovation.” “. However, in ADG, a marketing and creative company in Maryland, the “Best Damage Award” was awarded to the employees whose personal life was the most affected due to work reasons in the current year. “We gave this award to people who are desperate. Not because we want him to commit suicide, but to reward him for his sacrifice as a leader.” said Jeff Antekovikak, founder and creative director of ADG. . For example, a typical winner voluntarily participated in an ambitious project, for which he had to work overtime late at night and over the weekend. He received a pack of espresso beans, a neck pillow, and a five-day weekend and $2,000. Last year, the three employees who received the award gave excellent guidance to supervise the transition of the old and new office areas and ensured that the daily work during the transition period was carried out smoothly in the old office area. steel pipe fittings

Most of the annual awards aim to encourage desirable performance in a focused and exemplary manner. However, the annual awards have thus led the company’s best employees to play a negative role: they have already proved themselves, and therefore have been targeted by others. Bob Nielsen, author of “1001 Ways to Reward Employees,” believes that any prize should motivate the winner to play a more active role and to assume a greater responsibility. “If you’re awarding the “Best Leader Award,” don’t just give them a check and send them to Hawaii,” Nielsen suggested. “For example, a portion of the reward can be used to give advice to the company. If it’s ‘innovation,’ The winner’s prize can give the winners a budget to allow them to further expand their ideas.” Another Nelson’s suggestion is to abandon the one-man-one-of-award formula, because it forces the leadership to make a hard distinction among those who perform well. . On the contrary, all shining stars in the company’s elite should be rewarded. steel pipe fittings

If the annual awards are designed to call on employees to provide better services than to issue a large cheque, the company’s generosity will be effective. Headquartered in San Francisco, the “I Love Rewards” company, which provides advice for employees’ HR recognition programs, recruits about 10 employees each year into its president’s club. Of course, they will receive a free tour as a reward. Last year was the 4th tour of the Bahamas. But when they return to the company, the winners will become members of the CEO’s internal team. The group is composed of employees from different departments and employees of different grades. During the quarterly meeting, Chief Executive Officer Ruther Sulman analyzed major issues. At a recent meeting, the group discussed how the company’s culture should be measured in the continued expansion of “I love reward” companies.

“When you ask your best employees what you should do, they know the answer,” said Surman, “and when other employees see the best of them participating in the company’s strategy development, your strategic approach It will be very impressive.” steel pipe fittings

What matters more than reward content is their meaning. The award ceremony is an excellent opportunity for employees to relive the company’s core values ​​because it allows people to see how good employees embody these values. Nielsen added: “The CEO should make it clear what this person does and link his past performance to future tasks and strategic goals.”

Ideally, when a prize is mentioned, people’s minds are not presented with prizes or cheques. Instead, the winning person is busy with work, or anything else that shows that he is valuable to the company. thing. “We reward free travel, but we don’t want people to just think of traveling,” said Ante Koviak. “We want employees to think about why some of them are so good.” Employee rewards don’t necessarily have to be applied to old land. Award ceremony. Here are some ways to inject new ideas for old-fashioned prizes:

Detailed description of the basis for the judgement. Each award is written for recognition, including examples of previous winners and reasons for the award. In this case, the award will be consistent and will not be easily affected by personal bias. In the opinion of author Nelson Bob Nielsen: You certainly don’t want to hear other people say, “Wait, why don’t you award the prize to him. Isn’t the company paying him to do this?”. steel pipe fittings

Personalized reward content. Make it clear that the winners are more willing to receive money, holidays, travel or other rewards. At ADG Creative, managers will quietly ask the winners what they like before the results of the awards are made public. “We want to make sure what we give them is what they really need,” said Jeff Antekowak, the founder of ADG Creative.

Many of the best employees are juxtaposed. Do not set a limit on the number of people in the company’s highest award. If a few employees do not perform well, then they are all honored.

Limit the types of awards. From the “Proposal will be the biggest progress award” to “Best office partition decoration award”, it is tempting to set up individual awards for recognition of each achievement, and it is also very interesting, but do not set so much that they become Meaningless. There is a good line in the movie Superman Story. “When everyone is different, no one is different.” steel pipe fittings

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