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Together, leading the hexagon cross-border industrial measurement — a new trend of industrial CT measurement

The success of CT’s medical diagnosis field, make CT application more widely. In recent years, with the CT industrial computer tomography technology, advanced measurement and analysis software collocation, without destroying the conditions of the detection of object structure, the two-dimensional image or a three-dimensional image of the form, clear, accurate, intuitive display by internal structure detection the object, material composition and defect status, known as the future trend of the measurement technology. Therefore, the near future, the measurement industry is from outside the traditional measurement in the past, to the internal nondestructive analysis and whole size measurement.

Metering / leading global manufacturing solutions provider to hexagon X ray testing equipment in the world’s leading supplier of Christie Lang (YXLON), two strong top multinational group joined forces to jointly develop the industrial X ray tomography technology in the field of industrial measurement applications, using the latest micro focus, hexagon mature collocation the measuring software nano focus X ray technology, the most advanced X ray scanning technology and CT technology, the perfect application in industrial measurement market, improve the industrial measurement capability.

The two sides launched a FF20 CT, FF35 CT series of high resolution computer tomography (CT) detection system, is a fusion of nondestructive testing core technology metering industrial CT equipment

FF20 CT, FF35 CT measuring machine in nondestructive testing technology and measurement technology shows excellent accuracy, versatility and professionalism, product to solve the difficult to reach and hidden parts of the size and geometric tolerance measurement, analysis of porosity, wall thickness analysis, composite analysis, material analysis, assembly inspection, modification the application of reverse engineering problem.

CT industrial measuring machine is an efficient method to solve the complex problems of quality problems, suitable for the detection task most materials and dimensions, seamless plastic engineering, aerospace, automotive, electronics, precision machinery, scientific research and testing requirements of detection.

FF series CT measuring machine core advantage

Hardware advantage:

The whole machine adopts the granite platform base system with the best temperature stability. It will not deform for a long time, has high abrasion resistance and keeps the accuracy unchanged for a long time, so that the overall scanning effect is far beyond the cast iron platform

Equipped with Heidenhain (global leading grating ruler), linear grating and circular grating system to ensure the accuracy of the guideway and turntable

The use of nano / micron YXLON independent X ray tube, the highest detail resolution up to 150nm, and the built-in magnetic technology, avoid the external electromagnetic interference. The open tube design, stable performance, no aging, YXLON in the X – ray source of experience and achievements, which has the absolute leading position in the scan results.

Software advantage:

Software measurement field collocation measurement and evaluation of well-known software QUINDOS software system, QUINDOS has a point cloud data processing core engine, support different data formats CT, have strong ability of analysis in data processing, making huge amounts of measurement data at a glance, the combination of CT technology and the perfect measure.

On the Christie lang:

YXLON is a leading manufacturer in the world X ray detection system and scanning system, headquartered in Hamburg, is the only company in the world with almost all X ray key components suppliers, including X light tube, high voltage generator, X controller, LDA control software and X ray detector, control technology and so on, and its related technology has 100 years of history.

Dr 1895:W.K.Roentgen discovered an unknown ray and named it “X ray”

1896: C.H.F M ller Mr. Muller, Germany Thuringia glassware factory boss, in Hamburg blowing the world first X ray tube 1927: Philips acquisition of PHILPS, the Muller company, in Hamburg started to develop X ray tube, which is in accordance with Christie’s predecessor 1973: Philips Lang developed the first 160KV 1990: Philips metal ceramic X-ray tube the development of the first 450KV X ray source 1998:: according to Christie Lang International Co. Ltd. was established in 2007: ray Hamburg in Christie Lang incorporated into COMET group 2016: according to Christie Lang group and hexagon Group official strategic cooperation.

A hexagon of intelligent manufacturing:

Hexagon is a leading global provider of information technology, to provide the driving force for quality and productivity in the geographic information and industrial applications. Intelligent manufacturing belongs to the Hexagon Hexagon group (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B;

Hexagon metrology and manufacturing intelligent manufacturing as the leading global technology solutions experts, with measurement and manufacturing technology combined the most widely, the history can be traced back to nineteenth Century, the precision measurement of 200 years of experience, with professional knowledge, long-term accumulation of rooted manufacturing for the automotive, aerospace, electronics and other industries to provide complete solutions we specialize in perception, parsing and action – Implementation of data acquisition, analysis and Utilization – provide the production speed and productivity accelerated confidence to customers, and improve the quality of the products.

Through localized service centers across five continents, manufacturing facilities and business operations, we shape intellectual change in the manufacturing sector and drive quality driven productivity

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