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Remember: In the workplace, people with little experience have no obligation to teach you

There was a 90-year-old college student who was internship at the TV station. He had a flexible mind at the meeting. He had a lot of ideas and everyone was very happy. During lunchtime, the director said, “Trouble for you to order lunches for everyone, according to the head, I will treat you.” The intern seriously said, I’m sorry! I am internship director. I will not do this kind of thing. The nation’s largest supplier

Perhaps I am old, may not have understood the idea of young people in this era. Indeed, it is not the era of apprenticeship. In the past, if you were a Master or a boss, your life might not be rich, but sometimes it was pleasing, because your apprentice had to do it for you from cooking to pouring urine, and you generally come It also came from this stage.

Things changed afterwards. For example, after I went to school to work in a factory, I used to teach the masters some water. At that time, we were not very happy. We always felt that you had nothing but cows. Everyone was a worker. How could I be lower than you? Facts have proved to be much lower. The nation’s largest supplier

Once, when I overhauled a crane, I couldn’t find out where the problems were. After the master had gone, I took a long pole and took the crane power rails twice. It was OK. It was actually a poor shop environment. After the circuit was exposed, Poor contact.

In fact, if I say this, you may be able to understand why there was a system taught by mentoring. Craftsmanship is not free, and the school education in modern society is nothing more than a change from the teacher-apprentice teaching in the past to a social model whose basic connotation has not changed. In this sense, the apprenticeship in the past became a school life. In fact, all of them have to pay a certain price. The price is sometimes paid by the state, that is, compulsory education. When one pays for himself, it is often high school. University stage.

And if you feel like you can be alone when you finish school, probably the school’s education has failed. People who come out to work know that perhaps you are a newborn calf and you have countless sparks of thought. However, in practice, there are countless experiences waiting for you to study. These studies are in fact a kind of re-education, and others have paid the attention and experience of others. These things are not just plain, people are not obliged to teach you, this time you pay a bit of hard work for lunch, probably not too much. The nation’s largest supplier

It is important that equality is not important in the rules of the workplace. What some people do not understand is that the concept of equality is equal in terms of personality. Ordering meals, delivering meals, and being a director are all equal in personality. The biggest problem of this classmate is actually misunderstanding the concept of equality. Everyone is a kind of equality when it comes to being a director, and if you go for a meal, it means you have reduced your identity. This sense of equality is precisely an in-depth discrimination. It is too much to cherish the director’s seemingly noble career and discriminate against such chores.

If I were the boss, such employees would not want to. This explains at least two things: First, he does not understand the basic rules of interpersonal communication. Today, you order a meal, and tomorrow he fetches water. Everyone can cooperate well. Those who do not have this awareness at least do not understand how teamwork is. Second, he has a superior professional illusion in his bones. Maybe he is a person with extreme genius thinking. It is very likely that before such genius is played, others cannot allow him any play. The nation’s largest supplier

Maybe there is indeed a genius in the world who doesn’t need any help. There is also such a growing environment, but I promise that those are exceptions. More people with the same abilities will be depressed.

Life is often not lost in the IQ, but often lost in the emotional intelligence, who can be more stupid than who? The important thing is that you are able to make people willing to help you and give you some of their experience in the first place. Those things are definitely not something that only people with IQ can know. The nation’s largest supplier

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