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In the face of reality, the people are silent! The take-off of the manufacturing industry, please start with the machine

How to become a manufacturing power? The core lies in the realization of intelligent and high-end manufacturing. types of CNC machine

Nowadays, one of the real problems facing the people of the country is that the core industries of China’s manufacturing industry are not optimistic.

One of the most prominent industries is the machine tool industry, which is hailed as “the mother of industry!” types of CNC machine


The silence of the people before the reality

In recent years, a large number of entrepreneurs have complained about low product gross margins and can’t earn money; consumers complain about poor product quality and there is a gap with foreign high-end goods. A large number of high-end products rely on imports, while domestic production has become synonymous with low-end, low-cost. Caused a large number of entrepreneurs to give up doing the industry turned into the Internet, real estate. However, few people are exploring the underlying reasons. types of CNC machine

Tracing the source, the upstream of the entire manufacturing industry – the status quo of the machine tool industry can be said to be the status quo of a considerable part of China’s manufacturing industry.

Many times people ask me what you are doing. When I answer that it is a CNC machine tool, everyone else squats and doesn’t know what the machine is. I can not help but sigh, even the country does not know the root.

The machine tool is the core of the manufacturing industry. The related industrial chain of the machine tool industry is very extensive. The downstream industries include the automobile industry, rail transportation, shipbuilding, energy and electricity, aerospace, traditional engineering machinery, mold industry, petrochemical industry, 3C electronic products, military industry, etc. Wait. types of CNC machine

Therefore, it is more direct and more realistic to say that a powerful machine tool is coming from a manufacturing powerhouse. For heavy industries such as automobile manufacturing and aerospace, the production capacity and performance of its core engines represent the development level of a country’s high-end manufacturing industry. The level of production of the engine depends on the degree of sophistication of the production machine.

However, the reality is that China currently imports not only high-end engines, but also high-end precision machine tools, which also require large amounts of imports.

“In 2017, 33.8% of the loss-making enterprises in the machine tool industry accounted for the increase in the upstream costs of the industry and the simultaneous increase in prices of downstream products. The industry is in a state of overall profit or loss!” types of CNC machine

From the A-share listed companies, it can also be seen that the overall profitability of the machine tool industry is worrying. Of the 30 machine tool-related listed companies, 9 were in a loss state in 2017, and loss-making companies accounted for nearly 1/3. One of the most striking is the number of *ST Kun machines.

* ST Kunji, Shen Machinery Group Kunming Machine Tool Co., Ltd., profitability deteriorated in recent years. The financial report shows that in the period of 2014-2017, *ST Kunji suffered a substantial loss for four consecutive years, with losses amounting to 210 million yuan, 220 million yuan, 240 million yuan, and 350 million yuan respectively.

Not only that, in order to avoid continuous loss and face the risk of delisting and performance assessment pressure, * ST Kun-machine through the inflated revenue to cover the 2013-2015 financial report, was publicly condemned by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the relevant responsible person was punished. This scandal not only hurt the hearts of investors, but also became a “scar” in the machine tool industry. In the end, Kunji delisted. types of CNC machine

In addition to *ST Kunji, many domestic machine tools are in danger of bankruptcy:

In 2014, the net profit of Hanchuan Machine Tool was -11,866.82 million yuan. In 2015, the 10.27% equity transfer of Hanchuan Machine Tool was transferred. In 2017, it was included in the list of national defaulters who failed credit and applied for bankruptcy and reorganization. On March 23, 2018, it was announced. Bankruptcy reorganization, open recruitment of investors;……..

Due to overburdened business operations, Changzheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd. had already stopped production in July 2015. In June 2017, it was ruled by the Intermediate People’s Court of Zigong City to enter judicial reorganization. As of July 31, 2017, Changzheng’s total assets were RMB 400 million, total liabilities were RMB 780 million, and net assets were RMB 380 million.

In February 2017, the Dalian Machine Tool in bankruptcy was exposed to a material breach of contract. After the appearance of the leading machine tool company in the past, it was devastated.

In recent years, these Chinese machine tools have fallen one by one. So why are domestic machine tool companies making poor profits? types of CNC machine

In other words, the core technology is in the hands of others, and its progress in research and innovation is slow.

It can be said that most of the core parts and components of domestic machine tool companies are purchased from abroad, especially high-end machine tools, relying heavily on imports. In this case, in order to open up the market space, prices can only be depressed, thereby further lowering the profit margin.

Nowadays, under the background of a strong manufacturing nation, the Chinese machine tool industry needs to get rid of the low-profit and high-cost situation. types of CNC machine


The horn sounded and gave it a go

Looking at the world, China is the largest producer, consumer, and importer of the global machine tool market. The huge market demand should have been a great opportunity for Chinese machine tools to flourish.

The current problem is: China’s low-end machine tool overcapacity, poor bargaining power; high-end machine tools rely heavily on imports.

It is true that the high-end technologies in the machine tool industry present a monopoly pattern. types of CNC machine

The core technology is controlled in the hands of specific countries and specific companies, especially CNC machine tools. The key components are mostly from Germany, Japan and other related companies. The stability, reliability, efficiency, and precision of domestically produced machine tools cannot be compared to internationally advanced standards.

We call for the slogan of creating a powerful nation, but we cannot always say “long-term plan”, but we must “realize” research and innovation.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow is so much! The magnificent goal of creating a powerful nation cannot be achieved by relying on drums, drumming, or waiting for me. types of CNC machine

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