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Zeng Guofan’s thirty-six words: Steve

A civilian can guide Zeng Guofan commander on the right thoughts of Hunan, is the army, so he brought the army fighting force is very strong, Li repeated military exploits. He based on the Confucian “self-cultivation, regulating the family, governing philosophy of the world”, put forward “legislation, conduct, Liyan, goods, service, Li Shi” cultivating a man of thought, insightful. Historians Zeng Guofan these glorious life thought is summed up as “Zeng Guofan 36 character”. rapid prototyping

01, Chi

There is nothing to be done in the world; there is ambition, but competition is success;

02, constant

Perseverance, can engrave stone; for a little, from the constant; rapid prototyping

03, special

For everything, all things are expensive, specialized and specialized, and scattered with each other;

04, cooked

Ripe is skillful, clever is not unfamiliar; everything is ripe, ripe is strong;

05, Yu

All rivers run into sea, tolerance is a heart wide, A just cause enjoys abundant support.;

06, static

Static can that anger to kill; static to self-cultivation, quiet;

07, light

I must see the occasion; fame comes to see light;

08, time

Life is short, MOTU cover; busy fallible, and more calm;

09, loose

One; I Chinese pen and sword arts, small relaxation;

10, Ming

You know, it is bright; if both;


Seeking truth from facts, excellence, close a lot;

12 hard.

The steel frame is upright and outspoken, hard ride, stalwart and heroic;

13, Jian

The poor and the desire for self-improvement; Kim Tak, get lost to luxury industry;

14, heavy

Broad minded, dignified manner; with stable, word Mogang jin;

15, low-cost

Strict with oneself; abstinence abstinence, greedy, self; rapid prototyping

16, Qin

Hard and hard working; lazy error, hard Hing choi;

17, Shen

I think, from beginning to end; thoughtful, cautious benefit;

18, loyalty

Faithful service, loyal to the people; filial piety and loyalty housekeeping, respect people;

19, Ren

Practice and use, benevolence and love; benevolence and propriety, stable poly people;

20, Cheng

Good, keep a promise inviolate; Faith moves mountains, consistent from beginning to end;

21, respect

Amiable and easy of approach, Neiwaijianxiu Ledao, be neither humble nor pushy; good people;

22, to

Ning take me, I don’t live up to people; short of the magnanimous broad-minded toward others;

23, and

Words can be anything; but, all live together in peace together, through harmonic;

24, Abraham

Good learning theory; modest and prudent, full strokes loss, modest benefit;

25, pretty

Hardship, firmness, never despair, cheer up;

26, spicy

Jizhuoyangqing, Uhmmin; employment of both kindness and severity, saving lives;

27, change

Insight into the situation, see through the mystery, deep understanding, far, slightly extraordinary;

28, regret

In case of accident, self reflection; learn to fight another day;

29, resistance

Six life is indispensable; resistance, resistance should be critical in order to survive;

30, slow

Slow is round, good slow; slow to change, easy to cope with;

31, slip

The dangerous for foreigners, to ease the contradiction; smooth risk, quick witted;

32, exhibition

As a result, it is easy to relax and develop itself;

33, Hun

It ‘s more confounding; Cangfeng, sharp sword, guard against arrogance is stupid;

34, can

Self-cultivation, ambitious; it in meditation, to quell the anger over;

35, retreat

The control point, and retreat; a storm;

The 36 round.

Both speak principle, also speak art; behave carefully, within the outer side.

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