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The survival of mechanical parts enterprises

In recent years, the host enterprise price wind blowing frequency, especially since entering 2006, the price has become more vehicle manufacturers frequently resorted to promotional weapons. More and more deep price whirlpool, vehicle manufacturers will not only deeply involved, and quickly affecting the fish, in the vehicle manufacturer’s strong influence, bearing, gear, hydraulic parts, standard parts and other upstream spare parts manufacturers began to feel more and more passive price pains.

Although parts manufacturers generally reflect and OEM in unequal status, the lack of effective dialogue, but face the dual pressures of the host plant lower prices and raw material prices, although profit margins have become smaller, but most parts manufacturers still make compromises, dare not anger and outspoken, but did not dare not to worry about the loss of supply, the related qualification and future the market.

Survival in the crevice parts enterprises

“It should be said that at present all the parts manufacturers very sad day.” a car bearing a Liuxing enterprise general manager told the author, a few years ago, parts of the profit is very lucrative. Now, the vehicle factory prices too much, he had to push himself to the enterprise to strengthen management, improve technology. “The foreigner can carry it anyway. To live, we must also Kangzhu. Maybe after this round of price war, will eliminate a number of bad parts factory, naturally, will exercise a batch to withstand the factory”

In the hundreds of thousands of dollars in the price range, OEMs by controlling the market access and technical standards, product brand, play a dominant role in the market. Therefore, the price of a drop, parts manufacturers will naturally take the initiative to follow up, otherwise, when the vehicle plant proposed for supporting plant, then act it is too late.

In the past, the car companies in the procurement of spare parts required spare parts prices fell a few percentage points each year. But last year, the price of the vehicle so that the vehicle enterprises will continue to cut prices, most of the pressure almost passed on to suppliers. The piston as a brand, in May last year quoted price is 110 yuan, and now as long as 90 yuan, a decrease of nearly 20%.

“The boat is late again. Not in the wind” parts enterprises to constantly reduce prices at the same time, the recent prices of raw materials, such as steel, oil, coal and steel to continue to rise, for example, the current domestic hot plate market prices have reached 3800 yuan (US $458 / ton tax), plate price reached 4100 yuan (US $494 / ton). In addition, fluctuations in the price of aluminum and other raw materials also affect the automobile and parts enterprises. Transportation costs are on the rise. The power shortage may also cause further price rise. At the same time, other costs down space is limited. To ensure all very little space the cost of the quality system and quality decline, not at the expense of the cost of the product, it is for spare parts manufacturers The loss outweighs the gain.. Therefore, enterprises under pressure from two sides, the host plant to lower prices and rising prices of raw materials like” Hamburger “, we call the” hamburger “effect.

Parts of the enterprise into a vicious circle

China parts enterprises mostly depend on the vehicle manufacturer, themselves in a passive position, service. In foreign countries, parts factory has the capacity of independent development, the development of new host plant but rely on spare parts manufacturers, this is mainly in the gap between domestic and foreign parts enterprises. According to this understanding, like the well-known parts manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers cooperation framework agreement, usually signed a three or four year or even longer, the two sides signed a year contract, according to the spare parts cost, expand the scale and improve production efficiency, there are 35 points of the price range of fittings business every year, drop points both sides agreed in advance. But, as a host plant, the annual contract often will be required to renegotiate delivery price, or even mandatory spare parts business for a big price. The host plant photosynthesis As the host plant, often not in accordance with the provisions of the contract, the frequent put forward to reduce the purchase price of the request, it is a common phenomenon in spare parts industry. The concern is that many enterprises to reduce costs, has been in the raw material and process, resulting in parts product quality drops.

Parts enterprises should pay attention to independent development

The development ability is weak, is a big problem Chinese parts enterprises. In the absence of development ability, China most parts enterprises lack of intellectual property, only according to the drawing processing, earn some money toil. An industry experts believe that the suppliers only enter from the market to manufacturing, from manufacturing to the development of the complete process of independent development the system and the ability of independent development in the form of transformation, the formation of independent development team, so as to form the final competition. Hunan Jiangbin machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. in the introduction of digestion, absorption, foreign advanced technology, is a successful example. The company is a production and operation of engine piston on the professional company. In 80s the company from Germany MAHLE company introduced a complete set of piston machining technology, through 20 years of digestion, absorption, bold innovation, finally achieved stage results. Now, the public Company has the domestic first-class piston machining technology, and some technology has reached the international advanced level, the ability to participate in market competition significantly enhanced.

The international automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers, is the equal relationship in our country be closely related and mutually dependent, this relationship has become the “father and son”. The relationship between the prosperity of the enterprise, the vehicle must be supported by the vehicle parts factory, and the price can not at the expense of parts enterprises at the expense of the, OEM and supporting factory “win-win” road, far-reaching significance in the future to establish the combination of strategic partnership.

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