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[Workplace Story] “Leave the staff, I have nothing.”

Toshio Naofu’s high prestige in the Japanese business community lies in the fact that he has saved many companies (including Toshiba) facing a crisis during his lifetime. And his magic weapon is to promote rationalization of the company’s internal recommendations, and therefore in Japan is praised as “a rationalization of Mr.”! The acquisition of rationalization proposals can only come from the care and reliance on employees, especially the grass-roots and front-line employees. copper heatsink

In 1965, Toshiyoshi became the president of Toshiba Corporation at the age of 68. Toshiba Co., Ltd. is one of Japan’s most famous electromechanical companies. Its capital and staff numbers are approximately three times that of Ishikawajima’s previous jobs.

Toshiyoshi, the president of Toshiba Corporation, worked with his subordinates to endeavor to endure the fate of Toshiba Corporation.

Toshio Takeo took office when Toshiba’s business was very difficult. When he took office, he changed the way the former manager stood and sat in front of the office to direct the production. Instead, he went on a daily tour and visited the Toshiba branch offices in Japan for less than a long time. copper heatsink

Some factory employees who are far away from Toshiba’s corporate headquarters are very excited: Since the establishment of Toshiba, the past presidents have never been seen. It is natural to be happy to see the president today.

At the grass-roots level, the soil photojournalist chats with employees and eats together to understand their thoughts on the development of the company and encourage them to provide various rationalization opinions. He will also open his own office in Toshiba’s corporate headquarters to employees.

The close relationship between the staff and the staff has greatly enhanced his prestige among the company’s employees. His leadership is naturally sublimated.

At the age of more than 70 years old, Toshiyuki visited Toshiba’s companies across the country, and sometimes even visited the company by night train. Even on Sundays, he had to go to the factory and talk with the security guards and the on-duty staff in order to establish deep feelings with his subordinates. copper heatsink

He said: “I really like to have contact with my subordinates. I like to talk to him regardless of the type of person because from it I can hear many creative suggestions that make me very profitable.”

For example, once, on the way to the Toshiba factory, Toshio Mori encountered heavy downpours. He arrived at the factory, got off the car, did not use an umbrella, spoke to subordinates standing in the rain, encouraged everyone, and repeatedly stressed that “people are the most precious”. The subordinates were very touched. They surrounded Jimou and carefully listened to every word he gave.

The fiery language linked everyone’s hearts together, causing them to forget that they were standing in the pouring rain. Excited tears flowed out from the eyes of the soil and the employees. In this situation, many employees have moved deeply. copper heatsink

After the words were spoken, Tumen’s clothes were already soaked. When he was about to leave the car, excited employees surrounded his car all at once. They shouted as they tapped on the glass of the car: “President, beware of colds! Take care of your body. You can rest assured that we must work hard!”

In the face of all this, the Earth-keeper couldn’t help but burst into tears. He was struck by the sincerity of the subordinates who fought for their company’s prosperity.

As leaders, so many subordinates come from all corners of the globe to serve the company. Should managers not love them? copper heatsink

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