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Recently, the “big tree theory” of the madness, the article is very short

1. The first condition of becoming a big tree: time. swiss machine

No tree is planted as a tree seedling, and it immediately becomes a big tree. It must be a time to depict the annual rings and a circle to the foreign minister. swiss machine

Inspiration: To be successful, be sure to give yourself time. Time is the accumulation of experience and the extension of the court.

2. The second condition of becoming a big tree: not moving. swiss machine

There is no big tree. It was planted here in the first year. It was planted there the next year, and it can become a big tree. It must have been wind, rain, and snow for thousands of years. It is countless times that wind, rain, and snow will eventually make a big tree.

Revelation: If you want to succeed, you must “let you wind and rain, I will never move,” stick to your beliefs, focus on internal strength, and finally become a positive result! swiss machine

3. The third condition for becoming a big tree: the foundation.

The tree has millions of roots, thick roots, fine roots, and micro roots. It penetrates deep into the ground and constantly absorbs nourishment and grows itself. There is absolutely no big tree without roots.

Revelation: To succeed, we must continue to learn. Constantly enrich oneself, root oneself well, the career can be evergreen.

4. The fourth condition for becoming a big tree: grow up. swiss machine

No tree grows only to the side, and it does not grow taller; it must be the longest main trunk and long twigs, and it is always long.

Revelation: To be successful, we must go up. There will be more room for continuous improvement.

5. The fifth condition for becoming a big tree: to the sun.  swiss machine

No tree grows dark and escapes light. The sun is the hope for the growth of trees. Big trees know that they must fight for more sunlight for themselves and hopefully grow taller.

Revelation: If you want to be successful, you must establish a correct goal and work hard for it, and your wishes can become reality. swiss machine

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