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Toyota employee self – consciousness stems from respecting human nature and improving culture

Jack Welch said in his annual report of 1989, “Toyota is a name we should remember. His employees come to the company early every day to put into practice the ideas they came up with last night;” After returning home, not to forget all the work of the day, but to discuss the problems encountered with their families; When the bell rings, I wonder if I am too busy to remember the time. Some people will wonder why there is a bell at the end of the work. Even some employees will improve their working methods every day, sum up their work experience to enrich their lives, want to make the company the best business. “high precision customized steel manufacturers in the USA.

Perhaps some people will say, that is the report of 1989, at that time many people are simple, also have no material pursuit, now certainly won’t be like this; Maybe some people will say, that is Japan, Toyota employees in China would be like this? high precision customized steel manufacturers in the USA.

The author has been working as TPS (Toyota Mode of production) to promote and improve TPS (Toyota production Mode) in Toyota Electric installation. I have been lucky to grow together with new factories in China for several years. I feel the improvement culture of Toyota and the autonomous management culture of Toyota employees. As mentioned above, Toyota employees are actively thinking about the problems around them every day. Compliance with standards is a habit and improvement is a pursuit. Because Toyota is a factory to realize every employee’s dream, Toyota’s concept of human beings is respect, this respect is not only expressed in the manager’s initiative to say hello to employees, but also to help everyone achieve their own value. Give full play to everyone’s maximum potential and initiative. high precision customized steel manufacturers in the USA.

Many operators do not believe in the ability of people

When I do consult in many enterprises, I often hear managers complain that “now employees are not well managed at all, and even 6S does not comply with …….” such managers do not trust people’s ability. Do not know how to motivate employees, stimulate the wisdom and initiative of employees, blindly hope to replace employees through automation equipment, but do not know that equipment operation needs people, maintenance needs people, repair also needs people. Managers who run away from employees must not be good managers, and enterprises that ignore employees will not become excellent enterprises. Toyota ingeniously inspires human wisdom and gets fruitful results. high precision customized steel manufacturers in the USA.

Why Toyota employees manage themselves? high precision customized steel manufacturers in the USA.

“respect people” is not just “considerate people.” the body paste can make people feel comfortable, but it does not create attention to people. Nayi Ono once said the difference between “respecting human beings” and “respecting human nature”, “respecting human beings” is just as literal, that is, respecting individuals; “respect human nature” is to maximize respect for human beings have the ability to think. Therefore, “do what you say” “you do so”. No respect for human nature. Everyone has the right or even the right to know why they do it, why they do it, when they feel tired at work, uncomfortable taking things, and so on. high precision customized steel manufacturers in the USA. He has the right to propose and improve, and will be rewarded accordingly. “pay attention to people, respect people”, not let everyone on the scene according to the prescribed mechanical work, but use wisdom to work.

Toyota uses the approach of policy management to set everyone up in a challenging environment, using the two pillars of automation and Just in Time to build mechanisms for exposure. Using seven wasteful methods to help employees better find waste and eliminate waste, that is, in the process of finding problems and solving problems, each employee’s wisdom can be brought into play, and their ability can be enhanced. Value can be embodied, thus realizing true independent management.

Please, managers and managers, remember: poor staff management, employees do not abide by, employees do not improve the idea, must not be employee problem, it must be a business and management problems.

Learning from Toyota is not just the surface, the truth of force and reaction always exists, and good people, good people, altruism!

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